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Animal Cell Technology: Basic & Applied Aspects : Proceedings of the Tenth Annual Meeting of the Japanese Association for Animal Cell Technology, Nagoya, November 5-8, 1997 - Y. Kitagawa

Animal Cell Technology: Basic & Applied Aspects

Proceedings of the Tenth Annual Meeting of the Japanese Association for Animal Cell Technology, Nagoya, November 5-8, 1997

By: Y. Kitagawa (Editor), T. Matsuda (Editor), S. Iijima (Editor)

Hardcover Published: 31st December 1998
ISBN: 9780792354512
Number Of Pages: 392

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Animal cell technology is a growing discipline of cell biology which aims not only to understand structures, functions and behaviors of differentiated animal cells but also to ascertain their abilities to be used for industrial and medical purposes. The goal of animal cell technology includes accomplishments of clonal expansion of differentiated cells with useful ability, optimization of their culture conditions, modulation of their ability for production of medically and pharmaceutically important proteins, and the application of animal cells to gene therapy and artificial organs. This Volume gives the readers a complete review of the present state of the art in Japan. The Proceedings will be useful for cell biologists, biochemists, molecular biologists, immunologists, biochemical engineers and other disciplines related to animal cell culture, working either in academic environments or in industries of biotechnology and pharmacy.

The Function of Dally, a Drosophila Glypican, in DPP Signalingp. 1
Novel Forms of Protein O-Glycosylationp. 7
Synthesis of Glycoconjugates: Their use to Study the Intracellular Traffic of Endogenous Lectins and to Deliver Oligonucleotides and Genesp. 15
Oligo/Polysialic Acids in Sea Urchin: A Developmentally Regulated Sea Urchin Polysialyltransferasep. 23
Cloning and Application of Glycosyltransferases Involved in the Biosynthesis of Selectin Ligandsp. 27
Induction of Ganglioside Biosynthesis, Neurite Outgrowth and Functional Synapse Formation by a Synthetic Ceramide Analogp. 33
Human Cytotoxic T Lymphocytes for Tumor Therapyp. 37
Organoid Formation with Branched Capillary-Like Networksp. 43
Cytotoxic Antibodies to Adipocytes: Agricultural and Clinical Potentialp. 49
Immunological Manipulation of Lactationp. 55
Light Chain Shifting-Characterization of Light Chain Replacement in Human Plasma B Cellsp. 63
Creation of Hybridomas from Mice Expressing Human Antibody by Introduction of a Human Chromosomep. 69
Transgenically Produced Biopharmaceuticalsp. 75
Optimisation of Transgene Expression in the Mammary Glandp. 81
Introductory Remark: A Decade of Transgenic Fishp. 91
Transgenic Medaka Fish Strains with Lightened Body Color and Bioluminescencep. 93
Transgenic Zebrafish as a Biosensorp. 97
Transgenic Salmon for Aquaculturep. 101
Food Components with Potentialities to Suppress Proliferation and Invasion of Cancer Cellsp. 107
Development of Thrombopoietin: Its Structure and Functionp. 113
Baculovirus not only as an Insect Expression Vector but as a Gene Transfer Vectorp. 119
In Vivo Gene Electroporation: Manipulations of Cells to Whole Body of Living Animalsp. 125
In Vitro Stimulation of Tumor Necrosis Factor Production from Rat Splenocytes by Cabbage Extractp. 131
Effects of Green, Oolong and Black Teas and Related Components on Proliferation and Invasion of Hepatoma Cellsp. 135
Milk Secretion in Cultured Mammary Epithelial Cellsp. 141
Hyperthermic Induction of Gene Expression using Stress Inducible Promoterp. 147
Enhancement of Productivity of Recombinant [alpha]-Amidating Enzyme by Low Temperature Culturep. 153
Dialysis-Fixed-Bed Cultures for Highly Efficient Production of Chimeric Fab-Fragments with Transfectoma Cells in Protein-Free Mediump. 159
Monitoring Drug Effects on Human Primary Tissues Utilizing Fibre Otical Sensorsp. 165
Increasing Antibody Production by Suppressing Cell Proliferation with Controllable Expression of Cyclin Inhibitor P21 and P27p. 171
Establishment of an Apoptosis-Resistant and Growth-Control-Lable Cell Line by Transfecting with Inducible Antisense c-Jun Genep. 177
Improvement of Cell Survival by Inhibition of Caspases Playing Key Roles in Apoptosisp. 185
In Vitro Immunization of Human Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes with 14-16 kDa Rice Allergen Proteinsp. 191
Options to Eliminate Animal-Derived Components of Cell Culture Mediap. 199
Characterization of the Subpopulations of Rat Ascites Hepatoma AH109A Cells with Different Invasive and Metastatic Activitiesp. 205
Functional Expression of NMDA Receptor Channels in Differentiating Neural Precursor Cellsp. 211
TGF-[beta] Reversibly Induces Cell Senescence in Adenocarcinoma Cell Linep. 217
Evaluation of a Fixed-Bed Type Bioreactor System using Recombinant CHO Cells Producing Human Transferrinp. 223
Formation of Cylindrical Multicellular Aggregate (Cylindroid) of Rat Hepatocytes on Pressed Sheet of Polyurethane Foamp. 229
Production of a Novel Recombinant TGF[alpha]-Like Fusion Protein for use in Serum-Free Mediap. 235
Effect of the Macromolecular Metabolism of Murine Hybridoma Cells on Antibody Productivity in Batch and Fed-Batch Culturep. 241
Effect of Glycine Betaine as Osmoprotectant on the Production of Erythropoietin by CHO Cells in Hyperosmotic Serum Free Media Culturep. 247
Establishment of Recombinant CHO Cell Lines Producing Wild-Type and Mutant Human [alpha]2-Macroglobulinsp. 251
Evaluation of Stability in the DHFR Gene Amplification System using Fluorescence in Situ Hybridizationp. 259
Expression and Characterization of Human Calpain and Calpastatin using Baculovirus Systemp. 265
Evaluation of Spim Insect Cells using a Novel Baculovirus Expression Vector System Employing the Hyphantria Cunea NPVp. 271
Development of a Hybrid Artificial Liver Support System with Porcine Hepatocyte Spheroids for Preclinical usep. 277
In Vitro Self-Organization of Liver Cells using Artificial Matrixp. 283
Thyroid Transplantation: Possibility of Application for the Treatment of Persistent Hypothyroidism and Study of Mechanisms of Interaction between Graft and Hypothalamic-Pituitary Axis of Recipientp. 289
Fixed-Bed Reactors as a Tool for Artificial Organsp. 295
Transcriptional Activities of Viral and Cellular Promoters in Vivo in the Oviduct of Living Chickensp. 299
Live Detection of the Firefly Luciferase Gene Expression in Bovine Preimplantation Embryosp. 303
Localized in Vivo Gene Transfer in Spermatogenic Cells of the Cryptorchid Mouse Testisp. 307
Preparation of a Bispecific Antibody to Ovomucoid and Horseradish Peroxidasep. 311
Vitamin a Acetate for Efficient Production of Monoclonal Antibody by Human-Human Hybridomasp. 317
Induction of Apoptosis by Osteopontin in MDCK Cellsp. 323
Analysis of Glycosphingolipids on Differentiation-Induction of PC12 Pheochromocytoma Cells by Mannosylerythritol Lipidp. 329
Mannosylerythritol Lipid Induces Anti-Proliferation and Differentiation of Mouse Melanoma B16 Cellsp. 335
Signal Transduction of Differentiation-Induction by Mannosylerythritol Lipid on PC12 Pheochromocytoma Cellsp. 341
Altered Expression of the CIP/KIP Family CDK Inhibitors in Tumor Phenotype-Suppressed Human Lung Cancer Cellsp. 347
Screening for Bioactive Compounds that Induce the Differentiation of Bone Marrow-Derived Preadipocytic Cell Line, ST2, into the Cells of Osteoblastic Phenotypep. 353
Structure and Function of Succinoyl Trehalose Lipid on Differentiation-Induction of Human Promyelocytic Leukemia Cell Line HL-60p. 357
The Establishment of an Assay System for the Compounds Affecting Actin Ring Formation of Murine Osteoclast-Like Cellsp. 363
Protection of Human Melanoma Cells from UV Damage by a Fermented Milk, Kefirp. 369
Identification of Specific Genes Involved in Cellular Senescence by using Human Lung Adenocarcinoma Derived Cellsp. 375
Laminin Chains Expressed in Human Keratinocytes, Mouse 3T3-L1 Adipocytes and Mouse Embryonal Carcinoma F9p. 381
Author Indexp. 386
Subject Indexp. 389
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ISBN: 9780792354512
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Series: Animal Cell Technology: Basic & Applied Aspects : Book 10
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Format: Hardcover
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 392
Published: 31st December 1998
Publisher: Springer
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