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Alzheimer's from the Inside Out - Richard Taylor

Alzheimer's from the Inside Out

Paperback Published: 19th December 2006
ISBN: 9781932529234
Number Of Pages: 288

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Richard Taylor has lived for five years with a diagnosis of dementia probably of the Alzheimer's type. A former psychologist, he is now a champion for individuals with early-stage and early-onset Alzheimer's disease. Richard served on the board of the Houston and Southeast Texas Alzheimer's Association and is now a member of a special committee of the National Alzheimer's Association looking at how to evaluate and provide effective support to individuals in the early stages of the disease. He has started over 50 chat rooms worldwide for people with Alzheimer's disease and their loved ones and he is also the editor of a quarterly newsletter for people with early-onset, early-stage Alzheimer's disease and their caregivers. Originally, Richard started writing essays to better understand for himself what was going on inside of him. He now writes to share his experiences with other individuals with the disease and their caregivers. His insights into himself and the disease are always honest, direct, poignant, and sometimes even witty. His essays have been published in ""Alzheimer's Care Quarterly"". Richard lives in Cypress, Texas with his spouse Linda and his Bouvier des Flandres dog, Annie. His son and family live across the street from him. He spends his days playing with his two grandchildren, gardening, and writing.

2009 John Mackey Award for Exellence in Dementia Care
2009 Carter Williams Legacy Fund
2007 Book of the Year (Consumer Health) from American Journal Nursing
2007 National Mature Media (Bronze Award Winner)

"Dr. Taylor's words shed light on a very dark experience and the reader is led out of the darkness by his frankness, his humor, and most of all his spirit "alive within me." His penetrating and pleading comments related to care giving cause the reader to take a deep breath, pause, and move forward with much greater insight into the complexity of these emotional relationships. Are these innovative words asking too much of the reader? I think not. We have been shielded too long from the mysteries of Alzheimer's disease; these fresh words compel us to shed our misperceptions and enter into the world of those who command our attention. Through Dr. Taylor's beautiful language and poignant reflections, we approach some clarity about the long neglected and misunderstood phenomenological experience of those living with Alzheimer's disease."-- (01/01/2001)
"This is not an ordinary book. It is an extraordinary collection of anecdotes, ruminations, insights, comparisons, literary allusion and blinding insights. Be prepared to be challenged. Be prepared to reflect on your own human failings and joy at not having Alzheimer's disease. But most importantly, be prepared to read this book."-- (01/01/2001)
"Such a personal telling of a tale . . . Part Eric Berne, part Henry Fonda in On Golden Pond, part the final movement of Mahler's Das Lied von der Erde, this work moves one to tears."-- (01/01/2001)
How poignant [these essays] are in expressing life with AD. [This] is a perspective I had not heard before and the insight is invaluable to me as a caregiver for my dad."-- (01/01/2001)
"After reading this book I have come to the conclusion that this is perhaps the most important book in the field of dementia care ever written ... Dr. Taylor writes with passion and humor about a wide range of topics that capture the experience of living with a diagnosis of "probable Alzheimer's disease" ... These poignant essays come from the heart and the soul of a sensitive and intellectually gifted man who has become a national champion and advocate for the millions of people living with this disease."-- (01/01/2001)
"[These essays] have given me lots of insight as to what goes on inside my mom's mind. It's hard being on the outside trying to figure out what's going on inside."-- (01/01/2001)
"Among the millions with this cruel disease, Richard is rare in that his preserved memory, language, and thinking skills made possible these essays about his experience of the disease. He offers valuable insights to family and professional caregivers seeking to uphold the dignity of all people living with the disease. A debt of gratitude is owed to him, his wife, and his family for refusing to go gentle into that good night."-- (01/01/2001)
"Richard is our canary in the coal mine. He is chirping, trilling, humming. His advancement through life's thickets lead him inside, around, and back. His questions, yearnings, satisfactions, regrets, challenges, humor, and provocations are warnings we all must head."-- (01/01/2001)
"Written with sensitivity, humor, and passion, Alzheimer's from the Inside Out describes the author's sometimes bumpy, but always insightful, journey with Alzheimer's disease. Telling his stories in a series of informative vignettes, Richard challenges us all to be more authentic and work to make life better for persons with dementia--not tomorrow, but today!"-- (01/01/2001)
"I thought I understood what life was like for my Alzheimer's-affected parents-until Richard's story enlightened me with insight into an unimaginable world. Every family with an elderly loved one, and every medical professional who works with elders, should read this gripping and marvelous book!"-- (01/01/2001)
"Extraordinary, brilliantly insightful, inspirational, courageous, thought-provoking--there is no end to the positive descriptors that can be attached to this amazing book by Richard Taylor. Alzheimer's from the Inside Out is not only a must read for persons with Alzheimer's and their personal and professional care partners, it is, plain and simple, a must-read book."-- (01/01/2001)

What is it like to have Alzheimer's disease?
Jesus, Albert, Alzheimer's, and Richardp. 3
There is no such thing as Alzheimer's disease!p. 6
What is it like to live in purgatory?p. 13
What is it like to have Alzheimer's disease?p. 15
They are glad they caught it early. Am I?p. 18
The end of act one ... and now, an intermission of indeterminate lengthp. 21
Cogito ergo sump. 24
My last six wordsp. 26
Back to the futurep. 28
FAQs and FGAsp. 29
Alzheimer's disease, suicide, and deathp. 33
What is it like to have Alzheimer's disease - three years laterp. 35
Four no trumpp. 38
"We have a pill. Alzheimer's can be treated!"p. 41
Dreams, drugs, Alzheimer's, and mep. 46
I wish I were a nude mousep. 49
"I have been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease"p. 51
While Rome burns ... a parablep. 52
Trying to figure it outp. 54
Checking back in during the intermission : what's it like to have Alzheimer's?p. 57
Volcanoes, fears, and Alzheimer's diseasep. 59
Hemingway, Alzheimer, and Taylorp. 62
Waiting forp. 65
Disabling enablersp. 67
"Oh, I've done that myself a million times!"p. 69
From the inside out
The chase for yesterdayp. 75
What's the up side to having Alzheimer's disease?p. 77
Pride precedes the fallp. 79
Safe and sound ... unsound and safep. 82
I am a verbp. 84
Whatever happened to hope?p. 87
Moving from living with my mind to living in my mindp. 89
And the name of the 3,000-pound elephant is "fear"p. 91
It's on the tip of my tonguep. 95
"I can read!" "I can't"p. 97
Sing-along with Alois and Richardp. 99
My shirt is brokenp. 101
Am I half empty or half full?p. 104
The flesh is weak(er), but my spirit is (still) strongp. 108
Will the real Dr. Alzheimer please stand up?p. 110
"Alzheimer's disease. Alzheimer's disease. Alzheimer's disease!"p. 113
Am I my brain? : or is my brain me?p. 117
Good habits and mindless patternsp. 119
You sure don't talk like you have Alzheimer's (the great pretender)p. 121
"Knock, knock"p. 124
What will I do today?p. 126
Drifting away from my head and into my heartp. 128
Fallingp. 130
Will the real Richard Taylor ever reveal himself to me?p. 133
From the outside in
Whose fault is it that I don't understand you?p. 143
If it talks like an it and gets lost like an it, is it an it?p. 148
A stranger in a strange landp. 150
Hello? : I'm still here!p. 152
Christina, Mrs. Hippopotamus, and mep. 154
Muddled puddlesp. 156
A distinction without a differencep. 158
"Play it again, caregivers"p. 161
My champion or my hero?p. 163
Once again, my children believe they know more than I dop. 166
Sex, side effects, Alzheimer's, and intimacyp. 169
Hanging on with my tonguep. 172
A silent, one-sided conversation with my caregiversp. 174
Religion, spirituality, Alzheimer's, and Richardp. 175
Plants as petsp. 179
"Give me your money, your car, and ..."p. 181
"Oh my God! Where's Richard?"p. 184
This little light of minep. 186
Am I to be my spouse's son?p. 189
Okay? Okay! Okayp. 192
Have you ever participated in one of these conversations?p. 194
Is it okay to say you have a "touch" of Alzheimer's?p. 196
Here! take this!p. 199
What is it like not to have Alzheimer's disease?p. 202
There is something (more) wrong with dadp. 204
Time to clean up your actp. 207
"Don't worry about anything ... we'll take care of it"p. 211
Should we do unto others what we perceive they have already done unto us?p. 215
When most all has been said ... little has been donep. 218
Dear doctor ...
If I were an M. Instead of a Ph.D.p. 233
From my heart to my M.D.'s earsp. 226
Do no harmp. 232
What you can do
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ISBN: 9781932529234
ISBN-10: 1932529233
Audience: Professional
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 288
Published: 19th December 2006
Publisher: Health Professions Press,U.S.
Country of Publication: US
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