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Accurate Numerical Algorithms : A Collection of Research Papers : Research Reports Esprit / Project 1072. Diamond - Christian Ullrich

Accurate Numerical Algorithms : A Collection of Research Papers

Research Reports Esprit / Project 1072. Diamond

Paperback ISBN: 9783540514770
Number Of Pages: 234

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The major goals of the ESPRIT Project 1072, DIAMOND (Development and Integration of Accurate Mathematical Operations in Numerical Data-Processing), were to develop a set of accurate numerical algorithms (work package 3) and to provide tools to support their implementation by means of embedding accurate arithmetic into programming languages (work package 1) and by transformation techniques which either improve the accuracy of expression evaluation or detect and eliminate presumable deficiencies in accuracy in existing programs (work package 2). The present volume mainly summarizes the results of work package 2. It comprises research papers about the development and the implementation of self-validating algorithms which automatically verify the results of a numerical computation. Algorithms for the solution of eigenvalue/eigenvector problems, linear systems for sparse matrices, nonlinear systems and quadrature problems, as well as computation of zeros of a complex polynomial are presented. The algorithms always deliver guaranteed results, i.e. the true result is enclosed into sharp bounds.

Highly Accurate Numerical Algorithms.- 0. Introduction.- 1. Design of E-Methods.- 2. Application of Brouwer's Fixed-Point Theorem.- 3. Eigenvalues.- 4. The Application of Theorems on Zeros in the Complex Plane.- 5. Linear Systems for Sparse Matrices.- 6. Quadrature.- 7. Nonlinear Systems.- References.- Appendix. The PASCAL-SC Demonstration Package.- Solving the Complex Algebraic Eigenvalue Problem with Verified High Accuracy.- 1. Introduction.- 2. Mathematical Foundations.- 3. Inclusion of the Complex Algebraic Eigenvalue Problem.- 4. The Inclusion Algorithm.- References.- Techniques for Generating Accurate Eigensolutions in ADA.- 1. Introduction.- 2. Method.- 3. Implementation.- 4. Appendix.- 5. Glossary.- References.- Enclosing all Eigenvalues of Symmetric Matrices.- 1. Introduction.- 2. Simple Method for Computing Enclosures of Eigenvalues.- 3. Computing Eigenvector Approximations with High Accuracy.- 4. Computing Eigenvalue Enclosures with High Accuracy.- 5. Computing Eigenvector Enclosures.- 6. Numerical Examples.- References.- Computing Accurate Eigenvalues of a Hermitian Matrix.- 1. Introduction.- 2. A Jacobi Method for the Hermitian Eigenvalue Problem.- 3. Inclusion of the Estimated Eigenvalues.- 4. Improvement of the Eigensolution by Newton Iterations.- 5. Adapting the Algorithm to Ada.- 6. Ada Package Specification.- 7. Test Results.- 8. Conclusions.- References.- Verified Inclusion of all Roots of a Complex Polynomial by means of Circular Arithmetic.- 1. Introduction.- 2. Refinement of the Schur/Cohn Algorithm.- 3. Refined Bisecting Process.- 4. Solving Algorithm.- 5. Performance, Example.- 6. Conclusions.- Literature.- Verified Results for Linear Systems with Sparse Matrices.- 1. Introduction.- 2. Method Description.- 3. Method Implementation.- 4. Remarks.- References.- Self-Validating Numerical Quadrature.- 1. Review.- 2. Fundamentals.- 3. Verified Computation of the Procedure Error via Automatic Differentiation.- 4. Numerical Quadrature via Modified Romberg-Extrapolation.- 5. Faster Reduction of the Total Error via Adaptive Refinement.- 6. Numerical Results.- References.- Solving Nonlinear Equations with Verification of Results.- 1. Introduction.- 2. Inclusion of Zeros.- 3. Numerical Problems with Traditional Methods.- 4. Improvement of Theoretical Behaviour of Traditional Methods.- 5. Condition of a System of Nonlinear Equations.- 6. Implementation Aspects.- References.

ISBN: 9783540514770
ISBN-10: 3540514775
Series: Research Reports Esprit / Project 1072. Diamond
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Format: Paperback
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Number Of Pages: 234
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