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Artspoke : a Guide to Modern Ideas, Movements and Buzzwords 1848-1944 - ATKINS R


a Guide to Modern Ideas, Movements and Buzzwords 1848-1944


Paperback Published: 1st April 1993
ISBN: 9781558593886
Number Of Pages: 224

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This successor to the phenomenally popular Artspeak: A Guide To Contemporary Ideas, Movements, and Buzzwords chronicles international art from realism through surrealism. An invaluable guide through the intricacies of the first century of modern art, ArtSpoke features the same lucid prose, thought-provoking ideas, user-friendly organization, and striking design as its predecessor, ArtSpeak: A Guide to Contemporary Ideas, Movements, and Buzzwords. Chronicling international art from Realism through Surrealism, ArtSpoke explains such popular but often misunderstood movements and organizations as Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, the Salon, the Fauves, the Harlem Renaissance, and so on?as well as events ranging from the 1913 Armory Show to Brazils little-known Semana de Arte Moderna. Concise explanations of potentially perplexing techniques, media, and philosophies of art making-including automatism, calotype, found object, Pictorialism, and Readymade-provide information essential to understanding how artists of this era worked and why the results look the way they do. Entries on concepts that were crucial to the development of modern art?such as androgyny, dandyism, femme fatale, spiritualism, and many others?distinguish this lively guide from any other art dictionary on the market. Also unique to this volume is the ArtChart, a handy one-page chronological diagram of the groups discussed in the book. In addition, there is a scene-setting timeline of world history and art history from 1848 to 1944, overflowing with invaluable information and illustrated with twenty-four color reproductions. Students, specialists, and casual art lovers will all find ArtSpoke an essential addition to their reference shelves and a welcome companion on visits to museums and galleries. AUTHOR Robert Atkins is an art critic, curator, and professor of art history. A regular columnist for the Village Voice, he is the recipient of awards for criticism from the National Endowment for the Arts and Manufacturers Hanover Bank. He lectures frequently about cultural politics and has curated exhibitions for the New Museum of Contemporary Art and the Clocktower (both in New York) and for the Sao Paulo Bienal. He is also a founding member of Visual AIDS, the producers of Day Without Art and the red AIDS-awareness ribbon. ILLUSTRATIONS 74 *

Table of Contents from: Artspoke Artchart Timeline and Color Plates Introduction: A Users Guide Abstract/Abstraction Abstraction-Creation Academic Art Aestheticism (see--Art For Arts Sake) Allegory American Abstract Artists (see--Abstraction-Creation) American Renaissance American Scene Painting Americanisme Analytic Cubism (see--Cubism) Anarchism Androgyny Armory Show Art Deco Art For Arts Sake Art Nouveau Arts and Crafts Movement Artists Books (see--Book Art) Ash Can School (see--The Eight) Asociacion de Arte Constructivo (see--Abstraction-Creation) Assemblage Automatic Art (see--Surrealism) Automatism (see--Surrealism) Avant-Garde (see--Modern/Modernism) Barbizon School Bauhaus Biennial Exhibitions (see--Salon) Biomorphism (see--Abstract/Abstraction) Blaue Reiter (see--Der Blaue Reiter) Blauen Vier (see--Der Blaue Reiter) Bloomsbury Group Blue Four (see--Der Blaue Reiter) Blue Rider (see--Der Blaue Reiter) Book Art Bridge (see--Die Brucke) Brucke (see--Die Brucke) Calotype Camden Town Group (see--Vorticism) Cercle et Carre (see--Abstraction-Creation) Cloisonism (see--Symbolism) Collage Concrete Art Constructivism Content Cubism Cubo-Futurism Dada Daguerreotype Dandyism Decadents (see--Art For Arts Sake) Decalcomania (see--Surrealism) Degenerate Art (see--Nazi Art) De Stijl Der Blaue Reiter Deutscher Werkbund (see--Bauhaus, Film und Foto) Die Brucke Divisionism (see--Neo-Impressionism) Documentary Photography Dynamism (see--Futurism) Ecole de Paris (see--School of Paris) The Eight Elementarism (see--De Stijl) Empathy (see--Abstract/Abstraction) Euston Road Group (see--Realism) Exhibition 1 (see--Abstraction-Creation) Exquisite Corpse (see--Surrealism) Expressionism Fascist Art Fauvism Federal Art Project Femme Fatale Figurative Film und Foto Fin de Siecle (see--Symbolism) Folk Art (see--Naive Art) Formal/Formalism Found Object Fourth Dimension (see--Spiritualism) Frottage (see--Surrealism) F/64 (see--Group F/64) Futurism Genre Painting (see--Academic Art) German Expressionism (see--Der Blaue Reiter, Die Brucke) Gesamtkunstwerk Glasgow School Group F/64 Group of Seven Harlem Renaissance Heidelberg School (see--9 x 5) History Painting (see--Academic Art) Hudson River School (see--Luminism) Iconography Idealism (see--Naturalism Illustration (see--Book Art) Impressionism International Expositions Intimisme Ism Itinerants (see--The Wanderers) Japonisme Jugendstil (see--Art Nouveau) Kinetic Sculpture LArt Pour LArt (see--Art For Arts Sake) Linked Ring (see--Pictorialism) Lithography Livres dArtistes (see--Book Art) Luminism Macchiaioli Magic Realism (see--Surrealism) Manifesto Marxism Merz Metaphysical School (see--Scuola Metafisica) Mexican Murals Mir Iskusstva (see--World of Art) Mobile (see--Kinetic Sculpture) Modern/Modernism Nabis Naive Art Naturalism Naturlyrismus Nazarenes (see--Pre-Raphaelitism) Nazi Art Negritude (see--Harlem Renaissance) Neoclassicism Neo-Impressionism Neo-Plasticism (see--De Stijl) Neo-Primitivism Neo-Romanticism Neue Sachlichkeit New Objectivity (see--Neue Sachlichkeit) The New Sculpture 9 x 5 Nonobjective Art (see--Abstract/Abstraction) Novecento Italiano (see--Fascist Art) Novembergruppe (see--Bauhaus) Official War Art Omega Workshops (see--Bloomsbury Group) Optical Realism (see--Impressionism) Orientalism Orphism Osma Papiers Colles (see--Collage) Peintres Maudits (see--School of Paris) Photogram Photojournalism Photomontage (see--Collage) Photo-Secession (see--Pictorialism) Pictorialism Pittura Metafisica (see--Scuola Metafisica) Pointillism (see--Neo-Impressionism) Pont-Aven School (see--Nabis) Popular Culture Post-Impressionism Precisionism Pre-Raphaelitism Primitivism Productivism (see--Constructivism) Proun Psychoanalysis Purism Puteaux Group Quietism (see--Tonalism) Rayograph (see--Photogram) Rayonism Readymade (see--Found Object) Realism Regionalism (see--American Scene Painting) Revivalism (see--Academic Art) Romanticism Rosicrucianism (see--Spiritualism) Russian Avant-Garde (see--Constructivism, Cubo-Futurism, Neo-Primitivism, Rayonism, Suprematism) Salon Salon des Independants Salon des Refuses Schadograph (see--Photogram) School of Paris Scuola Metafisica Secession Section dOr (see--Puteaux Group) Semana de Arte Moderna Significant Form (see--Formalism) Simultaneity (see--Space-Time Continuum) Skupina Vytvarych Umelcu (see--Osma) Social Realism Societe Anonyme Sonderbund Exhibition (see--Armory Show) Space-Time Continuum Spiritualism Straight Photography Style Suprematism Surrealism Swedenborgianism (see--Spiritualism) Symbolism Synchromism Synesthesia (see--Abstract/Abstraction) Synthetic Cubism (see--Cubism) Synthetism (see--Symbolism) Theater Design (see--Gesamtkunstwerk) Theosophy (see--Spiritualism) Tonalism Transcendental Painting Group (see--Spiritualism) Travelers (see--The Wanderers) 291 Viennese School (see--Iconography) Les Vingt Vkhutemas (see--Bauhaus) Vorticism The Wanderers Wiener Werkstatte (see--Arts and Crafts Movement) World of Art Worlds Fairs (see--International Expositions) WPA (see--Federal Art Project) Zaum (see--Spiritualism) Acknowledgments Index

ISBN: 9781558593886
ISBN-10: 1558593888
Audience: General
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 224
Published: 1st April 1993
Publisher: Abbeville Press Inc.,U.S.
Country of Publication: US
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