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A History of Medicine, Second Edition - Lois N. Magner

A History of Medicine, Second Edition

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Stressing major themes in the history of medicine, this Second Edition explores the events, methodologies, and theories that shaped medical practices in decades past and in modern clinical practice. It highlights practices of civilizations around the world and research of pioneering scientists and physicians who contributed to our current understanding of health and disease. New sections cover preventive and alternative medicine, medical education for women, miasma and contagion theories, the threat of epidemic disease, changing patterns of morbidity and mortality, public health and sanitary reforms, the high cost of medical care, diseases of affluence and aging, and the emergence of new diseases.

provides the proper balance between historical context and the cults of personality that sometimes develop around famous medical practitioners.

Prefacep. v
Paleopathology and Paleomedicinep. 1
Introductionp. 1
Paleopathology: Methods and Problemsp. 4
Mummies and Signs of Diseasep. 10
Icemanp. 12
Paleomedicine and Surgeryp. 12
Healing Rituals, Traditions, and Magicp. 15
Suggested Readingsp. 22
Medicine in Ancient Civilizations: Mesopotamia and Egyptp. 25
Introductionp. 25
Mesopotamiap. 26
Hammurabi's Code of Lawsp. 29
Egyptp. 32
The Medical Papyrip. 44
Suggested Readingsp. 50
The Medical Traditions of India and Chinap. 53
Indiap. 53
Ayurvedic Medicine, the Science of Lifep. 57
Surgery, Anatomy, and Dissectionp. 62
Chinese Medicine: Classical, Traditional, and Modernp. 66
The Three Celestial Emperors: Fu Hsi, Shen Nung, and Huang Tip. 68
Classical Chinese Concepts of Anatomyp. 70
Sages, Physicians, Healers, and Quacksp. 73
Acupuncture and Moxibustionp. 76
Drug Lore and Dieteticsp. 78
Surgeryp. 81
The Chinese Cultural Spherep. 82
Medical Practice in Modern Chinap. 84
Suggested Readingsp. 85
Greco-Roman Medicinep. 89
Philosophy and Medicinep. 91
Hippocrates and the Hippocratic Traditionp. 93
The Nature of Disease and the Doctrine of the Four Humorsp. 98
The Cult of Asclepius, God of Medicinep. 103
Alexandrian Science and Medicinep. 106
Medicine in the Roman Worldp. 114
On Galen and Galenismp. 121
Galen on Anatomical Proceduresp. 123
Galen on Physiology: Blood, Breath, Pneuma, and Spiritsp. 125
Galen on Therapeutics and the Causes of Diseasep. 127
Suggested Readingsp. 132
The Middle Agesp. 135
Monasteries and Universitiesp. 141
Medical Education and Practicep. 143
Surgery in the Middle Agesp. 147
Women and Medicinep. 149
Epidemic Diseases of the Middle Agesp. 156
Bubonic Plaguep. 156
From Leprosy to Hansen's Diseasep. 170
Islamic Medicinep. 178
Prophetic Medicinep. 179
Hospitals and Clinical Medicinep. 182
The Great Sages of Islamic Medicinep. 184
The Strange Case of Ibn an-Nafisp. 190
The Survival of Greco-Islamic Medicinep. 192
Suggested Readingsp. 194
The Renaissance and the Scientific Revolutionp. 197
Inventions That Changed the Worldp. 198
The Medical Humanistsp. 200
Autopsies, Art, and Anatomyp. 203
Andreas Vesalius on the Fabric of the Human Bodyp. 206
Medicine and Surgeryp. 213
Ambroise Pare and the Art of Surgeryp. 215
The Occult Sciences: Astrology and Alchemyp. 219
Syphilis, the Scourge of the Renaissancep. 226
Syphilis and Human Experimentationp. 238
The Discovery of the Circulation of the Bloodp. 240
William Harvey and the Circulation of the Bloodp. 247
Harvey's Paradoxical Influence: Therapy by Leech and Lancetp. 254
Blood Transfusionp. 258
New Hearts for Oldp. 262
Santorio Santorio and the Quantitative Methodp. 263
Suggested Readingsp. 266
Native Civilizations and Cultures of the Americasp. 271
Native Civilizations of Latin Americap. 277
Aztec Civilizationp. 278
Mayan Civilizationp. 286
Incan Civilizationp. 289
Diseases in the Americasp. 293
Suggested Readingsp. 296
The Americanization of Old World Medicinep. 299
The Revolutionary War and New Republicp. 304
The Medical Professionp. 313
Regional Distinctivenessp. 318
The Civil Warp. 320
Suggested Readingsp. 331
Clinical and Preventive Medicinep. 335
Thomas Sydenham, the "English Hippocrates"p. 337
On the Miseries of Gout and the Virtues of Colchicinep. 340
Quinine and Malariap. 342
The Eighteenth-Century Foundations of Modern Medicinep. 345
Enlightenment Philosophy and Medical Reformp. 348
Nutrition, Malnutrition, Health, and Diseasep. 351
Smallpox: Inoculation, Vaccination, and Eradicationp. 362
Edward Jenner, Cowpox, and Vaccinationp. 370
The Global Eradication of Smallpoxp. 375
Suggested Readingsp. 380
The Medical Counterculture: Unorthodox and Alternative Medicinep. 383
The Medical Marketplacep. 383
Health Reform Movementsp. 384
Domestic Medicinep. 397
Medical Sectsp. 398
Osteopaths and Chiropractorsp. 406
Alternative, Complementary, and Integrative Medicinep. 412
Suggested Readingsp. 415
Women and Medicinep. 419
Puerperal or Childbed Feverp. 419
Oliver Wendell Holmesp. 421
Ignaz Philipp Semmelweisp. 423
Midwives and Medical Menp. 432
The Evolution of the Nursep. 446
"Woman's Nature" and Women Doctorsp. 448
Suggested Readingsp. 457
The Art and Science of Surgeryp. 461
Anesthesiap. 462
Laughing Gas, Ether, and Surgical Anesthesiap. 466
Postsurgical Infectionsp. 480
Joseph Lister and the Antiseptic Systemp. 484
Antisepsis and Asepsisp. 487
From Hospitalism to Nosocomial Infectionsp. 490
Suggested Readingsp. 491
Medical Microbiology and Public Healthp. 495
Louis Pasteurp. 498
Robert Kochp. 507
Invisible Microbes and Virologyp. 529
Suggested Readingsp. 538
Diagnostics and Therapeuticsp. 541
The Art and Science of Diagnosisp. 543
Serum Therapyp. 550
Antibiotics and Immunologyp. 554
Natural Defenses: Humoral or Cellular?p. 567
Genetics, Genomics, and Medicinep. 578
Paradoxical Progressp. 580
Suggested Readingsp. 589
Indexp. 591
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