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A Configuration Approach to Mindset Agency Theory : A Formative Trait Psychology with Affect, Cognition and Behaviour - Maurice Yolles

A Configuration Approach to Mindset Agency Theory

A Formative Trait Psychology with Affect, Cognition and Behaviour

By: Maurice Yolles, Gerhard Fink

Paperback | 27 July 2023

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This book explains psychological, sociopolitical and organisational change in multidisciplinary settings. It shows how advanced techniques of contextual analysis can be applied to complex situations and offers a new cybernetic agency paradigm based on living systems theory. It models, diagnoses, and analyses complex, realworld situations to anticipate patterns of behaviour.
Industry Reviews
'What a bold intellectual venture! The proposed configuration approach provides a powerful framework and an innovative methodology for the analysis of personality, organization, and culture. It also delivers an operationalization of Magoroh Maruyama's Mindscape Theory.' Markus Schwaninger, Professor Emeritus, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland
'In the 1980s, I left Psychology, disillusioned by both its adherence to restrictive disciplinary boundaries and its narrow methodological focus. I entered the transdisciplinary field of Systems Science, where I encountered a wealth of systemic and cybernetic ideas. But I never got around to applying these back to my original 'home' discipline. So, when I saw that Maurice Yolles and Gerhard Fink had set out to bring systemic insights to Psychology, I couldn't do anything but smile! Now I have this book in my hands, I am looking forward to a rewarding encounter between my past in Psychology, my present in Systems Science, and the potential for emerging future ideas!' Gerald Midgley, Co-Director of the Centre for Systems Studies, University of Hull, UK, and past President of the International Society for the Systems Sciences
'Yolles and Fink pull off one of the 'great tricks' of personality psychology. They center their analysis on complex systems of psychological mechanisms, yet produce a relatively straightforward, structured scheme for conceptualizing differences among individuals.' Daniel Cervone, Professor of Psychology, University of Illinois at Chicago, USA

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