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Anisotropy and Localization of Plastic Deformation : Proc. of the Third Internat. Symp. on Plasticity and Its Current Applications, Plasticity '91, 12-16 Aug. 1991, Grenoble, France - J. P. Boehler

Anisotropy and Localization of Plastic Deformation : Proc. of the Third Internat. Symp. on Plasticity and Its Current Applications, Plasticity '91, 12-16 Aug. 1991, Grenoble, France

By: J. P. Boehler (Editor), Akhtar S. Khan (Editor)

Hardcover ISBN: 9781851666881
Number Of Pages: 701

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Present developments in materials science, mechanics and engineering, as well as the demands of modern technology, result in a new and growing interest in plasticity and in bordering domains of the mechanical behavior of materials. This growing interest is attested to by the success of both The International Journal of Plasticity, which after its inception rapidly became the leading journal for plasticity research, and the series ofInternational Symposia on Plasticity and Its Current Applications, which is now the premier international forum for plasticity research dissemination. The First International Symposium on Plasticity and Its Current Applications was conceived and organized by Professor Akhtar S. Khan, and was held at the University of Oklahoma (Norman, Oklahoma, USA) from July 30 to August 3, 1984. It was attended by over one hundred scientists from fifteen countries. "Plasticity '89: the Second International Symposium on Plasticity and Its Current Applications" was held at Mie University (Tsu, Japan) from July 31 to August 4, 1989; this symposium was co-chaired by Professors Khan and Tokuda. The main emphasis of this meeting was on dynamic plasticity and micromechanics, although it included other aspects of plasticity as well. It was attended by over two hundred researchers from twenty-three nations.

Metal Matrix Composites and Laminated Materials.- Recent Developments in the Analysis of Metal Matrix Composites by the Method of Cells.- A Finite Strain Plasticity Theory for Transversely Isotropic Materials.- The Effect of Laminate Thickness on Fiber/Matrix Debonding in Metal Matrix Composites.- Effective Anisotropic Properties of Creeping Composites.- On Thermal Hardening and Uniform Fields in Two-Phase Composite Materials.- Fracture Analysis of Microlaminate Composites with Plastically Deforming Matrices.- Thermoelastic-Plastic Deformations of Orthotropic Materials.- Adiabatic Shear Bands and Other Localized Deformation.- A Shear Band Analysis in Elastoplastic Granular Material.- Hierarchy of Localization Phenomena Inside, At the Boundaries and Interfaces of Solids.- On Neck Formation in the Cold Drawing of Viscoelastic Fibers.- Micropolar Elasto-Plasticity and Its Role in Localization Analysis.- Adiabatic Shear Band Localization in Elastic-Plastic Single Crystals.- The Genesis of S-Like Fracture Shapes During Transverse Shearing of Metals.- A Note on Shear Banding and Material Instability in Finitely Deformed Compressible Materials: An Example in Thin Sheets.- Shear Localization in Crystallographic Bands in Rolled Copper and Brass.- On the Stability of Steady Shear Flows of Thermo-Viscoplastic Materials.- The Effect of Heat Release on the Character of Plastic Flow: Linear Stability Analysis.- Collective Dislocation Behaviour and Plastic Instabilities - Micro and Macro Aspects.- Influence of Thermodynamical Couplings on Adiabatic Shear Band Localization Failure.- Effect of Crystal Anisotropy on the Interaction between Two Holes.- Effect of Triaxial Tension on Flow Localization for Different Plastic Spins.- Susceptibility to Shear Band Formation in Work Hardening Materials.- On the Structure and Width of Shear Bands in Finite Elastoplastic Deformations.- Shear Band Development in a Viscoplastic Cylinder.- Texture, Dislocation and Micro-Mechanical Analyses.- Representation of Microstructure and Mechanical Behavior of Polycrystals.- Mechanical Properties, Deformation Textures, Elastoplastic Behavior of BCC Polycrystalline Materials.- Variational Problems in Defective Crystals.- Simulation of Deformation-Induced Anisotropy in Metal Forming Applications.- Elastic-Plastic Anisotropic Behavior Resulting from Microheterogeneity.- Microscopic and Crystallographic Aspects of Flow Stress Anisotropy.- Computational Study of Polycrystalline Behavior Under Complex Loading Conditions.- On the Accuracy of the Taylor Assumption in Polycrystalline Plasticity.- Ultrasonic Nondestructive Evaluation of Micro Slip Band and Plastic Anisotropy Growth.- Microaspects of Plastic Deformation and Global Mechanical Performance of Metals.- Transition of Viscoplasticity from the Single Crystal to the Polycrystal Level.- Elastoplastic Self-Consistent Modelling of BCC Polycrystals at Sequential Loadings.- Behavior of Textured FCC Sheet Metals.- A Micromechanical Model for Zirconium Stress-Strain Behavior.- Finite Element Simulation of the Elastoplastic Deformation of Tricrystals: Comparisons with Experiments and Analytical Solutions.- Plastic Deformation of Ionic Crystals.- Simulation of Dislocation Pattern Formation by Cellular Automata.- Texture vs. Microstructure in Anisotropic Plasticity.- Analytical Representation of Polycrystal Yield Surfaces.- Bounds for the Overall Creep Behavior of Textured Polycrystals.- Behavior of Granular Porous Media.- Limit Loads of Reinforced Structures.- Elastoplastic Modeling for Soft Rocks and Ceramics in the Ductile Regime.- Constitutive Equations for Rock Salt.- On Finite Elastoplasticity Models In Porous Media Theories.- Description of the Behavior of Reinforced Soil Using the Homogenization Method.- Soft Clay Behavior Via Elasto-Viscoplasticity.- A New Concept on the Non-Associative Plastic Flow.- A High Capacity Cubical Device and Multi-Axial Testing for Constitutive Modeling of Concrete.- An Anisotropic Hardening Rule for Saturated Clays.- A Double Hardening Constitutive Model for Bulk Solids.- Analytical Study of the Coalescence of Cavities in Ductile Fracture of Metals.- Plastic Flow, Instability and Modes of Failure in the Uniaxial Compression of Porous Cylinders.- Creep Law of Rock Ice with Anisotropic Fabric Inferred from Homogenization.- Dynamic Strain-Localization in Compressible Fluid-Saturated Porous Media.- Constitutive Law of Porous Viscous Materials.- A Model to Describe the Yielding of an Elastic-Plastic Porous Solid.- FEM Analysis of Water Saturated Soil by a Gradient Dependent Elasto-Viscoplastic Models.- Anisotropic Plasticity of a Porous Material with Aligned Spheroidal Voids.- Elasto-Viscoplastic Modelling of Porous Rock Under High Confining Pressure.- Elastic-Plastic Behavior of High Porosity Rock.- A Simple Model for Sands and Application to Wave Induced Response of Sea Floor Deposits.- Finite Plasticity.- Plastic Dual Potential for Metals and Application to Minimum Plastic Work Path Calculations.- An Experimental Study of Internal Constraints Bounding Isotropic and Orthotropic Domains for Large Finite Deformation in Cubic Single Crystals.- Recent Developments in Finite Rigid Plasticity.- On the Application of the Integral Constitutive Equation for the Description of Anisotropic Hardening in Plasticity.- A Kinematical Justification of Some Constitutive Assumptions in Plasticity.- On Kinematic Hardening Rules.- Equivalent Systems for Inelastic Analysis of Members Subjected to Large Deformations.- G. I. Taylor Revisited: The Cone of Unextended Directions in Double Slip.- Large Strain Effects During Free-End Torsion of Copper Bars.- Finite Inelastic Deformation Analysis with Unified Constitutive Models.- The Endochronic Plastic Behavior of Brass Under Tension-Torsion Strain Path with Circular Corners.- On the Characterization of Plastic Loading in the Theory of Materials with Elastic Range.- Rotation Problems in Simple Shear Deformation.- Microscopic Aspects of Finitely Deforming Inelastic Materials.- A Survey of Some Mathematical Descriptions of Deformations and States for Elastic-Plastic Materials.- Tensile Deformation of TI-6AL-4V Alloy Sheet Under Transformational Superplasticity Condition.- On the Loading Conditions and the Decomposition of Deformation.- Analysis of Damage and Plasticity for Large Deformation with Application in Simple Shear.- On Subsequent Yield Surfaces After Finite Shear Pre-Straining.- On Oscillatory Shear Stress in Simple Shear.- Dual Non-Euclidean Norms and Normality Theorem in Plasticity.- Dynamic Plasticity and Visco-Plasticity.- Evaluation of Correct Flow Equations for Internal Variable Constitutive Models.- Some Remarks on the Concept of Viscoplastic Models of the Overstress-Type.- A Unified Constitutive Model with Dislocation Densities as Internal Variables.- Prediction and Verification of Material Behavior Using the Chaboche Viscoplastic Constitutive Theory.- Modeling of the Dynamic Deformation and Fracture of the Tensile Bar.- Comparative Viscoplastic FE-Calculations of a Notched Specimen Under Cyclic Loadings.- Dynamic Ductile Failure Under Multi-Axial Loading.- Damage and Viscoplasticity Effects in the Indentation of a Polycrystalline Solid.- Theory and Finite Element Computation of Finite Elasto-Visco-Plastic Strains.- Generated Force and Deformation at a Conical Impact-End of Aluminum Bar.- A Constitutive Equation Describing Strain Hardening, Strain Rate Sensitivity, Temperature Dependence and Strain Rate History Effect.- Some Basic Properties of Constitutive Models in Plasticity and Viscoplasticity.- Yielding of Mild Steel After Hydrostatic Pressurization.- Cyclic Plasticity.- Limit Response in Cyclic Plasticity.- A Three Dimensional Cyclic Constitutive Law for Metals with a Semi-Discrete Memory Variable.- Rate-Dependent Plastic Deformation-Experiments and Constitutive Modelling.- Ratchetting Strains in Cyclic Plastic Bending.- High Temperature Plastic Behavior of IN738LC Under LCF Loading.- A New Model for a Representation of Hardening Properties in Cyclic Plasticity.- Nonlinear Kinematic Hardening Rule with Critical State for Activation of Dynamic Recovery.- A Damage Cumulation Law Under Non Proportional Cyclic Loading with Overloads for the Prediction of Crack Initiation.- Numerical Predictions of Bauschinger Curves and Cyclic Loading Curves with the Lin's Polycrystal Model.- Anisotropic Hardening Model and Its Application to Cyclic Loading.- Constitutive Model for Cyclic Plasticity with Ratchetting Effects.- Anisotropic Hardening Law of Plasticity with Cross and Rotational Effects.- Polymers, Polymer Composites, Phase Transitions and Superalloys.- Evolution of Plastic Anisotropy in Amorphous Polymers During Finite Straining.- Effects of Initial Anisotropy on the Finite Strain Deformation Behavior of Glassy Polymers.- Inelastic Anisotropic Behavior of Long Fibre Reinforced Polymer Matrix Composites.- A Constitutive Framework for Large Viscoelastic Deformations of Elastomers.- Continuum Modeling of Phase Transitions in Solids.- Anisotropic Plastic Hardening in Semi-Crystalline Polymers.- Modeling of the Pseudo-Elastic Behavior of Polycrystalline Shape Memory Alloys CU-ZN-AL.- Elastic Interaction in Nickel-Based Superalloys Containing High Volume Fraction of ?'Phase.- Strain-Induced Transformation Plasticity in Metastable Austenitic Steels.- Modelling Stress Relaxation and Creep in Oriented Polyethylene.- Deformation Behavior in Elasto-Viscoplastic Polymeric Bars Under Tension.- Thermodynamic Considerations and Thermal Effects.- On the Thermodynamics of Stress Rate in the Evolution of Back Stress in Viscoplasticity.- Constitutive Equations for Deformations Induced by Interfacial Motions.- Experimental Analysis of Thermomechanical Coupling by Infra-Red Thermography.- Recrystallization During High-Temperature Creep Described by a Markov-Process.- An Exact Constitutive Solution for Thermal-Elastic-Plastic Materials.- Preisach Model for the Hysteresis in Shape Memory Alloys.- Thermodynamical Considerations on Anisotropic Deformations of Solid Bodies.- The Thermodynamics of Elastic-Plastic Materials.- Constitutive Equations for Metals Coupling Plasticity and Microstructural Changes.- Bounding Surface Thermoplasticity and Thermoviscoplasticity.- Equilibrium Between Coherent Phases.- Stability on the Yield Surface.- Inelastic Behavior of Polycrystalline Metal Under Varying Temperature Conditions.- Metal Forming, Structural Analyses and Computational Aspects.- A Variationally Consistent Time Modelling of Elastic-Plastic Constitutive Equations.- Determination of Ductile Crack Growth Using Gurson's Model with Different Void Evolution Laws.- The Mid-Point Rule and the Trapezoidal Rule for the Integration of the Von Mises Elastic-Plastic Constitutive Laws.- Determination of Plastic Zone at Crack Tip Using Laser Speckle Decorrelation.- A Large Time Increment Approach for Cyclic Loadings.- Prediction of Fracture Initiation Using a Finite Element Method and Various Damage Models.- Generalized Yield Strength Criteria for Bar Structures.- Predicting of the Residual Stress Field Created by Internal Peening of Nickel-Based Alloy Tubes.- Hydroforming of Monolithic Parts to Produce RF Cavities for Particle Accelerators.- Direct Limit Analysis of Elbows by Finite Element and Mathematical Programming.- The Effect of a Temperature Cycle on the Stress Distribution in a Shrink Fit.- Analysis of a Typical LMFBR-Structure by Means of a Component Test.- Some Problems with Contact Forces of Three dimensional Metal Forming.- An Energetic Control on Numerical Instability for a Rate-Type Viscoplastic Oscillator.- Energy Consideration for Notches in Small Scale Yielding.- Free Surface Ductility in Upsetting.- Integration Algorithm for Frictional Materials Including Plasticity, Damage and Rate Effects.- A Theory for Planar Anisotropy in Metallic Sheets.- Finite Elements Modelling of Elastoplastic Structures Using Self-Consistent Constitutive Relation.- Recent Developments in the Formulation and Numerical Analysis of Thermoplasticity.- Shakedown of Structures Undergoing Large Elastic-Plastic Deformations.- Application of an Elastic-Plastic Finite Element Model for the Simulation of Forming Processes.- Post-Bifurcation Behavior of Wrinkles in Square Metal Sheets Under Yoshida Test.- Inelastic Anisotropic Shells at Moderate Rotations.- Simplified Analysis of Elastoplastic Structures.- Use of Arbitrary Yield Functions in FEM.- Some Views on Deformation Localization in Press-Forming.- Author Index.

ISBN: 9781851666881
ISBN-10: 1851666885
Audience: General
Format: Hardcover
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 701
Country of Publication: GB
Dimensions (cm): 23.39 x 15.6  x 3.96
Weight (kg): 1.19

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