A Leader's Destiny : Why Psychology, Personality, and Character Make All the Difference - Elias Aboujaoude

A Leader's Destiny

Why Psychology, Personality, and Character Make All the Difference

By: Elias Aboujaoude

Hardcover | 21 May 2024 | Edition Number 1

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Elias Aboujaoude's distinctive exploration of leadership provides unusual insight into understanding who should and should not be striving for leadership positions.

Dr Aboujaoude takes on the culture at large, explaining how our cult-like obsession with leadership gives narcissists an edge and results in leadership failure everywhere we look-and how resisting the imperative to rise at all costs can leave many with an inferiority complex.

His takedown of the "leadership industrial complex," an unholy alliance of gurus, coaches, business school professors, and TED-talkers, from Harvard on down, pokes a very sharp elbow into an industry seemingly united in a modern form of alchemy to create leadership gold-a waste of time, money, and effort, since leadership cannot be taught through books or coaching and cannot be bought.

Rather, Dr Aboujaoude vividly illustrates, leaders emerge from a unique combination of personal, psychological, and situational factors that may not be easily controlled. To a large degree, great leaders are born, or happen, with the help of innate temperament, talent, opportunity, circumstances, and timing.

Frank and unflinching, this refreshing take on a classic subject, with its focus on the art of knowing yourself, provides new insight into whether your psychology is aligned with the requirements of effective and happy leadership. The effect is to empower readers to understand themselves and step up if they have what it takes to lead-or find equally, often superior, ways to achieve fulfilment and leave their mark if they don't.

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