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A Silent Sorrow : Pregnancy Loss-- Guidance and Support for You and Your Family - Ingrid Kohn

A Silent Sorrow

Pregnancy Loss-- Guidance and Support for You and Your Family

Paperback Published: 10th February 2000
ISBN: 9780415924818
Number Of Pages: 299

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It is a sad fact that a growing number of families are facing the loss of a pregnancy. As more women are becoming pregnant at an older age, and as the use of fertility drugs increase the chances of a multiple-fetus pregnancy, the risk of pregnancy loss is escalating every year.
"A Silent Sorrow" has long been considered the "bible" for families seeking emotional and practical support after a pregnancy loss. Now completely revised and updated to reflect recent findings in medical procedures, laws governing pregnancy termination, and the complex issues surrounding pregnancy loss and reproductive technologies, this straightforward yet sympathetic guide reaches out to couples who have experienced pregnancy loss and helps them to understand and move through the mourning process. The authors address the issues of why and how men and women grieve differently; the potential impact of pregnancy loss on one's career; how to cope with ending an impaired pregnancy; the dual burden of pregnancy loss and infertility, and how to handle pregnancies that occur after such a loss. A Silent Sorrow draws from interviews with bereaved parents to illustrate coping strategies that have proven effective in such difficult situtations. Well organized, easily accessible, and filled with practical suggestions for each topic it covers, " A Silent Sorrow" is a positive first step for bereaved parents and their families, providing support and guidance to help resolve the grief and enable them to look to the future with hope.

Preface to the Second Editionp. xiii
Acknowledgmentsp. xv
Forewordp. xix
The Grief of Pregnancy Loss
When an Unborn or Newborn Baby Diesp. 3
Bonding with Your Unborn Babyp. 3
Grieving for Your Babyp. 4
The Phases of Griefp. 5
Initial Shockp. 6
Anticipatory Griefp. 7
Acute Griefp. 8
Grief Workp. 11
Integration of Your Griefp. 13
Anniversary Reactionsp. 14
Grieving Loss in a Multiple Pregnancyp. 14
If You Have Difficulty Mourningp. 15
Pregnancy Loss Changes Youp. 17
Key Points to Help You Grievep. 17
The Mother's Experiencep. 19
Factors That Affect Your Griefp. 19
Feeling You Failed the Baby's Fatherp. 21
The Ways Women Grievep. 22
Your Return to the Communityp. 22
Key Points for Bereaved Mothersp. 23
The Father's Experiencep. 25
Bonding with Your Babyp. 25
Your Grief and the Pressure to Move Onp. 26
Your Concern for the Baby's Motherp. 27
The Urge to Be Strongp. 27
When Your Grief Is Unfinishedp. 30
Key Points for Bereaved Fathersp. 30
Pregnancy Loss and Your Relationship: Grieving Together and Apartp. 32
Your Relationship during the Crisisp. 32
Incongruent Griefp. 34
Your Grief and Sexualityp. 37
How Pregnancy Loss Can Change Your Relationshipp. 40
Key Points for Couplesp. 43
Pregnancy Loss Examined
Early Lossesp. 47
Issues Common to All Early Lossesp. 47
Experiencing a Miscarriage: Symptoms and Diagnosis, Treatment, Causes, Emotional Aftermathp. 50
Experiencing an Ectopic Pregnancy: Symptoms and Diagnosis, Treatment, Causes, Emotional Aftermathp. 56
Experiencing a Molar Pregnancy: Symptoms and Diagnosis, Treatment, Causes, Emotional Aftermathp. 60
Key Points for Coping with Your Early Lossp. 63
Crisis Pregnancies and Lossp. 64
Issues Common to All Crisis Pregnanciesp. 64
Experiencing Preterm Labor: Symptoms and Diagnosis, Treatment, Causes, Emotional Aftermathp. 66
Experiencing Premature Rupture of the Membranes: Symptoms and Diagnosis, Treatment, Causes, Emotional Aftermathp. 70
Experiencing Cervical Incompetence: Symptoms and Diagnosis, Treatment, Causes, Emotional Aftermathp. 73
Key Points for Coping with Your Loss in a Crisis Pregnancyp. 77
Stillbirth and Newborn Deathp. 78
Issues Common to All Stillbirths and Newborn Deathsp. 78
Experiencing a Stillbirth: Diagnosis and Treatment, Causes, Emotional Aftermathp. 82
Experiencing a Newborn Death: Causes, Emotional Aftermathp. 86
Key Points for Coping with Your Stillbirth or Newborn Deathp. 92
Prenatal Diagnosis and the Burden of Choicep. 93
Preparing for Prenatal Testing and Receiving the Resultsp. 95
Continuing Your Pregnancy when Your Baby Is Not Expected to Livep. 97
Your Hospital Stay when You End a Pregnancyp. 98
How to Discuss Ending Your Pregnancy with Your Childrenp. 99
Your Emotional Recovery after Ending Your Pregnancyp. 100
Finding the Support You Need after Ending Your Pregnancyp. 102
Key Points to Help You Cope with an Impaired Pregnancyp. 104
The Response of Others
Medical Care when You Lose Your Pregnancyp. 109
Learning about Your Lossp. 109
Your Hospital Carep. 111
Special Considerations with Stillbirth and Newborn Deathp. 114
Communication among Medical Staffp. 118
Your Hospital Discharge and Follow-up Carep. 119
How You Can Improve Hospital Bereavement Servicesp. 121
Key Points to Help You Obtain Compassionate Medical Carep. 123
Bereavement Protocolp. 124
Finding Solace in Your Religionp. 125
When Your Loss Feels Like Retributionp. 126
When You Turn to the Clergyp. 126
When the Clergy Console Youp. 127
When Religion May Disappoint Youp. 128
The Relevance of Ritualsp. 129
Naming Your Babyp. 131
Burying or Cremating Your Babyp. 132
When Ritual Is Deniedp. 133
Theology and Ritualp. 134
Jewish Traditionsp. 134
Islamic Traditionsp. 136
Catholic Traditionsp. 137
Protestant Traditionsp. 139
Mixed Religionsp. 139
The Need for Special Ritualsp. 140
Rituals for Early Lossesp. 141
Rituals for Ending an Impaired Pregnancyp. 141
Your Return to Faithp. 143
Key Points to Help You Find Solace in Your Religionp. 143
The Response of Your Family and Friendsp. 145
Telling People about Your Lossp. 145
Informing Close Family and Friendsp. 145
Telling Your Wider Social Circlep. 146
Special Issuesp. 149
Finding the Support You Needp. 149
Handling Thoughtless Remarksp. 151
Coping with Social Pressuresp. 153
Being with Pregnant Women and Little Childrenp. 154
Key Points to Help You with Family and Friendsp. 157
The Five Worst Comments You Might Hearp. 157
The Five Best Comments You Might Hearp. 158
Helping Your Children at Homep. 159
How to Talk with Your Childp. 160
Toddlers and Preschoolersp. 161
Children Age Six to Elevenp. 163
Preteens and Teenagersp. 165
Special Issues for You to Considerp. 165
Saying Good-bye to a Baby Siblingp. 166
Your Child and Religious Ritualsp. 166
Your Child's Peersp. 167
After the Crisisp. 168
If You and Your Family Need Extra Helpp. 169
Key Points to Help Your Children after a Lossp. 171
For Bereaved Grandparentsp. 172
Grandparents' Guiltp. 174
Helping Your Adult Childrenp. 175
Family Celebrations and Holidaysp. 176
Pregnancy after a Lossp. 177
Strengthening Family Tiesp. 177
Key Points for Bereaved Grandparentsp. 178
Special Circumstances
The Impact of Pregnancy Loss on Your Careerp. 181
Making Career Decisionsp. 181
Men and Their Careersp. 183
Your Career Choices and High-Risk Pregnancyp. 184
Key Points when Pregnancy Loss Affects Your Careerp. 187
Pregnancy Loss and Infertility: A Twofold Sorrowp. 188
Coping with a Pregnancy Reductionp. 189
When to Stop Trying to Conceivep. 191
Enduring Uncertaintyp. 194
Key Points to Help You Cope with Pregnancy Loss and Infertilityp. 196
Becoming Pregnant Againp. 197
Making the Decisionp. 197
The Right Timingp. 198
Finding Out You Are Pregnant Againp. 199
Telling Othersp. 200
If a Loss Occurs Againp. 201
Reconsidering Your Medical Carep. 202
Changing Doctorsp. 202
Use of Technologyp. 203
Surviving the New Pregnancyp. 205
For Mothers Who Must Manage a Subsequent High-Risk Pregnancyp. 208
Parenting after Your Lossp. 210
Experiencing the Birth of a Healthy Babyp. 210
Problems with Child Rearingp. 210
Responding to Awkward Questionsp. 211
Key Points to Help You Survive a Subsequent Pregnancyp. 212
Managing Problem Pregnanciesp. 213
Ritualsp. 226
Pregnancy Loss and the Environmentp. 240
Resourcesp. 244
Resources for Pregnancy Lossp. 244
Resources for Loss in Multiple Gestationsp. 248
Resources Onlinep. 249
Resources for Psychotherapyp. 249
Resources for Genetics Information and for Ending a Pregnancyp. 251
Resources for Infertilityp. 253
Resources for Childbirthp. 253
Resources for Adoptionp. 255
Resources on Health and Pregnancyp. 256
Glossaryp. 258
Bibliographyp. 267
Indexp. 291
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ISBN: 9780415924818
ISBN-10: 0415924812
Audience: Tertiary; University or College
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 299
Published: 10th February 2000
Country of Publication: GB
Dimensions (cm): 22.86 x 15.24  x 1.91
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Edition Number: 2
Edition Type: New edition