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Are You Hindered By Satan : Satan is the enemy of God - Leslie Rendell

Are You Hindered By Satan

Satan is the enemy of God

Author: Leslie Rendell

Narrated by: Leslie Rendell

At a Glance

Published: 25th May 2024

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There are many fictional characters in the world, some presumably that do good deeds like Superman and Wonder Woman. Then there are the villains of the peace, such as The Penguin, The Joker and Lex Luthor. Some people around the world base their lives around these make believe characters from comic books. And even though they know they are not genuine characters, their heroes still influence them.

The sad thing is that, on the other hand, we have Satan. The father of all lies. Who most people in the world (adults included and maybe even especially) do not believe he exists. Or if they do believe he exists, that he has no influence over their lives. They do not see him as a threat, and he rarely enters their thoughts. If they believe in him, he is just a figure that dwells in a place called hell and is the main furnace stoker. He is just waiting for God to send down anyone who dares to sin against Him. Unfortunately, that would be all of us!!

Satan has been around for a very long time and his powers are great. The only problem for him is that God has total power over him, and he can only do what God allows. We cannot see Satan or really be aware of his presence in the world. But he is not only real, he is a major threat to your future in the Kingdom of God.

The book listed below will give you an outline of what Satan has tried to accomplish so far. Starting from the Garden of Eden and right up to the present day. He and his band of fallen angels, or demons, are still working their evil in today's world. An evil that we cannot see but is nonetheless affecting all our lives.

I hope you will come to see that Satan is a real problem for all of humanity. But also that you see God is still in total control of the world.


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