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"Tooth from the Tiger's Mouth,

Treat Your Injuries with Powerful Healing Secrets "

By: Tom Bisio


Published: 5th October 2004
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Published: 24th November 2009
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A renowned expert in Chinese sports medicine and martial arts reveals ancient Eastern secrets for healing common injuries, including sprains, bruises, deep cuts, and much more.

For centuries, Chinese martial arts masters have kept their highly prized remedies as carefully guarded secrets, calling such precious and powerful knowledge "a tooth from the tiger's mouth." Now, for the first time, these deeply effective methods are revealed to Westerners who want alternative ways to treat the acute and chronic injuries experienced by any active person.

While many books outline the popular teachings of traditional Chinese medicine, only this one offers step-by-step instructions for treating injuries. Expert practitioner and martial artist Tom Bisio explains the complete range of healing strategies and provides a Chinese first-aid kit to help the reader fully recover from every mishap: cuts, sprains, breaks, dislocations, bruises, muscle tears, tendonitis, and much more.

He teaches readers how to:

  • Examine and diagnose injuries

  • Prepare and apply herbal formulas

  • Assemble a portable kit for emergencies

  • Fully recuperate with strengthening exercises and healing dietary advice

    Comprehensive and easy to follow, with drawings to illustrate both the treatment strategies and the strengthening exercises, this unique guidebook will give readers complete access to the powerful healing secrets of the great Chinese warriors.

  • "A must for any athlete, whether a weekend warrior or serious competitor. I have used these strategies successfully in my practice." -- Gregory Petaro, M.D.
    "This book should have enormous value to anyone engaged in an active lifestyle or involved in the management of minor trauma, especially as it relates to sports medicine." -- Kevin V. Ergil, M.A., M.S., L.ac., Director, Graduate Program in Oriental Medicine, Touro College

    Principles of Chinese Sports Medicine
    Introduction to Part Ip. 3
    A Tooth from the Tiger's Mouth: Martial Origins, Modern Alternativep. 7
    How to Use This Bookp. 11
    Sports Injuries East and Westp. 14
    Modern Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicinep. 14
    Anatomy of an Injury-East and Westp. 18
    To Heal or Not to Healp. 27
    Healthy Organs/Healthy Tissuesp. 29
    Recovery Timesp. 31
    Sprains, Strains, and Pain: The Three Stages of Healing Sinew Injuriesp. 39
    Acutep. 40
    Post-Acutep. 45
    Chronicp. 48
    Down to the Bone: Fractures and How They Healp. 57
    Fracture Healingp. 57
    Treatmentp. 60
    Injury Prevention: Exercise, Diet, and Health Preservation
    Introduction to Part IIp. 69
    Stretching and Flexibilityp. 71
    The Problem with Stretchingp. 71
    Mind and Movementp. 74
    Breathing and Flexibilityp. 74
    The Daily Dozenp. 77
    Strength Trainingp. 96
    Too Many Musclesp. 96
    Tendon Strength vs. Bulging Musclesp. 97
    Muscles Don't Work Alonep. 99
    Resistance Training Can Cause Injuryp. 101
    What Is Strength?p. 103
    The Eight Brocade Plusp. 107
    Diet and Health Maintenancep. 124
    Dietp. 124
    Commonsense Eatingp. 126
    A Balanced Dietp. 128
    Controlling Fluid Intakep. 136
    Nutritional Supplements: Help or Hindrance?p. 136
    Chinese Herbsp. 138
    Fasting, Liver Detoxification, and Colon Cleansingp. 139
    Lifestyle and Health Maintenancep. 142
    Balancing Work and Restp. 142
    Adapting Athletic Training and Exercise to the Seasonsp. 142
    Sex, Health, and Athletic Performancep. 144
    Health Preservation Exercisesp. 145
    Healing Meditationp. 150
    The Therapies of Chinese Sports Medicine
    Introduction to Part IIIp. 153
    Cuts and Lacerationsp. 157
    Yunnan Paiyaop. 158
    Avoiding Stitchesp. 161
    Preventing Scarringp. 162
    Nosebleedsp. 162
    Cupping and Bleedingp. 164
    Bleedingp. 165
    Cuppingp. 165
    Cupping Indications and Contraindicationsp. 170
    Cleaning Your Cupsp. 170
    Disposing of Lancetsp. 172
    Linimentsp. 173
    Trauma Linimentp. 175
    Tendon Lotionp. 179
    U-I Oilp. 181
    Chinese Massage Oilp. 182
    Black Ghost Oilp. 183
    Summaryp. 183
    Poultices and Plastersp. 185
    Poulticesp. 185
    San Huang San: The Herbal Icep. 186
    Sinew-Bone Poulticep. 190
    Plastersp. 192
    Wu Yang Pain-Relieving Plasterp. 193
    Yunnan Paiyao Plasterp. 193
    701 Plasterp. 194
    Hua Tuo Anticontusion Rheumatism Plasterp. 194
    Gou Pi Plasterp. 194
    Summaryp. 195
    Herbal Soaksp. 198
    How to Make and Use Herbal Soaksp. 199
    Tendon-Relaxing Soakp. 200
    Warming Soakp. 202
    Summaryp. 203
    Sports Medicine Acupointsp. 205
    How to Stimulate Acupointsp. 207
    The Limb Energizersp. 208
    The Limb Gate Pointsp. 210
    Shoulder Injury Pointp. 211
    Ankle Injury Pointp. 211
    Master Pointsp. 212
    Special Hand Acupoints for Pain Reliefp. 213
    Influential Point of the Tendons and Ligamentsp. 215
    Respiration Pointsp. 215
    Groin Injury Pointsp. 216
    Nausea Pointp. 216
    Ear Acupressurep. 217
    Stimulating Ear Pointsp. 221
    Massage for Sports Injuriesp. 223
    Massage Techniquesp. 224
    Bruisesp. 227
    Tight and Sore Musclesp. 227
    Sprains and Strainsp. 228
    Fractures and Suspected Fracturesp. 229
    Internal Herbal Formulasp. 231
    Herbal Formulas for Acute Injuryp. 232
    Trauma Pillsp. 232
    Resinall Kp. 234
    Fracturesp. 234
    Rib Fracture Formulap. 235
    Bone-Knitting Powderp. 237
    Bone Spursp. 240
    Moxibustionp. 244
    Using Moxa Polesp. 246
    Common Uses of Moxibustionp. 247
    Treatments for Common Sports Injuries and Miscellaneous Injuries
    Introduction to Part IVp. 253
    Treatmentsp. 255
    Achilles' Tendonitisp. 255
    Ankle Sprainp. 258
    Arthritisp. 261
    Back Sprain/Strain-Lowerp. 263
    Back Sprain/Strain-Upperp. 266
    Back-Herniated Discp. 270
    Burnsp. 273
    Concussionp. 274
    Contusions/Bruisesp. 275
    Cuts, Lacerations, and Puncturesp. 277
    Dislocationsp. 278
    Elbow-Tennis and Golfer'sp. 280
    Eye-Contusion (Black Eye)p. 283
    Finger-Jammed/Sprainedp. 284
    Foot Pain-Plantar Fascitisp. 286
    Fracturesp. 288
    Groin Muscle-Pulled/Strainedp. 290
    Hamstring-Pulled/Tornp. 293
    Heel Spurp. 297
    Hip Painp. 299
    Knee-Pain Under the Kneecap (Chondromalacia and Runner's Knee)p. 301
    Knee-Torn Ligament (Torn ACL or Medial Collateral Ligament)p. 304
    Knee-Torn Meniscusp. 308
    Muscle Cramps/Spasmsp. 311
    Neck Strain/Sprainp. 313
    Nosebleedp. 315
    Piriformis Syndrome and Sciaticap. 316
    Poisonous Bitesp. 319
    Shoulder-Bursitisp. 320
    Shoulder-Frozen Shoulderp. 325
    Shoulder-Rotator Cuff Tearp. 328
    Wrist-Sprain/Strainp. 331
    Wrist-Carpal Tunnel Syndromep. 334
    Chinese Sports Medicine First-Aid Kitp. 337
    Where to Buy Chinese Herbs and Equipmentp. 339
    Indexp. 345
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    Published: 5th October 2004
    Publisher: Simon & Schuster
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