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A Month of Sundaes : Plus 150 Recipes - Michael Turback

A Month of Sundaes

Plus 150 Recipes

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The original Ice Cream Sundae bible with great soda fountains of the past and present, historical nuggets, sprinkles of insight and over 150 recipes.

This book is so delicious that it will make your taste buds tingle for the delight of ice cream and warm, runny syrup. Michael Turback’s charming book tickles both memory and appetite.

Each Sundae on these pages shows off American inventiveness while expressing our essential character: big and splashy to behold, refreshing and easy to enjoy.

A Month of Sundaes is sauced in the lore of America’s quintessential dessert. Sundaes are us - and have been evolving since a Maryland governor dished up ice cream for guests in 1700. Thomas Jefferson splashed maple syrup on vanilla, Dolley Madison folded in fresh strawberries, and an enterprising Ithaca, New York, soda fountain proprietor topped off his 1892 creation with a candied cherry.

The author remembers great soda fountains of the past and visits today’s best ice cream parlours to deliver their flavours in descriptive nuggets, sprinkles of insight and 150 Sundae recipes.

His tour takes us through the United States and Canada, and jets us to London and Paris. Along the way, he delightfully tutors us in the dialect of “Fountain Speak” and brings us the Sundae musings of one-time soda jerks from Harry Truman to Malcolm X. America, viewed through the prism of the Sundae, is a place of nourishing tradition and never-ending new treats.

About the Author

An award-winning restaurateur for three decades, Michael Turback is now the proprietor of an online department store. He and his wife, Juliet, live in Ithaca, N.Y., where he runs marathons, and eats a Sundae every day.

Pursuit of Happinessp. 15
Discovering ice cream
Ice cream comes to America
Ice cream and the founding fathers
Classic French vanilla ice cream
Maple syrup meets ice cream
Strawberry Surprisesp. 22
Innovation in an African-American tearoom
Dolley Madison scoops into the adventure
Hand-cranked ice cream machines; strawberry treats
Real Philadelphia ice cream
The Ice Cream Quick-Step
Birth of the Sundaep. 30
An Ithaca drugstore proprietor pours on the syrup, puts a cherry on tap and calls the new ice cream dish a Sunday
Cornell students spread the word across America
Chocolate ice cream, candied cherries, cherry syrup, Cherry Sundaes
The Great Pretendersp. 38
H.L. Mencken flames the debate on where the Sundae began
Herein our author puts his hand to the fire to torch the claims of the noble but deluded municipalities of Two Rivers, Wis., Buffalo, N.Y., and Evanston, Ill., among others
Who put the "ae" in Sundae
Various Syrups
Split Personalitiesp. 45
Atlantic City inspires the Banana Split, which first showed its awesome dimensions in Pennsylvania
Walgreen's makes the Split its theme song; Americans From Lucille Ball to Louis Prima Join in
Novel Banana Splits in New Orleans and New York today
Roaring Sundaesp. 55
After Prohibition boots out booze, the ice cream cocktail flourishes--the Sundae's splash and verve swing with the times
Try a Pink Lady, Manhattan as Lucky Lindy
It's the Bee's Knees!
Sundae Rulesp. 61
Generations of Americans Have loved Ho So Go Sundaes
Revealed here: the "secret" ingredient of Howard "Buster" Johnson's 28 flavors, the commandments of his Sundae Bible and what goes into a Scotch Fudge Sundae and other oldies
Fountain Speakp. 65
"Drop a bucket of mud"
We Listen to Sundae dialect as spoken in Lawrence, Kansas
And we receive enlightenment on maraschinos and jimmies
How the "soda jerk" got his name
Keeping Spirits Upp. 71
The Depression was the worst of times for most, the Best of times for a few, and Sundae time for many
Clerks splurged on the dime Sundae at Woolworth lunch counters while Walt Disney and Ginger Rogers built home soda fountains
Dianne Surprise, Free Lunch Sundae, Budget Sundae
Sundae Makers to the Starsp. 76
Even if Lana Turner wasn't discovered at Schwab's, movie folks crossed spoons there
It was a wannabe magnet and a date place for Judy Garland and Elvis Presley (not together)
But for megawatt power and hot fuge, C.C. Brown couldn't be outshone
Recipes from both live on
Soda Jerk Hall of Famep. 85
Someone now scooping has great talent the world will honor one day
Erstwhile jerks include two Presidents, Harry Truman and (surprise!) Jacques Chirac, Duke Ellington, a Banana Boat of actors, Halston and Malcolm X
Peek at some of their Sundae wiles and personal favorites
Making the World Safe for Sundaesp. 94
Some scooped to conquer, K-rations included powdered cream; airmen figured out how to turn it to real ice cream during sorties; floating ice cream parlors plied dangerous waters
In the Pacific, Butch Baskin added tropical fruit
Victory Sundaes
Happiness is Coffee Ice Creamp. 101
The Golden Gate Bridge pointed the way home to Sundaes as they should be
Earle Swensen opened a modest joint, serving the best ice cream some have tasted in years
Blum's was more stylish
San Franciscans adored such concoctions as Coffiesta and Irish Coffee Macarooney
Sundaes Go Softp. 107
As more Americans Buy cars, their Sundaes meet them on the road
Carvel and Dairy Queen reinterpret Sundaes in the swirls and peaks of soft ice cream
The Jack and Jill was invented for families on a Sunday dive
Where Sundae Time Stands Stillp. 111
In some special places, it's always 1955
You can be happily nutty at Tom's Ice Cream Bowl in Zanesville, Ohio, as at the much older Wittich's in Circleville
In Austin, Nau's still makes Pineapple Sundaes; at Junior's in Brooklyn, the Mountain High Sundae is something to eat!
Sundaes in New Yorkp. 119
Once New York, New York, was home to several Sundae palaces, Rumpelmayer's and Schrafft's notable among them
Now only campy Serendipity 3, haunt of Andy Warhol, survives
It has a South Dakota Rival, but Wall Drug doesn't serve Rocky Horror/Sweet Transvestite Sundaes
Transatlantic Connectionsp. 129
How do you translate Sundae?
The intrepid author considers the parfait, which Isn't French, and the Knickerbocker Glary, which isn't wholly British, despite its cameo in the first Harry Patter book
Never mind: Shuffle off to Buffalo, N.Y., where Parkside Candy will make it all better
From Russia With Guilep. 135
He was a phony prince who entertained with fake Champagne and stale his signature recipe
Yet Mike Romanoff was a lot of fun, and Strawberries Romanoff is a royal Sundae
Mother of all Sundaesp. 138
Gala Putnam Emerson serves up the 17-scoop "Battle of Bunker Hill" at the Danvers, Mass., home of his ancestor, Revolutionary hero Israel Putnam
Don't Choose until you see the whites of the marshmallows is the Putnam Pantry Sundae Bar theme
Speaking of big, what about John's "Kitchen Sink"?
Lovin' Spoonfullsp. 146
On the other hand, how do you eat your Hot Fudge Sundae and keep a trim figure, Too?
Chicago's legendary Pump Room once had an answer, But today solutions are offered at the Shark and Rose in San Jose, and in Ed Debevic's new String of "old" diners
Sundae Heavenp. 151
Special attention is due Chicago, where remarkable ice cream fountains survive
At Margie's, you will find Sundaes in white plastic shells composed from the Recipes of the Sundae's patron saint
Toronto's Caffe Demetre Sundaes are more Stylish versions of ice cream paradise
Songbird Sundaesp. 158
Lillian Russell and Dame Nellie Melba sang for their Sundaes
So the next time You eat a Peach Melba remember the diva who inspired Auguste Escoffier to reach A high note in ice-cream dish creation
Plus some dish on waffle Sundaes
Southern Sundae Hospitalityp. 164
Watch ice cream being made in Searcy, Arkansas, where you'll hear home truths About more than ice cream manufacturing
Then glimpse the Braum udder to utter Sundae experience
And From Louisiana: a Praline Sundae and the Hot (Tabasco) Chocolate Sundae
Meet Me in St. Louisp. 170
Crown Candy Kitchen shows us how it's done the oldfangled way
There's a sawed-off Booth waiting there for you
Plus a couple of old-style Iowa Sundaes
The Electric Sundaep. 175
The Electric Sundae Contains currants and is loaded with juice
A moniker may hint at its creator's vision--what was the girl who invented the Fried Egg Sundae thinking?--or suggest who--The Gold Brick--is likely to eat it
Charting the ingredients of Sundaes with odd names
How Sundaes Won the Westp. 189
Explore the Rocky Road and other theme Sundaes from the Rockies, the Southwest and the Pacific Coast
And if you think being paid to taste ice creams is a dream job, you're sight
Meet someone who knows
A roundup of wild-West Sundae recipes that'll taste good anywhere
Never on Sundaep. 199
Our adventurous author ponders the wisdom of combining ice cream with pickles, raw liver as garlic, as serving ice cream atop a bagel, and decides sundae exuberance sometimes goes too far
Recipes for those who want to go too far
Sex and the Sundaep. 205
Sundaes are sensual, and nothing stirs romance like a hot Fudge Sundae
Herein authorities from Stendahl to Jen on IV's "Dawson's Creek" have something provocative to say
Recipes for lusty Sundaes are a matter of design as well as desire
Brave New Sundaesp. 211
Aldous Huxley thought we'd down Raspberry Sundaes in pill form to lift our spirits
Instead, we're eating inside-out versions (with the toppings in the ice cream) and fast-food flyers when we don't have time for the red thing
Try a Sundae with the sauces outside the glass
Back to the Futurep. 218
All signs suggest that the Sundaes of tomorrow will return us to the best of yesteryear
The wonderful news is you don't have to wait; the future is here
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