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Achieving Social Justice : Indigenous Rights and Australia's Future - Larissa Behrendt

Achieving Social Justice

Indigenous Rights and Australia's Future

By: Larissa Behrendt

Paperback | 19 May 2003 | Edition Number 1

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Cover artwork: Women Within by Bronwyn Bancroft - Courtesy Boomalli Aboriginal Artists Cooperative n

Shortlisted for the Stanner Award 2004. n

Larissa Behrendt attacks the chasm which has grown between Indigenous lives and aspirations in Australia, and the psychological terra nullius which continues, despite Mabo, to pervade so much of Australia's mythology and policy. n

She proposes longer term, aspirational initiatives leading to institutional change that will facilitate greater rights protection and the exercise of self-determination, including: n

  • a preamble to the Constitution n
  • a treaty n
  • the national self-image n
  • economic redistribution n
  • alternative institutional forms n
  • regional framework agreements n
  • a more energised politics n
  • Constitutional protection.
Industry Reviews
Behrendt provides perhaps the clearest articulation we have of what Indigenous Australians want and need - and how it might be achieved. This book will be debated, dissected, applauded and disagreed with in the years to come, and certainly quoted alongside the work of the most influential legal and social commentators in the field. For the moment, it is compulsory reading for anyone working or interested in Indigenous law and policy. ... Most of the critical contemporary issues in Indigenous law and policy in Australia are discussed in the book ... most of the significant contributions to the debate are interpreted and responded to. Behrendt writes with an honesty and clarity that is sometimes lost in the Indigenous law and policy debate, and offers constructive proposals. - Simon Young, QUT Law Journal, Vol 4 No 1, 2004, 124

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