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Active Galactic Nuclei : International Astronomical Union Symposia - Donald E. Osterbrock

Active Galactic Nuclei

International Astronomical Union Symposia

By: Donald E. Osterbrock (Editor), J. S. Miller (Editor)

Paperback ISBN: 9780792302575
Number Of Pages: 592

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Proceedings of the 134th Symposium of the International Astronomical Union, held in Santa Cruz, California, August 15-19, 1988

2.- A Search for Companions to High Redshift (z ? 3.0) Quasars.- A 12 ?m Flux Limited Sample of Galaxies: Preliminary Results on the IR Luminosity Function.- How Do Radio Quasars (for z < 2) Evolve?.- Quasar and AGN Evolution.- The Masses of Quasars and AGN: Correlating the Accretion-Disk and the Emission-Line Methods.- The Evolution of Starburst Galaxies to Active Galactic Nuclei.- 2 BLR and Variability.- Structure and Nature of AGNs.- Rapid Line Variations in High Luminosity AGN and Anisotropic Emission of the Optical/UV Continuum.- The NGC 1275 Galaxy Nucleus Emission Spectrum Variability at Various Stages of Activity.- On the Broad H? Component of IC 5063, IC 5135 and NGC 2992.- Investigations of Broad Line Region Structure and Kinematics Using Variability.- The Discrete Correlation Function: A New Method for Analyzing Unevenly Sampled Variability Data.- Emission-Line Variability and the Nature of the Broad-Line Region.- Emission-Line Variability in AGN.- Spectropolarimetry and Variability of Seyfert 1.8 and 1.9 Galaxies.- Short Time Scale Variability of Active Galactic Nuclei: Einstein IPC Observations of PKS 2155-304 - A Report of Rapid Variations of Instrumental Origin.- Optical Short-Term Variability in the X-Ray-Selected BL Lac Object IE 0317+186 and the Radio-Selected BL Lac Objects ON231.- Rapid Infrared and Optical Variability in 3C 273.- 4 Years of Radio to X-ray Observations of 3C 273.- Broad Line Variations in NGC 5548.- The Character of the Optical Variability for the BL Lacertae Objects OJ 287.- Soft X-ray Variability and the Covering Fraction of Active Galactic Nuclei.- The Complex Structure of the C IV Emission Line in the Seyfert 1 Galaxy NGC 4151 at Minimum States.- QSO Emission Line Redshift Differences.- Quasar Emission-Line Strengths.- Helium I ?10830 Observations of Seyfert 2 Galaxies.- Ca II - Fe II Correlation in Active Galactic Nuclei.- Quasar Emission Line Profile Modelling.- Observations of Quasar Broad-Line Profiles in the Optical and Infrared.- Optically Thin Gas in the BLR of Seyfert Galaxies.- Star Clusters in Quasars: Bloated Stars as Broad Emission Line Clouds.- Is There a Scaling Law for the Size of the BELR in AGNs?.- 3 X-Rays and the Central Source.- Physics of the Central Engine.- The EXOSAT Spectral Survey of Emission Line AGN.- The X-ray Spectra of High Redshift Quasars.- Iron Line Emission from NGC 1068.- Soft X-ray Spectra of Seyfert Galaxies.- The Shape of Soft X-ray Spectra of Quasars.- EXOSAT Observations of Flux and Spectral Variability in the Seyfert Galaxy NGC 5548.- The Flux and Spectral Variability of NGC 6814 as Observed with EXOSAT.- Variable X-ray Absorption in NGC 4151.- The Infrared and X-ray Continua of Quasars: Is there a Connection?.- Is There a Relation Between Optical Emission Line Strengths and Continuum Shapes?.- Composite Spectra of Some Active Galactic Nuclei.- An X-ray Spectral Survey of BL Lac Objects.- Pair Production in AGN.- A Comparison of the X-ray Spectra of Quasars and BL Lac Objects.- A Multi-Wavelength Study of X-ray Selected AGN.- Spectral Index Versus Frequency and Models for the Continua of AGN and QSOs.- X-ray Selected AGN from the Extended Medium Sensitivity Survey.- X-ray Background Constraints on the Log N-Log S Relation for AGN.- Cosmic X-ray Background from Early Active Galactic Nuclei.- Relativistic Beaming of X-rays from Quasars.- Power-Law Spectra from Fermi Acceleration at Relativistic Shocks.- Photon and Neutrino-Emission From Shockwaves in Active Galactic Nuclei.- Relativistic Neutrons in Active Galactic Nuclei.- 4 Black Holes, Accretion Disks and Gravitational Lenses.- Observational Evidence for Supermassive Black Holes.- Quasar Evolution and the Growth of Black Holes in the Nuclei of Active Galaxies.- Bright Quasars as Rapid Precessors.- New Evidence for Accretion Disks in AGNs.- The Spectrum of Massive Thin Accretion Disks: Theory and Observations.- Combined Accretion Disk and Nonthermal Source Model for AGN.- Line Emission from Accretion Disks in Active Galactic Nuclei.- Spectra of AGN Accretion Disks - Preliminary Results.- Revisiting the Geometry of the BLR in AKN 120: Preliminary Results from UV Data and Line Profile Analysis.- Is the Lyman Absorption Edge a Good Observational Test for AGN Accretion Disks?.- Is the Flat Spectrum Double 1830-211 a Result of Gravitational Lensing?.- Some Remarks on Gravitational Micro-Lensing.- An Optical Imaging Search for Gravitational Lenses.- Discovery of a Probable Gravitational Lens.- 5 Structure of the Central Object and NLR.- Observational Studies of the Structure of Active Galactic Nuclei and QSOs.- Theory of the Intermediate Zone.- Calcium Infrared Triplet Emission in AGN.- Narrow Line Region in NGC 4151 Nucleus.- Near-Infrared Emission-Line Spectra of the Orion Nebula, NGC 4151, and Other Seyfert Galaxies.- Near-Infrared Spectroscopy of Seyfert and Starburst Galaxies.- Stability of Emission-Line Clouds in Seyfert Galaxies.- Using Narrow Emission Lines to Test Physical Models Unifying AGNs.- Anisotropic Continuum Emission in Seyferts.- Red Giant Winds as Emission Line Clouds (Broad or Narrow) in Active Galactic Nuclei.- Substructures in the Narrow-Line Region of AGN.- Cloud Disruption and Formation.- Composite Models: A Tool for Interpreting the Emission-Line Spectra of Active Galactic Nuclei.- Theoretical Narrow Emission-Line Profiles of Active Galactic Nuclei.- The Origin of the Coronal Lines in Seyfert Galaxies.- Photopolarimetry of Seyfert Galaxies - NGC 2992, NGC 3081, NGC 3227, and IC 4329 A.- High Optical Polarization in Flat-Spectrum Radio Sources.- Polarization of IRAS Quasars and the Inner Structure of Active Galactic Nuclei.- How High a Density is for Photoionization in AGN?.- Reddening in the Narrow-Line Region of Active Galactic Nuclei.- 6 Velocity Fields, Kinematics, NL Profiles.- TAURUS Observations of Active Galaxies: NGC 1275 and NGC 4151.- First Results with HIFI - Studies of Extended Anomalous Emission Regions with an Imaging Fabry-Perot.- The Large-Scale Activity in NGC 1068.- Imaging Spectrophotometry of the Narrow-Line Region of NGC 1068.- Emission-Line Asymmetries and the Kinematics of the Narrow-Line Region in AGNs.- Gravitational Acceleration and Forbidden Line Widths in Seyfert Galaxies.- A Separation of Systematic and Turbulent Motions in the Narrow-Line Region of NGC 4151.- H? Emission Lines in High Redshift Quasars.- The Velocity Field of NGC 1068.- 7 Dust, Molecules, Infrared and MM Radiation.- CO in Seyfert Galaxies.- Infrared [Fe II] and H2 Line Emission in Active Galactic Nuclei.- Millimeter Observations of Markarian Galaxies.- Optical and Near Infrared Imaging of NGC 1275.- Are ELFs Little Monsters?.- Delayed Infrared Emission from Luminous Seyfert 1 Galaxies.- Optical-Infrared Continuum Spectra and Polarization of Quasars: An Outburst in 3C 279 During 1987-88.- Hot Dust on the Outskirts of the BLR in Fairall 9.- Spectral Energy Distributions of PG Quasars.- New Millimetre Measurements and the Radio to X-ray Continua of Active Galactic Nuclei.- Millimeter Observations of Optically Selected Quasars.- Submillimeter Observations of NGC 4151: Evidence for Thermal Dust Emission.- Optical and Far-Infrared Properties of UM Survey Emission-Line Galaxies.- Megamasers in Young Active Galactic Nuclei.- Infrared Emission from Radio Galaxies.- Dust-Embedded AGN in Unusually Warm IRAS Galaxies.- Morphological Properties of Unusually Warm IRAS Galaxies.- Testing the Emission Mechanism of the Quasar Infrared Component.- Infrared Imaging and Photometry of a Sample of Seyfert Galaxies.- Longslit Optical Spectroscopy of Powerful Far-Infrared Galaxies.- Faint IRAS Number Counts and Galaxy Evolution.- IRAS Galaxies: Near-Infrared Colours and Starformation.- Infrared-Selected "Warm" Galaxies Observed in X-rays.- The Origin of the 25 ?m Emission in Seyfert 2 Galaxies.- 8 Relationships Of Nucleus, Galaxy and Environment.- Relationships of the Active Nucleus, Galaxy, and Environment.- The New Double Nuclei Markarian Galaxies.- Activity of Interacting Galaxies Mkn 673: A Close-By "E+A" Galaxy.- The Twin-Nucleus Merging Galaxy MKN 266.- Circumnuclear Emission in Nearby, Non-Interacting Seyfert Galaxies.- Optical Nuclear Activity in Radio Galaxies in Clusters.- Color Maps of A 1795 and A 2597-Cooling Flow Cluster Central Galaxies with Active Nuclei.- Bar Instabilities and Nuclear Activity in Disk Galaxies.- Nuclear Starbursts in Barred Spirals.- Interactions of Jets with Interstellar and Intergalactic Media.- Interaction of the Beams of Active Galactic Nuclei with Their Environment at High Redshifts.- 3C 120. Properties of 4 Condensations Neighbouring the Nucleus and Emitting in the Continuum.- NGC 613: Nuclear Region Narrow Band Imagery.- The Extended Ionized Nebulosities Surrounding the Active Galaxies NGC 6215, A 0945-30 and MCG-2-58-22.- Physical Properties of the Extranuclear Emitting Regions in Irregular and Interacting AGNs.- Long-Slit Spectroscopy of IC 5135 and NGC 4388.- Long Slit CCD Observations of Active and Normal Galaxies.- Gas Disks in Radio Galaxies.- Morphology and Luminosity Distribution of Seyfert Galaxies.- Formation of Bi-Polar Spiral Features in Galactic Nuclei.- Far-Infared Properties of Markarian Galaxies with Multiple Nuclei.- X-ray Constraints on AGN Clustering.- 9 Intrinsically Weak AGNs.- Low-Luminosity Active Galactic Nuclei.- High-Resolution Observations of the M81 Nucleus.- Low Activity Nuclei with Strong [N II] Lines.- Low-Activity Nuclei in Spiral Galaxies.- Optical Spectra of Low Flux Radio Sources.- Activity in the Nuclei of Normal Sbc Galaxies - A Multiwavelength Study.- Low-Power Radio Sources in the Nuclei of Nearby E/S0 Galaxies: Evidence for Active Nuclei and for Current Star Formation.- 10 Radio Galaxies, Components and Structure.- The Milliarcsecond Structure of Active Galactic Nuclei Observed with VLBI.- Superluminal Motion in CTA 102.- VLA Observations of an Optically Deep Sample of Molonglo Quasars: Aspect Dependence of the Optical Continuum.- Compact Radio Components in Seyfert Nuclei.- Physical Conditions in Active Galactic Nuclei.- Radio Observations of Moderately Compact Steep Spectrum Sources.- Monitoring of Southern QSOs at 843 MHz.- Multicolor Images of a Complete z ? 1 Sample of 3CR Galaxies.- Optical Properties of High Redshift Radio Galaxies.- Radio-Optical Correlations in Distant Radio Galaxies.- 11 Miscellaneous.- Statistical Properties of the Lyman ? Forest.- Lyman Edges in Quasar Spectra.- Lyman ? Emission from Disk Absorption Systems in QSOs: Star Formation in Young Galaxy Disks.- Calcium Features in the "Featureless" Continuum of Seyfert Nuclei: Evidence for a Young Stellar Population?.- The Ejection of QSOs from Galaxies.- Photometric Properties of AGNs from the Absolute Spectrophotometry of De Bruyn and Sargent.- Run of the Scale Factor R(t) in Some Universes with Zero and Nonzero Pressure.- 12 Future.- The Future of Observational Research on Active Galactic Nuclei.- Future AGN Research II.

ISBN: 9780792302575
ISBN-10: 0792302575
Series: International Astronomical Union Symposia
Audience: General
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 592
Publisher: Springer
Country of Publication: NL
Dimensions (cm): 23.39 x 15.6  x 3.23
Weight (kg): 0.87

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