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Applications of Photonic Technology - J. Chrostowski

Applications of Photonic Technology

By: J. Chrostowski (Editor), George A. Lampropoulos (Editor), Raymond M. Measures (Editor)

Hardcover Published: 30th September 1995
ISBN: 9780306450112
Number Of Pages: 566

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In this book we present a snapshot of the state of the art in photonics in 1994, showing typical applications and emerging new ones; discussing the key technologies behind these applications, their limitations, and prospects. The articles in this book are extended versions of the papers presented at the first International Conference on Applications ofPhotonic Technology (ICAPT'94), held in Toronto, Canada, on June 21-23, 1994. Photonics has been recognized as one of the key technologies for the 21 st century, as electronics was the technology of the 20th centrury and electrical engineering changed the life of people in the 19th century. According to the recent report of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development in Paris (OECD), the market for photonics will grow dramatically in the next 10 years with an expected world-wide expenditure of US $230 billion from some US $30 billion in 1992. The explosion of information technology was the largest driving force for the deployment of photonic technology. It created insatiable demand for ever-higher data transmission and processing rates, which cannot be sustained by electronics alone. Boosted by the enonnous investment of the telecommunications and defense industries, the demand for photonics (or optoelectronics) is steadily increasing. It is solidly established in the long- haul communications, laser printers and CD-ROMs.

Fibre to the Digitally Passive Coax: The Multimedia Delivery Network of the Future?p. 1
The Role and Challenges of Fiber Optics Technology in the Access Telecommunications Networkp. 11
Some Architectural Considerations for Large-Scale Fail-Safe ATM-SONET Networksp. 15
Design, Implementation, and System Integration for a Multi-Gigabit WDM Networkp. 19
Laser Diode Frequency Control for Multiwavelength (WDM) Optical Communicationsp. 25
A Single-Hop Wavelength-Routed Local Area Networkp. 33
OCRInet: An ATM Broadband Research Networkp. 37
Efficient Coding and Mapping in Photon Communication Systemsp. 43
Stimulated Brillouin Scattering in Optical Fibers with Distributed Gainp. 49
Limitations Imposed by Stimulated Raman Scattering on 1550 nm High-Energy Pulse Transmissionp. 53
On a Formulation for the Pulse Jitter Induced by Spontaneous-Emission Noise of Optical Amplifiersp. 57
Multi-Dual Ring Connected Shuffle Network - A Better Architecture for WANp. 61
An All-Optical Tunable Filter for Low-Crosstalk Wavelength Routing in WDM Networksp. 67
Bit-Error-Rate of an SCM/WDMA Optical Network Employing Polarization Scrambling under Optical Beat Interferencep. 73
Influence of the Optical Fibre Dispersion on the Square Synchronizer Timing Jitterp. 79
Evolution of Pulse Parameters in Nonlinear Dispersive Fibersp. 83
Influence of the Nonuniform FM Response of DFB Lasers on CPFSK Lightwave Systems with Noncoherent Detectionp. 87
A New Photonic Architecture for Simple Routing Processorsp. 93
Algorithms for High-Performance Computing with Smart Pixelsp. 97
Parallel Arithmetic on Optical Computers by Redundant Binary Number Representationsp. 101
Bit Error Rate Analysis of Optical Data Links for Computer Communicationsp. 109
The Wavelength-Dependent Refractive Index Change Associated with the Blue to Pink Membrane Photochemical Conversion in Bacteriorhodopsinp. 115
Continuous Optical Associative Memoryp. 123
Illumination and Data Collection Techniques for High Performance Time-Integrating Correlationsp. 127
Optical Pattern Recognition Using the Wavelet Transformp. 131
Optical Real-Time Phase Only Correlator Using Liquid Crystal Televisionp. 135
An Intelligent Optical Sensorp. 141
Design of an Opto-Electronic Beam Nulling Network for a Multiple-Beam Antennap. 145
Semiconductor Laser Phase-Locking for Optical Beam Forming Networksp. 149
Prototype Model of an Optically Controlled Array Antennap. 153
Photonics Applied to Phased Array Antennas: Work Done at Universite Lavalp. 157
Optical Signal Processing in Integral Transform Solution Applications in Particle Sizingp. 163
Analysis of Mode Switching Operation of Laser Diode by Phase Conjugate Light Injectionp. 167
Design and Projected Performance of MODIS - A Moderate-Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer for the Earth Observing System (EOS)p. 171
MIPAS: A Fourier Transform Spectrometer for Limb Sounding of the Atmospherep. 179
A Polarimetric Hyperspectral Imaging Sensorp. 183
CCDs for the Lyman Fuse Missionp. 191
The Measurement of Pollution in the Troposphere (MOPITT) Instrumentp. 197
AOFT-Based Forest Fire Sensor: Optical Designp. 201
The History of Laser Bathymetryp. 207
Arctic Lidar Measurements of the Middle Atmospherep. 219
An Overview of Thermal Imagers and Their Basic Componentsp. 223
Refraction and Long-Range FLIR Imagersp. 229
Mirage Formation in the Infrared Region and Its Effects on Thermal Imaging Applicationsp. 235
Pulsed Laser Photoacoustic Spectroscopy of Gases: Trace Gas Detection and Multiphoton Absorption Studiesp. 241
3-D Blur Estimation and Restoration of Sequential Space-Based Infrared Imagesp. 245
Microscanning Setup for Focal Plane Arraysp. 253
Application of Multiresolution Transforms to Image Analysis and Enhancementp. 257
A New Clutter Model for SAR Imagesp. 261
Design and Realization of Fluorescent Images Analysis Algorithms for Noninvasive Tumor Diagnosisp. 265
An Optical Pressure Measurement System for Wind Tunnel Testingp. 271
High Speed Web Inspection Using Intelligent TDI Camerasp. 275
Distortion of Bar Code Signals in Laser Scanningp. 281
Application of CCD Detector in the Multifreedom Dynamic Measurementp. 287
Evaluation of Silicon Wafer Surface Quality by Coherent Radiation Scatteringp. 293
Polymer Optical Fiber Sensors for Structural Sensing Applicationsp. 301
Flight Tests of Fiber-Optic Interferometric Strain Gauges for Load Monitoring of Aircraft Structuresp. 305
Selected Applications of Fiber-Optic Sensors Based on Highly Birefringent Fibers in Engineering Mechanicsp. 311
Bragg Intra-Grating Structural Sensingp. 317
Radiofrequency Subcarrier Encoded Fibre Optic Strain Gauge for Ground Anchorsp. 321
Experiments with Fiberoptic Smart Skin Sensors Applied to Marine Vehiclesp. 325
Smart Skins - A Step toward a Practical Fibre-Optic Sensorp. 329
A Distributed Fibre Optic Sensing System for Humidity Measurementp. 335
Fringe Beating Effects in a White-Light Interferometerp. 339
Active Wavelength Demodulation for Bragg Grating Strain Sensorsp. 343
Analysis of Misalignment Sensitivity of a HI-Bi Fiber-Based Interferometric Displacement Sensorp. 349
Analysis and Design of Interferometric Sensor Circuitsp. 355
Angle Measurement by Geometric Polarisation Rotation in a Fibre Loop Reflectorp. 359
The Application of Super-Resolution Adaptive Algorithms to Fringe Order Estimation in All-Optical-Fibre Interferometric Sensorsp. 363
Dependence of Gain Spectrum and Threshold in SBS on Temperature Distribution in Fibersp. 369
Multi-Wavelength Combination Source - A Novel Technique for White Light Interferometryp. 373
An Optical Fibre Linear Position Sensor with Centimetre Scan Utilising White Light Interferometry and Two Light Sources of Widely Separated Wavelengthsp. 379
Simultaneous Measurement of Strain and Acoustic Emission Using a Passive Homodyne Demodulated Fiber-Optic Sensorp. 383
Semiconductor Laser Overviewp. 387
Implementation of Integrated Optic Systems with Active Waveguides, Passive Waveguides, and Optical Fibersp. 393
Techniques for Monolithically Fabricating Photonic Integrated Circuitsp. 413
A Near Traveling Wave Semiconductor Laser Amplifier for Simultaneous Amplification, Detection and Discriminationp. 419
Small Signal Analysis of Frequency Chirp in Multiple Quantum Well Lasersp. 423
Broad Bandwidth Microwave Measurements of Materials Using Photoconductively-Pulsed Antennasp. 427
Soliton Switching in Semiconductor Directional Couplersp. 431
Design, Fabrication and Characterisation of High Speed GaAs MSMs for OEIC Applicationsp. 435
A Unique Capability of Quantum Well Infrared Photodetectors: Multicolor and Multiband Responsep. 439
Sofradir MCT IRFPAS: Technology and Productsp. 443
An IR-Visible Converter for Spatially and Temporally Resolved IR-Image Detectionp. 449
Nano-Composites: New Materials for Photonics?p. 453
Performance of Germanium and III-V Avalanche Photodiodes in the Detection of Single-Photons in the Near-Infraredp. 457
Limits to the Timing Performance of Single Photon Avalanche Diodesp. 461
Avalanche Photodiodes (APD) as Proportional Devicesp. 467
Detection Efficiency and Dark Pulse Rate of Rockwell (SSPM) Single Photon Countersp. 471
Absolute Radiometry Using Correlated Photonsp. 475
Fast Photoconductive Photodetectors Employing Iron-Diffusion into Epitaxial GaAsp. 479
Ultrasensitive Sub-Nanosecond Time-Gated Detection Using a Single Photon Avalanche Diodep. 483
Photon Counting Using a Large Area Avalanche Photo-Diode Cooled to 100 Kp. 489
Ultra-Stable Narrowband Filters for Telecommunication Applicationsp. 495
A Light Controlled Optical Modulator in Silicon Technologyp. 499
Asymmetric Silicon Infrared Waveguide Switches Based on Total Internal Reflectionp. 503
Analysis and Fabrication of 45[degree] Self-Aligned Integrated Mirrors on Dielectric Optical Waveguidesp. 507
Potential Applications of Implanted Fused Silica as a Photosensitive Material for Planar Lightwave Circuitsp. 511
Optical Delay Lines in High-Silica (SiO[subscript 2]/Si) Waveguidesp. 515
An Experimental Apparatus for the Characterization of Thick-Film Optical Waveguidesp. 519
Investigating the Performance of Off-Axis Diffractive Optical Elements (DOEs)p. 527
Dynamic Range Extension of Photosensitive Device Arrayp. 531
Remote Coupling in a Rib Arrow Couplerp. 535
Investigating Micromachined Thermal Emitters for Infrared Applicationsp. 539
Optimized IR Diffractive Optical Elementsp. 543
Measurement of Femtosecond Time Delay in Optical Materials Using Type-II Parametric Down Conversionp. 547
Ultra Short Pulse Propagation of Nonuniform Planar Transmission Linesp. 551
Diffractive Optical Element Beam Steering/Scanning Devicep. 555
Integrated Luminescent-Concentrator Photodetectorp. 559
Indexp. 563
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Published: 30th September 1995
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