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.Net Development for Java Programmers : Net Developer Series - Paul Gibbons

.Net Development for Java Programmers

Net Developer Series

Paperback Published: 31st July 2002
ISBN: 9781590590386
Number Of Pages: 386

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Java developers have already adapted to a world in which everything is an object, resources are reclaimed by a garbage collector, and multiple inheritance is replaced by interfaces. This makes them well equipped to thrive in Microsofts new .NET environment using C#. Still, although there are many similarities between Java and C#, as always, the devil is in the details. .NET Development for Java Programmers shows just what those devilish details are. But it provides more than just language details: Developing enterprise applications requires mastering the libraries that allow you to build applications that communicate with databases and include network components, Web pages, and many other features. Java developers rely on Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) to provide these libraries; C# developers rely on the .NET Framework. At first glance there might not seem to be much similarity between the two, but Paul Gibbons shows you there is much the Java developer has learned from using J2EE that translates easily when using the .NET Framework. Early chapters highlight C#s differences from Java and discuss how the .NET Common Language Runtime (CLR) differs from the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Subsequent chapters cover various technology areas demonstrating where knowledge gained from developing with J2EE translates into enterprise development in .NET. These chapters also provide sufficient additional information on the .NET technologies to allow Java developers to start using them immediately. Mainstream technologies such as database access are covered first, with more esoteric areas such as message-oriented middleware and directory services left until later. The final chapter examines migrating existing Java applications to C# and the tools and techniques that are available. By the end of .NET Development for Java Programmers, a professional Java developer should be capable of tackling a real software project in .NET using C#. About the Author Paul Gibbons works as a consultant for Volt Technical Resources. He has used many languages in more than 25 years of software development, but his current favorite is C#. Originally from Yorkshire, England, he now lives in Washington State with his wife and three children. In his spare time he enjoys gardening and bird watching.

Forewordp. xiii
About the Authorp. xv
About the Technical Reviewerp. xvi
Acknowledgmentsp. xvii
Introductionp. xix
Introducing C#p. 1
Creating HelloWorld in C# Using the SDK Toolsp. 1
Creating HelloWorld in C# Using Visual Studio .NETp. 3
Summaryp. 8
Introducting the C# Languagep. 9
The History of Java and C#p. 9
Understanding Simple Typesp. 10
Introducing Variable Scopep. 13
Exploring Arraysp. 13
Understanding Statements and Expressionsp. 15
Introducing Functions and Methodsp. 25
Understanding Types and Objectsp. 28
Introducing Enumerationsp. 49
Understanding Exceptionsp. 50
Using Namespaces and the using Directivep. 51
Using Documentation Commentsp. 53
Using the Preprocessorp. 55
Writing Unsafe Codep. 57
Standardizing C#p. 57
Summaryp. 58
Introducing the .NET Platformp. 59
The Pieces of the .NET Platformp. 59
The Benefits of .NETp. 62
Summaryp. 66
Using WinFormsp. 67
Creating HelloWorld in WinFormsp. 67
Using WinForms Controlsp. 72
Looking Deeper at Layoutp. 75
Creating Menusp. 76
Creating Toolbarsp. 81
Adding Helpp. 86
Printingp. 86
Exploring Multithreading Issuesp. 88
Using the NotifyIcon Controlp. 89
Incorporating ActiveX Controlsp. 91
Summaryp. 95
Building Web Sites with ASP.NETp. 97
Creating a Simple WebForms Pagep. 97
Using the WebControlsp. 101
Building Your Own Controlsp. 105
Creating ASP.NET Applicationsp. 109
Maintaining Statep. 110
Using HttpHandler Pagesp. 112
Comparing ASP.NET to ASPp. 115
Summaryp. 115
Exploring ADO.NETp. 117
Using Visual Studio .NET Database Featuresp. 117
Comparing a Simple Query in JDBC and ADO.NETp. 124
Using Command Parametersp. 130
Using Stored Proceduresp. 131
Using DataSetsp. 133
Understanding Poolingp. 146
Implementing Data-Bound Controlsp. 146
Comparing ADO.NET to the Current ADOp. 155
Summaryp. 156
Understanding Multithreadingp. 157
Starting Threadsp. 157
Manipulating Threadsp. 160
Understanding Thread Poolingp. 162
Using SynchronizationAttributep. 164
Using Monitorsp. 165
Using Mutexesp. 167
Applying Interlocked Accessp. 168
What Is an Apartment?p. 169
Understanding Threads and Garbage Collectionp. 169
Summaryp. 170
Understanding Networkingp. 171
Starting with Socketsp. 171
Using Pluggable Protocolsp. 174
Understanding Remotingp. 175
Using ASP.NET Web Servicesp. 181
Summaryp. 203
Working with XMLp. 205
Introducing the System.XML Classesp. 205
Using XML DOMp. 206
Implementing XmlReader and XmlWriter Instead of SAXp. 209
Understanding XML Schema Validationp. 209
Implementing XSLT Transformsp. 211
Using XPath Expressionsp. 215
Using XML Serializationp. 217
Working with the XML Schema Definition Toolp. 220
Using Visual Studio .NET and XMLp. 222
Summaryp. 223
Creating Componentsp. 225
Introducing .NET Componentsp. 225
Understanding COMp. 246
Understanding COM+p. 252
Looking to ObjectSpacesp. 265
Summaryp. 265
Packaging and Installing Applicationsp. 267
Another Look at Assembliesp. 267
Using xcopy Deploymentp. 268
Using CAB Filesp. 268
Using Windows Installerp. 268
Launching from Internet Explorerp. 276
Installing into the Global Assembly Cachep. 280
Setting Dynamic Propertiesp. 283
Integrating Installation Componentsp. 288
Summaryp. 295
Communicating via Message Queuingp. 297
Configuring Message Queuingp. 297
Creating a Message-Queuing APIp. 301
Comparing Message Queuing to JMSp. 314
Using the Message Queuing Installation Componentp. 314
Summaryp. 315
Using Active Directory Service Interfacep. 317
Reading Directory Entriesp. 317
Adding and Modifying Directory Entriesp. 319
Using Providersp. 322
Comparing ADSI to JNDIp. 323
Summaryp. 323
Developing Windows Servicesp. 325
Creating a Windows Servicep. 325
Debuggingp. 330
Using SCM Command Handlersp. 333
Writing to Event Logsp. 334
Using Performance Countersp. 336
Creating Setup Projects for Windows Servicesp. 340
Summaryp. 341
Getting Outside the Boxp. 343
Using Platform Invokep. 343
Writing Unsafe Codep. 350
Hosting the .NET Runtimep. 357
Summaryp. 362
Migrating to .NETp. 363
JUMPing to .NETp. 363
Exploring Migration Strategies for the Rest of Usp. 366
Summaryp. 368
Indexp. 369
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ISBN: 9781590590386
ISBN-10: 1590590384
Series: Net Developer Series
Audience: General
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 386
Published: 31st July 2002
Publisher: Apress
Country of Publication: US
Dimensions (cm): 23.37 x 18.9  x 2.72
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