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Animal Cell Technology - Basic and Applied Vol. 6 : Proceedings of the Sixth International Meeting of the Japanese Association for Animal Cell Technology, Nagoya, Japan, November 9-12, 1993 :  Proceedings of the Sixth International Meeting of the Japanese Association for Animal Cell Technology, Nagoya, Japan, November 9-12, 1993 - T. Kobayashi

Animal Cell Technology - Basic and Applied Vol. 6 : Proceedings of the Sixth International Meeting of the Japanese Association for Animal Cell Technology, Nagoya, Japan, November 9-12, 1993

Proceedings of the Sixth International Meeting of the Japanese Association for Animal Cell Technology, Nagoya, Japan, November 9-12, 1993

Hardcover Published: October 1994
ISBN: 9780792331568
Number Of Pages: 615

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Animal cell technology is a growing discipline of cell biology which aims to understand the structure, function and behaviour of differentiated animal cells, and especially the development of such abilities as are useful for industrial purposes. These developments range from clonal expansion of differentiated cells with useful abilities, to optimization of cell culture on industrial scale and modulation of the cells' abilities to produce drugs and monoclonal antibodies. The sixth volume in this series gives a complete review of today's state of the art in Japan, a country where this field is especially well advanced. It will be of interest to cell biologists, biochemists, molecular biologists, immunologists and other disciplines related to animal cell culture, working in the academic environment as well as in (biotechnology or pharmaceutical) industry.

Evaluation of viral safety of biotechnology products derived from cell lines of human or animal originp. 1
Combination of virus removal and inactivation for optimization of recovery of proteinp. 9
Strategy of virus removal/inactivation of plasma-derived products: Interest of nanofiltration as a new virus elimination methodp. 17
Expression of the extracellular domain of the human growth hormone receptor gene by an insect-baculovirus systemp. 29
Expression of recombinant receptors in insect cellsp. 35
Production of a transmission blocking vaccine candidate of rodent malaria Plasmodium berghei using a baculovirus expression vector systemp. 41
Establishment of human B cell lines producing antigen-specific antibodies through SCID mice reconstituted with human peripheral blood lymphocytesp. 47
Production of humanised monoclonal antibodies for in vivo imaging and therapyp. 53
Clinical results with humanized and human monoclonal antibodiesp. 63
Clinical applications of human monoclonal antibodiesp. 75
Autocrine regulation of milk protein secretionp. 81
Therapeutic application of transgenic animalsp. 87
FDA perspective on the use of transgenic animals in the manufacture of therapeutic products intended for human use: Safety concernsp. 95
Hepatocyte spheroid: Differentiated features and potential utilization for the bioreactor of artificial liver supportp. 99
Microencapsulated islets as a bioartificial pancreasp. 103
A novel three-dimensional long-term bone marrow bioreactor culture systemp. 115
Process technology in cellular and tissue engineeringp. 121
Fish IGF-I and IGF-II: Age-related and tissue-specific expression and transgenesisp. 127
Inhibition of aquatic birnavirus replication process in fish cells by viral antisense RNAp. 137
Functional analysis of the homology and heterology promoters in fish-cultured cellsp. 145
Dialysis perfusion systems for the production and retention of high-valued products from animal cellsp. 151
Methods for animal cell immobilization using electrostatic droplet generationp. 157
Using oxygen uptake rates to time infections in the baculovirus expression vector systemp. 161
On-line monitoring and control of glucose, glutamine, lactate and ammonium during a high-cell-density cultivation of hybridoma cellsp. 167
Cultivation of hybridomas, human cancer and human primary cells using the miniaturized hollow fibre bioreactor TECNOMOUSEp. 171
Electrically controlled production of monoclonal antibody by immobilized hybridomap. 177
Effect of endogenous retrovirus production on hybridoma productivityp. 183
Effect of dissolved oxygen concentration on growth and production of biomaterials by animal cell culturep. 191
Enhanced productivity in insect cell culture by control of the chemical environmentp. 197
Energy balance and protein synthesis in hybridoma culturep. 205
Application of fish cells immortalized by oncogenes - diagnostic method for the detection of fish iridovirus (Iridoviridae) by polymerase chain reactionp. 213
Enhancement of cellular productivity by oncogene transfectionp. 219
Comparison of mutant [beta]-lactoglobulin production between mammalian cell and yeastp. 225
Enhancement of [gamma]-carboxylation of recombinant activated protein C by cell fusionp. 231
Modulation of oligosaccharide structure of a pro-urokinase derivative (pro-UK[Delta]GSI) by culture conditionsp. 237
The analysis of antigen-antibody binding using anti-RNase A single chain Fv-3A21p. 243
Enhanced transcriptional activity by modifying the chicken ovalbumin gene promoter in the oviduct cell of chickensp. 249
Expression of a foreign gene introduced into bovine embryos at early stages of developmentp. 255
Expression of milk protein-CAT chimeric genes in transfected bovine and mouse mammary epithelial cellsp. 259
Differentiation and death of a small intestinal epithelial cell line, IEC-6p. 265
Establishment and characterization of [alpha]s1-casein-specific T cell lines from milk-allergic patientsp. 273
Action of branched-chain amino acids on protein degradation in cultured muscle cellsp. 279
Immortalization of human endothelial cells by temperature sensitive simian virus 40p. 287
Establishment of hepatoblastoma cell line, HUH-6KK for production of biochemicalsp. 293
In vitro culture of primary B cells specific to a short peptidep. 299
Leukemia inhibitory factor and related peptides regulate glial fibrillary acidic protein in serum-free mouse embryo (SFME) cellsp. 305
Factors affecting the induction of ovalbumin mRNA in primary cultures of oviductal cells in the chickenp. 311
Manipulation of chicken primordial germ cells for transgenic chickenp. 317
Anchorage-dependent growth and recombinant protein production by chinese hamster ovary cells in serum-free mediump. 325
High cell density and serum-free culture of hybridoma cells using fixed bed porosphere systemp. 331
Replacement of bovine insulin with recombinant long R[superscript 3] IGF-1 in CHO cellsp. 337
Serum-free medium for normal human melanocytesp. 345
Intracellular analysis of a lymphoblastoid cell line using H-NMRp. 351
Certified serum for productivity enhancementp. 359
Recombinant antibody expression in a fixed bed perfusion systemp. 365
Cost effective high density mammalian cell culturep. 373
Continuous automated reconstitution of liquid media concentratesp. 383
Relationship of inactivation techniques of the sera to cellular attachment on phema and polypropylene surfacesp. 389
Establishment of a rat extracorporeal circulation system to estimate the performance of a hybrid artificial liverp. 395
Presumption of the concentration of several constituents in the culture broth of mouse - mouse hybridoma by near infrared reflectance spectroscopyp. 401
Enhancement of monoclonal antibody production related to metabolic behavior in high density hybridoma culturep. 407
High density culture of rCHO cells using hollow fiber systemsp. 413
A hollow fiber bioreactor immobilizing hepatocyte spheroids rapidly formed by large-scale suspension culturep. 417
Effect of medium additives at AcNPV infection of insect cells on recombinant [beta]-galactosidase production in batch and two-stage bioreactor systemsp. 423
On the enhancement of growth yields in hybridoma culturep. 429
Production of rG-CSF by CHO cell in aggregate microbeads culturep. 435
Perfusion culture using a macroporous microcarrierp. 441
High speed stirring culture using macroporous microcarrierp. 447
Cryopreservation of cell-laden collagen microspheresp. 453
A continuous cell centrifuge for lab scale perfusion processes of mammalian cellsp. 463
Polystyrene microcarriers coated with a combination of adhesion-promoting peptidesp. 469
Chicken whole-embryo culture as a quick and convenient system for searching physiologically active compoundsp. 475
Effect of fruit components on the proliferation and antibody production of human-human hybridoma cell linesp. 481
Induction of HMG-CoA reductase and malic enzyme gene expressions by polychlorinated biphenyls in rat hepatocytes cultured on EHS-gel, not on Type I collagenp. 487
Effects of glycinin acidic A1a subunit on insulin-involved cellular metabolism in rat adipocytes and 3T3-L1 cellsp. 491
Physiologically functional substances in shellfish toward several cultured mammalian cell linesp. 497
Purification and characterization of extracted abalone (Haliotis discus) bioactive proteinp. 503
Development of artificial skin using raft culture technique and its application to study the mechanism of oncogenesisp. 509
The integrity test of virus removal membrane through gold particle method and liquid forward flow test methodp. 517
Theoretical approach for integrity test of virus removal filterp. 523
"The FDA quality/compliance continuum... Where do cell culture and molecular biology products stand"p. 529
Removal of residual DNA in biological products by cuprammonium regenerated cellulose hollow fiber (BMM)p. 537
Removability and permeability of DNA in protein solution using BMMp. 543
Protective in vivo effect against murine rickettsia infection by recombinant myeloperoxidase produced in CHO cellsp. 549
A novel anti-tumorigenic protein specific to SV40- and human papilloma virus-transformed cells -the possible action mechanism-p. 555
Suppressive lymphokines produced by CD8[superscript +] T cellsp. 561
Characterization of erythropoietin receptor on two neuronal cell linesp. 567
Heterogeneity in light-chains of monoclonal antibodies produced by mouse hybridomas raised with NS-1 myelomasp. 575
Purification and characterization of two molecular forms of bovine complement factor Hp. 581
Purification and characterization of growth and differentiation factors from human osteosarcoma cell line, OST-1-PFp. 589
Protection against Cowdria ruminantium infection in mice with gamma interferon produced in animal cellsp. 595
A retrovirus-associated antigen expressed in human lung carcinomap. 601
Author Indexp. 607
Subject Indexp. 611
Table of Contents provided by Blackwell. All Rights Reserved.

ISBN: 9780792331568
ISBN-10: 0792331567
Series: Animal Cell Technology: Basic & Applied Aspects : Book 6
Audience: General
Format: Hardcover
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 615
Published: October 1994
Publisher: Springer
Country of Publication: NL
Dimensions (cm): 23.39 x 15.6  x 3.51
Weight (kg): 1.06

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