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Advanced Molecular Biology : A Concise Reference - Richard Twyman

Advanced Molecular Biology

A Concise Reference

Paperback Published: 15th June 1998
ISBN: 9781859961414
Number Of Pages: 512

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Advanced Molecular Biology emphasises the unifying principles and mechanisms of molecular biology, with frequent use of tables and boxes to summarise experimental data and gene and protein functions. Extensive cross-referencing between chapters is used to reinforce and broaden the understanding of core concepts. This is the ideal source of comprehensive, authoritative and up-to-date information for all those whose work is in the field of molecular biology.

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Biological Heredity and Variationp. 1
Mendelian inheritancep. 1
Segregation at one locusp. 2
Segregation at two locip. 8
Quantitative inheritancep. 11
The Cell Cyclep. 21
The bacterial cell cyclep. 21
The eukaryotic cell cyclep. 23
The molecular basis of cell cycle regulationp. 26
Progress through the cell cyclep. 28
Special cell cycle systems in animalsp. 33
Chromatinp. 35
Nucleosomesp. 35
Higher order chromatin organizationp. 38
Chromatin and chromosome functionp. 39
Molecular structure of the bacterial nucleoidp. 42
Chromosome Mutationp. 45
Numerical chromosome mutationsp. 45
Structural chromosome mutationsp. 49
Chromosome Structure and Functionp. 57
Normal chromosomes - gross morphologyp. 57
Special chromosome structuresp. 58
Molecular aspects of chromosome structurep. 60
Development, Molecular Aspectsp. 65
Differentiationp. 65
Pattern formation and positional informationp. 72
The environment in developmentp. 75
DNA Methylation and Epigenetic Regulationp. 93
DNA methylation in prokaryotesp. 93
DNA methylation in eukaryotesp. 94
Epigenetic gene regulation by DNA methylation in mammalsp. 97
The Genep. 103
The concept of the genep. 103
Units of genetic structure and genetic functionp. 104
Gene-cistron relationship in prokaryotes and eukaryotesp. 104
Gene structure and architecturep. 106
Gene Expression and Regulationp. 111
Gene expressionp. 112
Gene regulationp. 113
Gene expression in prokaryotes and eukaryotesp. 115
Gene Transfer in Bacteriap. 117
Conjugationp. 117
Transformationp. 119
Transductionp. 120
The Genetic Codep. 127
An overview of the genetic codep. 127
Translationp. 127
Special properties of the codep. 129
Genomes and Mappingp. 133
Genomes, ploidy and chromosome numberp. 134
Physico-chemical properties of the genomep. 134
Genome size and sequence componentsp. 135
Gene structure and higher-order genome organizationp. 136
Repetitive DNAp. 139
Isochore organization of the mammalian genomep. 143
Gene mappingp. 144
Genetic mappingp. 146
Physical mappingp. 151
Mobile Genetic Elementsp. 165
Mechanisms of transpositionp. 166
Consequences of transpositionp. 172
Transposonsp. 175
Retroelementsp. 180
Mutagenesis and DNA Repairp. 183
Mutagenesis and replication fidelityp. 183
DNA damage: mutation and killingp. 185
DNA repairp. 187
Direct reversal repairp. 187
Excision repairp. 191
Mismatch repairp. 194
Recombination repairp. 197
The SOS response and mutagenic repairp. 197
Mutation and Selectionp. 201
Structural and functional consequences of mutationp. 201
Mutant alleles and the molecular basis of phenotypep. 209
The distribution of mutations and molecular evolutionp. 211
Mutations in Genetic Analysisp. 213
Nucleic Acid Structurep. 223
Nucleic acid primary structurep. 223
Nucleic acid secondary structurep. 226
Nucleic acid tertiary structurep. 231
Nucleic Acid-Binding Propertiesp. 235
Nucleic acid recognition by proteinsp. 236
DNA-binding motifs in proteinsp. 237
RNA-binding motifs in proteinsp. 243
Molecular aspects of protein-nucleic acid bindingp. 244
Sequence-specific bindingp. 246
Techniques for the study of protein-nucleic acid interactionsp. 249
Oncogenes and Cancerp. 253
Oncogenesp. 254
Tumor-suppressor genesp. 258
Organelle Genomesp. 263
Organelle geneticsp. 263
Organelle genomesp. 264
Plasmidsp. 271
Plasmid classificationp. 271
Plasmid replication and maintenancep. 273
The Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)p. 279
Specificity of the PCR reactionp. 279
Advances and extensions to basic PCR strategyp. 283
Alternative methods for in vitro amplificationp. 284
Proteins: Structure, Function and Evolutionp. 287
Protein primary structurep. 288
Higher order protein structurep. 289
Protein modificationp. 295
Protein familiesp. 297
Global analysis of protein functionp. 304
Protein Synthesisp. 313
The components of protein synthesisp. 313
The mechanism of protein synthesisp. 315
The regulation of protein synthesisp. 318
Recombinant DNA and Molecular Cloningp. 323
Molecular cloningp. 324
Strategies for gene isolationp. 331
Characterization of cloned DNAp. 336
Expression of cloned DNAp. 339
Analysis of gene regulationp. 342
Analysis of proteins and protein-protein interactionsp. 345
In vitro mutagenesisp. 346
Transgenesis: gene transfer to animals and plantsp. 348
Recombinationp. 369
Homologous recombinationp. 369
Homologous recombination and genetic mappingp. 373
Random and programmed nonreciprocal recombinationp. 376
Site specific recombinationp. 378
Generation of immunoglobulin and T-cell receptor diversityp. 379
Illegitimate recombinationp. 382
Replicationp. 389
Replication strategyp. 389
The cellular replisome and the enzymology of elongationp. 392
Initiation of replicationp. 400
Primers and primingp. 404
Termination of replicationp. 404
The regulation of replicationp. 406
RNA Processingp. 411
Maturation of untranslated RNAsp. 411
End-modification and methylation of mRNAp. 412
RNA splicingp. 414
RNA editingp. 421
Post-processing regulationp. 421
Signal Transductionp. 425
Receptors and signaling pathwaysp. 425
Intracellular enzyme cascadesp. 431
Second messengersp. 434
Signal deliveryp. 440
Transcriptionp. 443
Principles of transcriptionp. 443
Transcriptional initiation in prokaryotes - basal and constitutive componentsp. 445
Transcriptional initiation in eukaryotes - basal and constitutive componentsp. 447
Transcriptional initiation - regulatory componentsp. 450
Strategies for transcriptional regulation in bacteria and eukaryotesp. 456
Transcriptional elongation and terminationp. 458
Viruses and Subviral Agentsp. 467
Viral infection strategyp. 468
Diversity of replication strategyp. 469
Strategies for viral gene expressionp. 475
Subviral agentsp. 477
Indexp. 489
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ISBN: 9781859961414
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Format: Paperback
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Number Of Pages: 512
Published: 15th June 1998
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