All New Square Foot Gardening, 4th Edition : The World's Most Popular Growing Method to Harvest More Food from Less Space - Garden Anywhere! - Square Foot Gardening Foundation

All New Square Foot Gardening, 4th Edition

The World's Most Popular Growing Method to Harvest More Food from Less Space - Garden Anywhere!

By: Square Foot Gardening Foundation

Paperback | 3 December 2024

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Over 3 million copies sold This revolutionary gardening book gets a revolutionary update for its 4th edition--new plans, options, and advice herald a modern approach to this tried-and-true method.

No digging, no tilling, no fertilizing, no machinery or heavy tools--less watering, waste, and weeding In All New Square Foot Gardening, 4th Edition, discover the foolproof gardening method that has helped generations of gardeners around the world raise their own organic vegetables in less space, with less effort, and for less money than traditional row gardens.

The Square Foot Gardening (SFG) technique takes the guesswork out of every step, even if you are completely new to gardening. The process is simple: set up your garden box, fill it with a growing blend known as Mel's Mix(TM), and add a square-foot grid on top to guarantee proper plant spacing and maximum yields. With this easy and flexible system, you'll reap the rewards of baskets of homegrown produce to enjoy with friends and family.

In the 4th edition, enjoy:

  • Updated and beautifully illustrated garden plans to help you lay out your plantings and grow what your family eats most
  • Extensive new charts with crop-by-crop information on how and when to plant and harvest each vegetable
  • Flexible, step-by-step building plans for garden boxes you can build, fill, and plant in a single afternoon
  • Insight on where to place your garden, how to plan your squares, and how to care for your plants organically
  • Instructions for DIYing trellises, hoop tunnels, archways, and other accessories for your SFG
  • More practical solutions to today's biggest gardening challenges, including deer, extreme weather, and insect pests
  • NEW - Information on building and using "top hats" to grow healthy root crops in a standard SFG bed
  • NEW - Alternative options if the standard Mel's Mix ingredients aren't available to you or you're looking for alternatives to peat moss
  • 200 NEW PHOTOS, 30 NEW ILLUSTRATIONS - Redesigned pages with all-new illustrations for fun, easy planning and new photographs to reflect more diverse growing locations
  • Plus, a Quick Start Guide to get you growing today

It is a mission of the SFG Foundation to empower gardeners with the skills to create their own sustainable, sufficient, and reliable food source. They strive to reduce world hunger by teaching people in underserved countries how to grow their own fresh produce to eat and sell.

If you're looking for a low-maintenance, lower-cost way to grow food for yourself and your family, you will find success with this invaluable reference. If you're already a dedicated Square Foot Gardener with a tattered copy of a previous edition, you will expand on your success with the updated and enhanced guidance. With All New Square Foot Gardening, 4th Edition, you'll discover everything you need to know about the world's most popular growing technique to harvest MORE food from less space.

Now you can garden anywhere

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