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A Grammar of Afrikaans : Mouton Grammar Library - Bruce C. Donaldson

A Grammar of Afrikaans

Mouton Grammar Library

Hardcover Published: 1st January 1993
ISBN: 9783110134261
Number Of Pages: 497
For Ages: 22+ years old

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The series builds an extensive collection of high quality descriptions of languages around the world. Each volume offers a comprehensive grammatical description of a single language together with fully analyzed sample texts and, if appropriate, a word list and other relevant information which is available on the language in question. There are no restrictions as to language family or area, and although special attention is paid to hitherto undescribed languages, new and valuable treatments of better known languages are also included. No theoretical model is imposed on the authors; the only criterion is a high standard of scientific quality.

Pronunciationp. 1
The short vowelsp. 3
The long vowelsp. 6
The diphthongsp. 8
The consonantsp. 13
The phonology of international loanwordsp. 16
Pronunciation of Afrikaans namesp. 22
Pronunciation of South African and foreign place namesp. 24
Insertion of svarabhakti vowels to break up consonant clustersp. 24
Assimilationp. 25
Stressp. 26
Spellingp. 36
The alphabetp. 36
The Afrikaanse Woordelys en Spelreelsp. 37
Syllabificationp. 39
Spelling changes in derived formsp. 40
The use of diacritic marks in Afrikaans orthographyp. 43
Use of the apostrophep. 47
Use of the hyphenp. 48
Capital lettersp. 51
Spelling of loanwordsp. 52
Punctuationp. 54
Articlesp. 56
The definite articlep. 56
The indefinite articlep. 65
Nounsp. 69
Pluralisation of nounsp. 69
Diminutisation of nounsp. 87
Feminising endingsp. 96
Possessionp. 98
Proper nounsp. 101
Nominalisation of adjectivesp. 122
Nominalisation of infinitivesp. 122
Formation of nounsp. 122
Pronounsp. 123
Personal pronounsp. 123
Demonstrative pronounsp. 142
Relative pronounsp. 145
Reflexive pronounsp. 151
The reciprocal pronoun mekaar 'each other'p. 151
Indefinite pronounsp. 151
Interrogative pronounsp. 162
Adjectivesp. 163
Adjectives that take -ep. 163
Adjectives that don't take -ep. 167
Nominalised adjectivesp. 170
Adjectives derived from past participlesp. 171
Adjectival inflection in -sp. 175
The comparative of the adjectivep. 175
The superlative of the adjectivep. 177
Adjectival intensifiersp. 180
Formation of adjectivesp. 182
Coloursp. 182
Adjectives followed by a fixed prepositionp. 184
Prenominal adjectival phrasesp. 188
Some adjectival idiosyncrasiesp. 188
Adverbsp. 191
Adverbial use of adjectivesp. 191
Adverbs of degree that qualify adjectivesp. 194
Adverbs of timep. 198
Adverbs of mannerp. 208
Adverbs of placep. 208
Adverbial use of prepositionsp. 211
Adverbs of modalityp. 213
Conjunctional adverbsp. 215
Interrogative adverbsp. 216
Formation of adverbsp. 216
Verbsp. 217
Paradigm of the present and past tenses of a typical verbp. 217
Alternative forms of the stem of a verbp. 218
Progressive or continuous constructionsp. 220
Vestiges of the imperfectp. 222
The perfect tensep. 223
The historic presentp. 228
The pluperfectp. 231
The conditional tensep. 234
The imperativep. 234
The future and future perfect tensesp. 235
Wees 'to be'p. 236
He 'to have'p. 239
Modal auxiliary verbsp. 240
The passive voicep. 257
Separable and inseparable verbsp. 262
The infinitivep. 272
The present participlep. 281
Irregular past participlesp. 282
Verbs that take a prepositional objectp. 282
Reflexive verbsp. 290
Order of verbsp. 297
Transitive versus intransitive verbsp. 297
Conjunctionsp. 300
Co-ordinating conjunctionsp. 300
Adverbial conjunctionsp. 302
Correlative conjunctionsp. 303
Subordinating conjunctionsp. 305
Interrogativesp. 319
Conjunctions which introduce infinitive clausesp. 320
Interrogativesp. 322
Word order in interrogative clausesp. 327
Interrogatives in infinitive clausesp. 328
Whatever, whenever etc.p. 328
Prepositionsp. 330
List of prepositionsp. 330
Prepositional strandingp. 345
Met ] mee, tot ] toe and vir ] voorp. 345
Compound prepositions in -kantp. 347
Adverbial functions of prepositionsp. 347
Assimilation of the definite article to a preceding prepositionp. 348
Adjectives and verbs followed by a fixed prepositionp. 348
Omission of prepositionsp. 348
Insertion of prepositions where none is required in Englishp. 351
Postpositioned prepositionsp. 351
Double prepositionsp. 353
Circumpositioned prepositions in prepositional phrasesp. 354
Prepositional phrasesp. 359
Adverbial qualifiers of prepositionsp. 360
Prepositional phrases consisting of with + noun + it/themp. 361
Word orderp. 362
Order of verbsp. 362
Nominal and adjectival/adverbial adjuncts that can behave like separable prefixesp. 381
Order of objects, adjectives and adverbs qualifying verbs in the continuous constructions formed from le, loop, sit and staanp. 385
Position of nominal and pronominal direct and indirect objectsp. 387
Position of reflexive pronounsp. 388
Position of adverbsp. 390
Placing of various parts of speech at the beginning of a sentence for emphasisp. 393
Prepositional strandingp. 394
Position in an infinitive clause of a preposition dependent on a predicative adjective or verbp. 398
Position of adjectives that take a fixed prepositionp. 399
Independent prepositions renderIng preposition + 'it/them'p. 399
Idiomatic expressions consisting of two elements with the reverse order to Englishp. 400
Negationp. 401
The negatorsp. 401
Rules for the use and position of the scope markerp. 401
Use of the scope marker with the negators geen/g'n 'no, not any', nerens 'nowhere', niemand 'no-one', niks 'nothing', nooit 'never'p. 408
Position of the negatorp. 410
Geen/g'n 'no, not a, not any'p. 413
Nie eens/eers 'not even,' nooit eens/eers 'never even'p. 414
Glad/hoegenaamd nie 'not/no...at all'p. 414
So nie 'if not', al dan nie 'or not', nie so seer nie 'not so much'p. 414
Eers 'not until'p. 415
Net nie 'simply not', nie net 'not only/just'p. 415
Moenie/moet + nie in imperativesp. 416
Nie- (non- + noun)p. 417
Use of wel to reverse a negativep. 417
Use of ne, nie waar nie and is dit niep. 417
Negation in rhetorical questionsp. 418
Non-negator negativesp. 418
Assimilation of nie to preceding consonantsp. 419
Numeralsp. 420
Cardinal numeralsp. 420
Ordinal numeralsp. 423
Fractionsp. 426
Arithmeticp. 426
Telling the timep. 427
Telephone numbersp. 429
Datesp. 429
Agep. 429
Currency and measurementp. 430
School marksp. 434
School class levelsp. 434
Word formationp. 435
Vestiges of historical structures in word formationp. 435
Formation of nounsp. 438
Formation of adjectivesp. 442
Formation of adverbsp. 444
Formation of verbsp. 446
Derivatives of numeralsp. 447
Reduplicationp. 447
Appendix 1: Textsp. 451
Appendix 2: letter writingp. 470
Appendix 3: Greetings, apologies, swearing etc.p. 472
Glossaryp. 479
Bibliographyp. 483
Indexp. 491
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ISBN: 9783110134261
ISBN-10: 3110134268
Series: Mouton Grammar Library
Audience: Professional
For Ages: 22+ years old
Format: Hardcover
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 497
Published: 1st January 1993
Country of Publication: DE
Dimensions (cm): 17.91 x 24.44  x 3.07
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