A LIFE WITH UNCERTAINTY : My story of living with Scleroderma - Claudia Sultan


My story of living with Scleroderma

By: Claudia Sultan

Paperback | 1 July 2021

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This is the inspiring true story of a young confident Australian born Lebanese woman of Islamic faith suffering from a rare autoimmune disease...


Claudia Sultan shares her life of uncertainty; from her young life of dealing with her loud but lovable-and gossipy-extended family, to thinking about love and dealing with her family's concept of her marriage...


Up to the moment her life suddenly crumbled with battling Scleroderma, an auto-immune group of rare diseases that involve the hardening and tightening of the skin and connective tissues, and a lifelong affliction of pain and ongoing treatment.


Divided into three stages if her journey; before, during and presently living with Scleroderma, we experience through Claudia's words the struggle for her survival becoming real and the faith she deepens for her guidance.


Claudia Sultan was born and raised in NSW Australia. In 2013, she was diagnosed with a autoimmune disease which hijacked her life. After undergoing a Stem cell transplant, she has regained her quality of life and independence back. She enjoys baking (still finding her way around the kitchen), dancing, creative writing and listening to 80's music.


For now she continues being the better version of herself by creating new memories and appreciating the littlest things of life.


"An emotional journey of life, love and faith that made me smile, weep and exclaim all in the same moment...a treasure of humanness and humility from a woman who is stronger than many of us combined to endure...loved this book..." Bethany, Indiebook reviewer


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