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A History of Silence : A Memoir - Lloyd Jones

A History of Silence

A Memoir


Published: 21st August 2013
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Published: 21st August 2013
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Stone by stone the basilica was being dismantled in order to be put back together again. Each stone was painted with a number and laid with care onto pallets spread over the ground...I kept thinking about those numbered stones. Some purpose began to take shape. I began to wonder if I might re-trace and recover something of my own past, to reassemble it in the manner of the basilica. It was a matter of looking to see if any of the original building blocks remained, and where I might find them.

? A History of Silence is a book about a country and a broken landscape. It's about the devastation in Christchurch, after the 2011 earthquake. It's about how easily we erase stories we find inconvenient. It's about the fault lines which that cataclysmic event opened up in Lloyd Jones' understanding of his own family history.

In A History of Silence Jones embarks on a quest for the truth about his family. What happened? Why do there seem to be so few stories? Why are there so few mementos? The answers he finds are completely unexpected and change everything.

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The Christchurch Earthquake caused more than buildings to crumble and the very earth to liquefy. It opened up chasms in a family's memories and exposed its long buried secrets. In this remarkable unsettling and sad, sad memoir, Lloyd Jones harnesses his unsentimental, unvarnished prose to exhuming the tragic truth around his mother's yearning for her own mother and to a closer examination of the unhappiness that corroded his family without ever being named. A painful book to read, and, one imagines, an even more painful one to write.

By the end, far more than the ground has shifted.

About the Author

Lloyd Jones was born in New Zealand in 1955. His best-known novel is Mister Pip, which won the 2007 Commonwealth Writers' Prize, the 2008 Kiriyama Prize Fiction Category, the 2008 Montana Award for Readers Choice, the Montana Fiction Award and the Montana Medal for Fiction or Poetry. It was also shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize, and has been made into a major feature film, directed by Andrew Adamson (Shrek and Narnia). His other books include Hand Me Down World, The Book of Fame-which won the Deutz Medal for Fiction at the 2001 Montana New Zealand Book Awards and the Tasmania Pacific Fiction Prize-Here at the End of the World We Learn to Dance and Biografi. He has also published a collection of short stories, The Man in the Shed. Lloyd Jones lives in Wellington.


a history of silence by lloyd jones


a beautifully written powerful memoir with some heart rending facts about family and the secrets they hold.

tweed valley nsw

Excellent, thought provoking.


Different values in a different world. Fascinating.

Hobart. TAS.


Family Secrets & National Disasters


Jones manages to weave the disaster of the Christchurch earthquake with the story of his own ancestry, both springing from hitherto unrecognised fault lines. Of particular significance to this reader who was born in Christchurch and has recently traced another very personal family saga. A very interesting and satisfying narrative.

Geelong, AU



4.3 3


'Achingly poetic.' * Seattle Times * 'Those who enjoy quality literature should savour this deeply moving and beautifully communicated memoir.' * Library Journal * 'Scenes from Jones's childhood bubble up into consciousness, circle and are absorbed back into his search for the truth that lay behind them. It's this most of all that give Silence its poetic, haunting quality.' * NZ Books * 'Throughout this brilliant memoir the ultimate impact of the book lies with how openly and humanely Jones responds, as an author and a son, to a truer picture of his family. In this, it does what I suspect we'd like all family memoirs to do. Before filling the silence, it listens for what might lie behind it.' * Australian Book Review * 'A History of Silence is as strange, wilful and compelling as his fiction.' * Saturday Age/Sydney Morning Herald/Canberra Times * 'Jones skilfully gives the reader the point of view of the growing child making the best of things in a charmless Wellington suburb, but as the child becomes the man...the book gathers an urgency and poignancy that at times becomes as painful as pulling flesh across barbed wire, and we become aware the lineaments of grand tragedy can be found in the back streets of Lower Hutt.' * Otago Daily Times * 'The stories Jones uncovers speak of loss, displacement, unbearable sadness, but also courage.' * Canberra Times * 'Memoir shrinks themes and holds them close to the bone. It brings out the poet in Jones as he scours family letters and bureaucratic records in New Zealand and Wales for clues. It's a meandering investigation...but with Jones the meandering is a pleasurable experience, gently paced and studded with lovely phrasing.' * Weekend Australian * 'A History of Silence quickly establishes itself as a captivating memoir...Jones has written a brave and remarkable tribute to his forbears.' * Readings Monthly * 'It would be difficult to think of another novelist as original or fearless as...Lloyd Jones.' * Monthly * 'This memoir of a family life of secrets is an evocative and lyrical piece of writing that springs to life at the first page and never lets up....Jones is an intriguing and unpredictable writers, and this memoir is almost poetic in its stark and literary quality....An exquisitely written [book] and one that is remarkably well crafted.' 5 star review * Good Reading * 'A knockout, a fresh and immaculately paced study of the process by which old information becomes new, and one of the bravest and best-written memoirs I have read.' * Telegraph * 'This is a poetic and deeply felt musing about what can be discovered, or what can simply be remembered, and the effect this has on one's purview. Set against the literal and figurative backdrop of the 2011 earthquake that devastated Christchurch and that shook his own foundation, Jones's memoir is a melancholy and luscious exploration of the amnesia that allows us to move forward in life.' * Booklist * 'Poetically observed detail and an affecting evocation of the past will reward readers interested in the way our history (even, or especially, that which we don't know about) can shape us.' * Bookseller and Publisher * 'Jones is a daring writer who can be relied on to ignore expectation, and is becoming one of the most interesting, honest and thought-provoking novelists working today.' * Guardian *

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