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Animal Cell Technology: Basic & Applied Aspects : Proceedings of the Fourth Annual Meeting of the Japanese Association for Animal Cell Technology, Fukuoka, Japan, 13-15 November 1991 - H. Murakami

Animal Cell Technology: Basic & Applied Aspects

Proceedings of the Fourth Annual Meeting of the Japanese Association for Animal Cell Technology, Fukuoka, Japan, 13-15 November 1991

By: H. Murakami (Editor), Sanetaka Shirahata (Editor), H. Tachibana (Editor)

Hardcover Published: 31st July 1992
ISBN: 9780792318828
Number Of Pages: 584

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New data on animal cell technology are brought together in this volume, with emphasis given to the basic characterization of cell lines. The merits of different cell culture systems are examined and investigations into the factors influencing cell growth and productivity are presented. A special section deals with the biological properties of proteins produced by engineered animal cells. All those involved in the culture of animal cells will find this volume invaluable.

The Value of Models in Animal Cell Biotechnologyp. 1
The Manzanar Project - A Unique Way to End World Hungerp. 7
Experience in Cell Line Testingp. 9
Virus Removal and Inactivation in Process Validationp. 15
Multilocus DNA Fingerprinting in the Analysis of Cell Stocks: Stability Studies and Application to a Wide Range of Speciesp. 31
Alteration of Cell Surface Glycoproteins through Differentiation from a Human Histiocytic Lymphoma Cell Line, U-937, to a Macrophage-Like Cell Line, U-Mp. 41
Removability of Virus Particles and Permeability of Protein from Cell Culture Medium Using Cuprammonium Regenerated Cellulose Hollow Fiber (BMM)p. 49
An Evaluation of Hybridoma Cell-Specific Productivity: Perfused Immobilized, Continuous Suspension, and Batch Suspension Culturesp. 57
Dynamics of Aggregate Culture of Mammalian Cellsp. 65
Effect of Protein Adsorption on Cell Attachment on Solid Surfacesp. 71
Characterization of Cell Growth and Improvement of Attachment Kinetics on Macroporous Microcarriersp. 77
Application of Three Dimensional Culture of Adult Rat Hepatocytes in Puf Pores for Artificial Liver Support Systemp. 81
Novel Validation Method of Virus-Removability for Biological Cell Culture Products Using Polymeric Membrane Filtersp. 87
Selective Formation and Immobilization by Re-Attachment of Floating Spheroids of Rat Hepatocytesp. 103
Engineering of Ultrafiltration Hollow Fiber Bioreactors for Mammalian Cell Protein Productionp. 109
Production of hEPO by Recombinant C127 Cells Using Hollow Fiber Culture Systemp. 115
Oscillatory Behavior in Continuous Aggregate Cultures of Mammalian Cellsp. 121
Detection of Mammalian Cell Attachment and Lysis on a Metal Surface Using a Piezoelectric Sensorp. 129
Strategies for Economic GMP Production of Mammalian Cell Expressed Proteinsp. 135
Use of Medium Concentrates to Improve Bioreactor Productivityp. 143
Separation of Animal Cells in Continuous Cell Culture Systemsp. 149
An Automated System for Hollow Fiber Cell Culturep. 155
Automatic Selection System of Monoclonal Antibody Producing Cellsp. 165
Continuous Monoclonal Antibody Production by a Composite Gel Perfusion Bioreactor in a Protein-Free Mediump. 173
High Density Cultivation of Hybridoma Cells by Using Permeable Capillariesp. 179
Recognition and Counting Method of Mammalian Cells on Microcarrier Using Image Processing and Neural Networkp. 185
Mitochondrial Genome Transcription in Cultured Animal Cellsp. 193
Large-Scale Mammalian Cell Cultures by Application of Macroporous Cellulose Carriersp. 201
High Density Perfusion Culture of Animal Cells Using a Novel Continuous Flow Centrifugep. 209
Membrane Dialysis Bioreactor with Integrated Radial-Flow Fixed Bed - A New Concept for Continuous Cultivation of Animal Cellsp. 217
Effect of Glutamine Supplementation on the Growth of Hybridoma Cells Cultivated in a Reactor Coupled with an Ammonia Removing Systemp. 225
Virus Containment Continuous Culture of Animal Cellsp. 233
A Novel Bioreactor Process for Anchorage-Independent Animal Cells Immobilized within Porous Biomass Support Particlesp. 239
Effects of Environmental Parameters on CHO Cell Growth in Batch and Chemostat Cultures and on Human IFN-[gamma] Synthesis and Fidelityp. 245
Design and Characterization of Electrically Controlled Bioreactorp. 251
Modulation of the Proliferation of Cultured Hepatoma Cells by Urea Cycle-Related Amino Acidsp. 257
The Effects of Glutamine Concentration on Growth and Monoclonal Antibody Production in Fed-Batch Operationp. 265
Stimulation of Animal Cell Metabolism by Shear Stressp. 271
Effects of Conditioned Medium on the Growth Kinetics and the Monoclonal Antibody Productivity of Hybridoma Cellsp. 279
Factors Influencing Expression and Post-Translational Modification of Recombinant Protein Cp. 287
A Simple Automatic Control System of PH and DOp. 295
Hybridoma Culture in Iron-Rich Protein-Free Medium: Cell Growth, Apoptosis, and Nature of Macromolecules Recovered from the Culture Fluidp. 303
A Novel Vero Cell Line for Use as a Mammalian Host-Vector System in Serum-Free Culturep. 311
Serum Free Culture of Human-Human Hybridoma Secreting Monoclonal Antibodies against Stomach Cancerp. 321
Serum-Free Media for the Growth and Maintenance of the Differentiated State of Keratinocytes, Hepatocytes, and Neural Cellsp. 327
Characterization of an Airway Epithelial Cell from Neonatal Ratp. 335
Production of Human Antithrombin-III in a Serum-Free Culture of CHO Cellsp. 345
A Novel Protein- and Hormone-Free Medium: Its Application to Hybridoma Culture and Monoclonal Antibody Productionp. 353
EDF (Erythroid Differentiation Factor = Activin A) Production in Recombinant CHO Cellsp. 361
A Novel Serum Free Medium for Mouse Hybridomas and Human Lymphoblastoid Cell Linesp. 369
A Simple Structured Model Predicted Positively-, Negatively-, or Non-Growth Associated Antibody Production Rate Depending on Culture Conditionsp. 375
Change in Monoclonal Antibody Productivity in Immobilized Hybridoma Cells at Low Dissolved Oxygen Concentrationsp. 383
Improved Monoclonal Antibody Production of a Hybridoma by Varying the Oxygen Tension During a Suspension Culturep. 391
Enhancement of Productivity by Yield Improvements Using Simulation Techniquesp. 397
Studies on the Production of Recombinant Human NF-IL6 in Mouse L Cellp. 405
Enhancing Effect of Interleukin-6 on Antibody Productivity of a Hybridoma Cell Linep. 413
Improved Production of Recombinant Proteins by the Baculovirus Expression Systemp. 419
Production and Product Integrity of Recombinant HIV-1 gag-Particles (p55) with the Baculovirus Expression Systemp. 425
Enhancement of Biological Productivity in Serum-Free Culturep. 431
Enhancement of IGM Production of HB4C5 Cells by Chitosanp. 439
Repression of Ovalbumin Gene Expression in the Chicken Oviduct Cellp. 445
Constitutive Long-Term Production of Recombinant Human Interferon-Gamma by Transformed Mouse C127 Cells Cultured in Serum Free Mediump. 453
Possible Involvement of Protein Tyrosine Sulfation in the Polarized Protein Targeting in Filter-Grown Madin-Darby Canine Kidney (MDCK) Cellsp. 463
Protein Tyrosine Sulfation in Animal Cells and Its Simulation in Vitro in the Downstream Processing of Proteinsp. 473
Expression of CARP [alpha]-Globin Gene in Tilapia Ovary Cellsp. 481
Immunosuppressive Functions of Cells from Intestinal Tissuesp. 491
Biological Functions of Carbohydrates in Erythropoietinp. 499
Cloning and Expression of Flatfish Interleukin 2 Genep. 509
Serum-Free Mouse Embryo (SFME) Cells and Transforming Growth Factor (TGF)[beta]1p. 515
Anti-Tetanus Human Monoclonal Antibodies-Comparative Studies on Their Protective Activity with Polyclonal Antibodyp. 521
Production of Chicken Monoclonal Antibodyp. 527
Generation and Characterization of Murine Anti-Human Transforming Growth Factor-[beta]1 Monoclonal Antibodiesp. 535
Examination of Lung Cancer Using a Human Monoclonal Antibody HB4C5-Clone 3p. 541
Alteration of Reactivity of Human Monoclonal Antibodies Produced by Concanavalin A-Resistant Hybridomasp. 547
Development of Mouse Fibroblast Dermal Equivalent Using Tissue Culture Techniquep. 553
Effects of Some Food Additives and Mycotoxins on the Growth of HUH-6KK Cellsp. 559
Europium-Linked Immuno Assay : Production of Immunoglobulin by Human-Human Hybridoma Cell Linesp. 565
The Protective Role of Polyphenols in Cytotoxicity of Hydrogen Peroxidep. 571
Author Indexp. 577
Subject Indexp. 581
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ISBN: 9780792318828
ISBN-10: 079231882X
Series: Animal Cell Technology: Basic & Applied Aspects : Book 4
Audience: General
Format: Hardcover
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 584
Published: 31st July 1992
Publisher: Springer
Country of Publication: NL
Dimensions (cm): 23.39 x 15.6  x 3.33
Weight (kg): 1.02
Edition Number: 4

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