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A Nature Lover's Guide to Seeing God : Reflections and photographs by a biologist and a pilgrim - Bob McDonald

A Nature Lover's Guide to Seeing God

Reflections and photographs by a biologist and a pilgrim

By: Bob McDonald, Evelyn McDonald

eBook | 23 December 2020

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With a Foreword written by prominent Australian Christian leader, Tim Costello AO, this book combines high-quality photos of nature, interesting scientific background and Biblical reflections in a totally unique way. Readers may be drawn to see the natural world and God as perhaps they have not done so before.

Forty-four stunning photographs reveal incredibly diverse aspects of God's creation—His 'first book'—inviting both appreciation and contemplation. Of these, 34 are accompanied by firstly, a background explanation with relevant scientific detail and secondly, a reflection inspired by the image. In writing the reflections, the authors, both Bible college graduates who have served in full time Christian ministry, have drawn from various parts of God's 'second book'—the Bible. The reflections consider not only what has been recorded about creation, but also about its Creator, humanity and our role and responsibilities.

The text addresses such questions as is the order, precision, diversity and beauty in nature merely random or accidental? What is the purpose of nature-creation? What parables for life are there in nature? What do natural disasters, death and decay—parts of nature that cannot be ignored—mean? How should we respond to nature? What perspective should Christians bring to creation care?

For people of faith, this book provides valuable insights and inspiration for daily meditation, prayer and responsible action. For those who simply love nature and recognise how significant it is, this book offers thought-provoking perspectives on beautiful images of the natural world.

This book would be a great gift for such people as well as those with whom you would simply like to share, through the images, something of the sheer beauty of nature both here in Australia and elsewhere along with thoughtful text.


'What a delightful book! A Nature Lover's Guide to Seeing God is an invitation to see the wondrous world of God's creation through the complementary lenses of science and faith and to be drawn into the worship of the God glimpsed in the beauty of nature and revealed above all in the person of Jesus Christ. Each stunningly beautiful photograph is accompanied by scientifically-informed observations alongside insightful biblical reflection and prayer. This is a book to savor. Your eyes will be opened afresh to how extraordinary is this earth that we too often take for granted and how extraordinary is our Creator and Redeemer God.'

Dr Jonathan Moo (Associate Professor of New Testament and Environmental Studies at Whitworth University, Spokane, Washington. Author of a number of books including Creation Care: A Biblical Theology of the Natural World. Co-authored with Douglas J. Moo. Grand Rapids, Mich.: Zondervan, 2018.)


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