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An Introduction to Nonlinear Optics - George C. Baldwin

An Introduction to Nonlinear Optics

Paperback ISBN: 9780306200045
Number Of Pages: 156

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Many years spent in an industrial engineering laboratory have convinced me that there is ever-increasing need to present recent and current research in forms which can be easily assimilated by engineers, technical managers, and others concerned with applications and the development of new tech- nology. There is a forbidding gap between the typical research paper, addressed by specialists to other specialists, and the popular-level account addressed to the layman. The second does not adequately prepare the engi- neer for profitably studying the first; it does not impart sufficient depth of understanding to the manager who must make decisions on the relative merits of various approaches to a problem or on the potential contributions various specialists might make to his program. This book is the outgrowth of a review prepared to fill this need for engineers in a large corporation who were concerned with the industrial application of lasers. That review was written hurriedly, on a fixed budget, to a deadline; consequently, it contained oversimplifications and errors, not all of which were trivial. Nevertheless, the favorable response proved that such a review is indeed needed. It is hoped that this more finished work will prove useful to a wide variety of potential users of laser-centered devices and systems, and may even stimulate the generation of useful ideas.

1. Introduction.- 1.1. The Scope of Optics.- 1.2. Historical Background.- 1.3. Linearity in Optics.- 1.4. Nonlinearity in Other Fields.- 1.5. Nonlinearity in Optics.- 1.6. Scope of this Book.- 2. Background of Nonlinear Optics.- 2.1. Electromagnetic Theory of Light.- 2.2. Electromagnetic Theory of Linear, Isotropic Media.- 2.3. Modes.- 2.4. Geometrical Optics.- 2.5. Quantum Theory of Radiation Process.- 3. Properties of Optical Media.- 3.1. Introduction.- 3.2. Dispersion.- 3.3. Rayleigh Scattering.- 3.4. The Debye-Sears Effect.- 3.5. Birefringence.- 3.6. Zeeman and Stark Effects.- 3.7. Electrostriction and Piezoelectricity.- 3.8. Electrically Induced Birefringence.- 3.9. Optical Activity.- 3.10. Magnetooptical Effects.- 3.11. Fluorescence and the Raman Effect.- 3.12. Intensity-Dependent Optical Phenomena.- 4. Nonlinear Phenomena in Passive Media.- 4.1. Introduction.- 4.2. Electromagnetic Waves in a Nonlinear Dielectric: Method of Solution.- 4.3. The Role of Coherence in Harmonic Generation.- 4.4. The Nonlinear Susceptibility Tensor.- 4.5. Traveling-Wave Second-Harmonic Generation.- 4.6. Index Matching in Birefringent Materials.- 4.7. Boundary Conditions.- 4.8. A Numerical Example.- 4.9. Index Matching as Momentum Conservation.- 4.10. Harmonics Higher than the Second.- 4.11. Optical Rectification.- 4.12. Optical Mixing and Parametric Amplification.- 4.13. Self-Focusing of Optical Beams.- 5. Nonlinear Optical Phenomena in Active Media.- 5.1. Similarities and Contrasts.- 5.2. Raman Processes.- 5.3. Brillouin Scattering.- 5.4. Interactions of Light with Free Electrons.- 5.5. Optical Nonlinearity in Gases.- Appendix. Free and Forced Oscillations in Slightly Nonlinear Systems.

ISBN: 9780306200045
ISBN-10: 030620004X
Audience: General
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 156
Country of Publication: US
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