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Ask the Awakened : The Negative Way - Wei Wu Wei

Ask the Awakened

The Negative Way

Paperback Published: 1st April 2002
ISBN: 9780971078642
Number Of Pages: 203

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The author shares his deep understanding of Taosim--specifically the texts attribued the Heart, Diamond and Lankavatara sutras; and attributed to Cahn Buddhism as taught by Hui Neng, Huang Po, Hui Hai, rct.

First written in the mid-twentieth century by the anonymous Buddhist scholar Wei Wu Wei, Ask The Awakened: The Negative Way is a unique spiritual reinterpretation of ancient texts, incorporating Zen Buddhism, Taoism, and the teachings of Ramana Maharshi among other sources into a unique, powerful testimony that forces careful self-examination on the reader's part. Enthusiastically recommended reading for students of Buddhism, Taoism, and Eastern Spirituality, Ask The Awakened is a profound and deeply moving work of true insight such as 'We do not possess an 'ego.' We are possessed by the idea of one.' Midwest Book Review, April 1, 2002 I feel the best contribution I could make on the occasion of this very welcome reprint of Ask the Awakened is to help new Wei Wu Wei readers with some tips that, from my experience, may be helpful on how to approach this book and find the wonderful treasure that awaits them. Somewhat like a mythological elfin city, it may at first look rather unlikely from the outside, but once you have entered you realize you are in a wondrous place. Wei Wu Wei was, along with Douglas Harding, Robert Linssen, Paul Reps and a few others, a trailblazer when it comes to creating a wholly Western approach to this ancient insight unencumbered with unnecessary cultural artifices. -- Galen Sharp Diplo: Towards more inclusive and effective diplomacy

Forewordp. xiii
Introductionp. 1
The Cross-Roads
The Harlequinadep. 8
Ask the Awakenedp. 10
The Cross-Roads of Time and Spacep. 11
He Who Gets Slappedp. 12
That I Amp. 13
Enlightenment by Non-Actionp. 14
Servicep. 14
Silence, 1p. 15
Reflectionsp. 16
The Readjustmentp. 17
Silence, 2p. 18
The Universal Presencep. 20
Verityp. 20
The Kingdom of Heaven on Earthp. 23
I Am Notp. 24
The Negative Pathp. 24
Perceptionp. 25
Thisnessp. 25
"Reality" Is Necessarily Intemporalp. 26
Isnessp. 26
Milarepa Toop. 26
Vertical Vision, 1p. 27
Golden Silencep. 27
Debris, 1p. 29
Realizationp. 32
The Negative Way
Ne Plus Ultrap. 36
Why Lazarus Is Still Laughing...p. 36
The Illuminating Visionp. 38
Irreverencep. 39
Baubles of the Mind (Sutras and the Void)p. 40
Ultimate and Unconditioned "Reality" Is Negative and Voidp. 41
Nothing in Somethingp. 43
Something in Nothingp. 43
That Which Is Not, 1p. 43
I Am Notp. 44
The Ultimate Understandingp. 44
The Realization of the Voidp. 44
Because It Is Not ...p. 45
Neantp. 48
The Photographic Image Also Is Negativep. 50
Discriminationp. 50
A.B.C. 1: The Culpritp. 52
A.B.C. 2: Transvaluation of Valuesp. 53
A.B.C. 3: The Buddha's Formula in Relative Realityp. 53
The Buddha, Original, or Self-Naturep. 54
Alter-Egoismp. 56
A Causerip. 56
Glimpses of the Bodhi-Mind?p. 58
Love: An Antidotep. 61
Hard Wordsp. 61
The Myth of "Mankind"p. 62
The Myth of "Mankind," 2p. 66
When the Dreamer Awakesp. 70
Explanations, 1p. 71
Non-Dualityp. 71
Debunking the Relativep. 72
The Gatewayp. 75
Explanationsp. 76
Explanations, 3p. 77
Non-Realityp. 77
Explanations, 4p. 77
Relative Realityp. 77
Eliminationp. 78
The Essential Understandingp. 79
Becoming a Bamboop. 80
The Shrine of Subjectivityp. 81
Vistap. 81
Colloquially, 1p. 82
"Neither" not "Both": The Reason Whyp. 82
Colloquially, 2p. 83
The Skandhasp. 83
Sidelights on Some Ko-ansp84
Sidelights on Some Ko-ans, 2p. 85
Sidelights on Some Ko-ans, 3p. 86
Sidelights on Some Ko-ans, 4p. 87
Void as the Non-Apparent Universep. 88
The Key of the Gateless Gate: The End of the Negative Wayp. 90
Hoorah!p. 91
Debris, 2p. 91
Absolute Absence
Testamentaryp. 94
A Pink Elephant?p. 98
No-Mind, No-Mirrorp. 99
Cracking the Nutp. 101
This World of "Ours"p. 106
Neti Netip. 107
Towards Unitary Thinkingp. 109
p. 109
p. 111
p. 112
p. 114
Syllogisticallyp. 115
Form and Voidp. 117
Where Is Reality?p. 117
"No-Mind Speaking"p. 118
The Mechanism of Dualityp. 120
The Subjective Solutionp. 120
Analyticp. 121
The Transmission of Truthp. 122
The Expression of Truthp. 123
Looking in the Right Directionp. 123
Judgmentsp. 124
Restatementp. 124
The Marx Bros.p. 125
The True Sense of "Intuition"p. 125
The Buddha's Formula in Briefp. 126
The Buddha's Formula in Fullp. 127
Another Way of Saying Itp. 127
Another Way of Doing Itp. 127
Bodhi, Svaha!p. 128
p. 128
p. 132
Debris: Space and Timep. 134
Whole-Mindp. 135
Vertical "Vision," 2p. 135
Absolute Absencep. 136
p. 136
p. 137
p. 137
Absolute Presencep. 137
Chihp. 138
The Wave-Mechanism Symbol of Transmigrationp. 139
Science and Sodap. 141
Mises au Pointp. 142
Birth-and-Death: The Factsp. 143
The Fantasy of Enlightenmentp. 145
That Which Is Not, 2p. 147
Absence, as Defined by Shen Huip. 147
Ex Cathedrap. 150
Dhyanap. 151
p. 151
Explanatoryp. 152
Adieup. 152
p. 152
p. 152
p. 153
p. 154
Colophonp. 155
Aspects of the Doctrine of Bodhidharma as Developed by the Patriarchsp. 159
Extensionp. 159
"Vertical" Mind and the Now Momentp. 160
The "Mysterious" Third Phasep. 160
The Only Equalityp. 161
Bubblesp. 161
Man and Naturep. 161
Inseeingp. 162
Vertical Livingp. 163
"The Way of the Water"p. 164
Freewillp. 164
The Illusion of Beingp. 165
Time, and Time Againp. 167
Nothing but the Truthp. 168
The Nature of Phenomenap. 169
Principal and Functionp. 170
A Tip for Teachersp. 171
Gateaux des Roisp. 172
The "Abiding-Place"p. 173
Awakeningp. 174
Box and Coxp. 174
Satori Has No Objective Existencep. 174
The True and the False Negativep. 175
Still Lifep. 178
Subjective Awarenessp. 179
Articulation, 1p. 180
Articulation, 2p. 180
Wu Nienp. 181
Thisp. 182
This Which Is...p. 182
The Meaning of Pure Mindp. 183
A Clean Sweepp. 184
According to the Supreme Vehiclep. 185
According to Vedantap. 185
According to Sufismp. 186
Note on the Diamond Sutrap. 189
Let Me Remind Youp. 196
Indexp. 197
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ISBN: 9780971078642
ISBN-10: 0971078645
Audience: General
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 203
Published: 1st April 2002
Country of Publication: AU
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