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A History of Military Encounters with UFOs : Explanations and Combat Strategies - Robert Allred

A History of Military Encounters with UFOs

Explanations and Combat Strategies

By: Robert Allred

Hardcover | 30 July 2024

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Military bodies across the world have encountered, experimented with and even had 'combat' with UFOs, or as the U.S. military now define them Unidentifiable Aerial Phenomenon, or UAPs. These observations and engagements have occurred since ancient times, and on all continents. Different nations and cultures have had vastly different analyses of the UFO/UAP phenomenon, from the Roman Empire to Nazi Germany, and the Soviet Union and Communist China to the Western democracies. The UFO/UAP phenomenon has not diminished and has, in fact, grown in proportion in recent years, and has now assumed the mantle of legitimacy in government circles, the media, and among the general public. What is less well-known or even concealed are the encounters that the military have had with UFOs - some of which have even proved fatal to the terrestrials concerned. There were reported dogfights with UFOs and German aircraft in the First World War and in the Second World War reports of what became known as 'Foo Fighters' became commonplace. However, it was after the war that UFO sightings increased exponentially, amongst which was a 'dogfight' with a Mustang P-51 and a UFO in October 1948, and two years later, for two consecutive weekends in 1952, UFOs hovered over Washington, D.C. Attempts were made by the U.S. Air Force to intercept the strange craft but were outrun by the UFOs. UFOs/UAPs may have tampered with world nuclear forces - including shutting down strategic missiles of the United States and, conversely, activating Soviet ICBMs, almost setting off an unordered (by Soviet authorities) launching of atomic warheads against the United States. UFOs may also have 'returned fire' against American military forces during the Vietnam War, sending projectiles back at patrol boats that had been fired by those military river craft at UFOs hours or days before. United States Air Force personnel, including a Lieutenant Colonel, also encountered UFOs on the ground and in the air at Rendlesham USAF/RAF base in the UK in 1980. UFOs have played 'cat-and-mouse' games with the latest fighter-bombers of the United States Navy since 2004, and these events have been captured on videotape, and are verified to have occurred by the pilots themselves. As readers will discover from the mass of evidence presented in this book, it is no longer a question of whether UFOs exist or not, and that not only are such phenomenon an incontrovertible fact but that the United States has crafted plans on how to resist an alien invasion. But is there any need for us humans to be concerned about the alien presence in the skies that surround our planet? Yes, be very concerned. AUTHOR: Robert Allred studied at the University of California, at Berkeley, and undertook a 'study abroad' summer session. This included attending courses on the history and landscapes of southern England, at the University of Sussex. Robert resides in the San Francisco Bay Area and spends his leisure time on his California ranch. 32 b/w illustrations

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