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World Music the Basics

The Basics


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"World Music: The Basics "gives a brief introduction to popular musical styles found around the world. Organized by continent/region, and then A to Z by country, the book features both background information on the cultural and musical history of each area, along with succinct reviews of key recordings. The reader can quickly find out enough about each musical style to appreciate its subtleties, and is also directed to the best available CDs for further listening. Unlike the massive Rough Guides or MusicHound volumes, this book is designed to be concise and easily digested, covering the essentials on each style, rather than encyclopedically listing every possible recording. It is a perfect introduction for the student, scholar, or general listener.
Some of the music styles include Rai, Trance, Juju, Soukos, South African Township, Celtic( including Galicia, Bretagne, Wales; Flamenco, Catalan Rhumba, Italian Roots, Tarantella, Bal Musette, Fado, Nova Cancao, etc.) Rembetika, Laiko, Thrace, Ladino, Arabesque, Gazil, Sufi, Gypsy/Romani, Wedding, Klezmer, Scandinavian, Raga, Bollywood, Japanese, Dijeridou, Samba, Bossa Nova, MBP, Tango, Neuva Cancion, Son, Danzon, Rumba, Salsa, Reggae, Ska, Dub, Merengue, Compas, Soca, Mariachi, Ranchero, Tejano, Cajun/Zydeco, Bluegrass, and American Indian

"Highly recommended for all general reference and music collections."-William G. Kenz, Minnesota State Univ. Lib., Moorhead," Library Journal

Introduction: What is World Music?p. 1
Africap. 5
North Africap. 5
The Moors, Judeo-Christian Culture, and the Reconquistap. 6
Algeria: Oran; The Music; Recommended CDsp. 7
Profile: Reinette l'Oranaisep. 10
Libya: Mauritania; Recommended CDsp. 12
Morocco: The Music; Recommended CDsp. 13
Profile: Amina Alaouip. 16
Tunisia: The Music; Recommended CDsp. 17
Profile: Anaour Brahemp. 19
Western Sahara: Recommended CDsp. 20
West and Central Africap. 20
Benin: Recommended CDsp. 21
Profile: Angelique Kidjop. 22
Burkina Faso: Recommended CDsp. 22
Cameroon: The Music; Recommended CDsp. 23
Profile: Richard Bonap. 25
Cape Verde: The Music; Recommended CDsp. 26
Profile: Cesaria Evorap. 27
Congo: The Music; The Diaspora Returns; Recommended CDsp. 28
Profile: Lokua Kanzap. 30
Cote d'lvoire: The Music; Abidjan; Ziglibithy; Recommended CDsp. 32
Profile: Alpha Blondyp. 32
Gabon: The Music; Recommended CDsp. 33
Gambia: Recommended CDsp. 34
Ghana: The Music; Recommended CDsp. 34
Profile: E.T. Mensahp. 36
Guinea-Bissau: Recommended CDsp. 37
Guinea: The Music; Recommended CDsp. 38
Mali: Jelis and Praise Music; West African Musical Instruments; Bamako, Abidjan, and Paris; Recommended CDsp. 40
Profile: Oumou Sangarep. 42
Niger: Recommended CDsp. 44
Nigeria: Fela, King Sunny, and Nigerian Music; Juju; Nigerian Music at a Crossroads; Recommended CDsp. 45
Senegal: The Music; Mbalax; Recommended CDsp. 49
Sierra Leone: The Music; Recommended CDsp. 52
East Africap. 53
Burundi: Recommended CDsp. 53
Eritrea: Recommended CDsp. 54
Ethiopia: The Music; Recommended CDsp. 55
Kenya: The Music; Recommended CDsp. 57
La Reunion: Maloya; Recommended CDsp. 59
Madagascar: Merina, Betsileo, and Sakalava; Recommended CDsp. 61
Somalia: The Music; Recommended CDsp. 63
Sudan: The Music; Recommended CDsp. 64
Tanzania: Taarab and the Music; Recommended CDsp. 66
Uganda: The Music; Abayudaya; Recommended CDsp. 67
South Africap. 69
Angola: The Music; Recommended CDsp. 70
Mozambique: The Music; Recommended CDsp. 73
Republic of South Africa: The Music; Recommended CDsp. 74
Profile: Miriam Makebap. 75
Profile: Busi Mholongop. 76
Zimbabwe: Mbira and the Music; Recommended CDsp. 80
Europep. 85
Western Europep. 86
Austria: Recommended CDsp. 86
Belgium: Recommended CDsp. 86
Profile: Jacques Brelp. 87
Denmark: Recommended CDsp. 88
England: Regional England: Sussex, Yorkshire and Northumbria; Headquarters of the World Music Press; The Beatles and the British Invasion; The Other United Kingdom; Recommended CDsp. 90
Finland: A Center for Classical Music and Tango; Recommended CDsp. 95
France: Regional France; Bretagne; French Catalonia; French Pop; Recommended CDsp. 96
Profile: Marilis Orionaap. 99
Profile: Bernard Lavilliersp. 100
Germany: Recommended CDsp. 104
Greece: Recent History and Politics; The Music: Rembetika; Recommended CDsp. 106
Profile: Roza Eskenazip. 108
Profile: Eleftheria Arvanitakip. 109
Ireland: History; Celtic Culture and the Music; Fiddle Music; FirstWave of Irish Bands; Recommended CDsp. 112
Profile: Karan Caseyp. 114
Italy: Regional Diversity; Politics; Roots Music; Italian Pop; Recommended CDsp. 118
Profile: Lucilla Galeazzip. 120
Norway: Folk Music; Hardingfele (Hardanger fiddle); Sami Music: Joik; Recommended CDsp. 123
Portugal: Fado; Nova Cancao; Recommended CDsp. 126
Profile: Amalia Rodriguesp. 128
Scotland: The Music: Celtic and Folk; Recommended CDsp. 131
Spain: Moors, Gypsies, and Jews; Regional Spain; Galicia; Catalonia; Euskadi; Flamenco; Recommended CDsp. 135
Profile: Maria del mar Bonetp. 138
Sweden: Swedish Song; Instruments; Recommended CDsp. 143
Switzerland: Recommended CDsp. 145
Wales: The Eisteddfod; Instruments; Recommended CDsp. 145
Eastern Europe, the Baltic States, and the Balkansp. 148
Albania: Recommended CDsp. 148
Armenia: The Music; Recommended CDsp. 149
Bosnia and Hercegovina: Sevdalinka; Recommended CDsp. 151
Bulgaria: Recommended CDsp. 153
Croatia: Tamburica; Recommended CDsp. 155
Czech Republic: Folk Music and the Classics; Instruments; Recommended CDsp. 157
Estonia: Runic Song; Recommended CDsp. 159
Georgia: The Music; Recommended CDsp. 160
Hungary: History, Politics, and Culture; Tanchez; Instruments; Recommended CDsp. 162
Profile: Marta Sebestyenp. 164
Lativa: Recommended CDsp. 166
Poland: The Music; Recommended CDsp. 167
Romania: Gypsy Musicians; Western Classical Tradition; Recommended CDsp. 168
Profile: Damian Draghicip. 170
Russia: Folk and Traditional Music; Instruments; Classical Music; Jazz and Rock; Recommended CDsp. 171
Slovenia: Recommended CDsp. 175
Turkey: The Music; Recommended CDsp. 176
Profile: Sezen Aksup. 178
Ukraine: The Music; Recommended CDsp. 180
Yugoslavia (Serbia and Montenegro): Recommended CDsp. 182
Profile: Saban Bajramovicp. 183
Middle Eastp. 185
Egypt: Ancient Egypt; Art Music; Early Islam and Music; Innovators of Islamic Music; Music Today; Music on the Arab Street; Instruments; Recommended CDsp. 185
Profile: Umm Kulthump. 189
Iran: Classical Music; Regional Folk Music; Recommended CDsp. 192
Profile: Mohammad Shajarianp. 193
Iraq: Recommended CDsp. 195
Israel: Recommended CDsp. 196
Profile: Chava Albersteinp. 197
Kurdistan: The Music; Recommended CDsp. 199
Lebanon: Recommended CDsp. 201
Profile: Fairouzp. 201
Syria: Sufism and the Music; Recommended CDsp. 203
Yemen: The Music; Recommended CDsp. 204
Asiap. 205
Afghanistan: Instruments; Recommended CDsp. 208
Central Asia: Transoxania: Uzbekistan/Tadjikistan/Turkmenistan/Kyrgyzstan; Recommended CDsp. 210
Azerbaijan: Recommended CDsp. 213
China: Confucius and Mao; The Music Revival; The Pipa; The Provinces; Instruments; Pop; Recommended CDsp. 214
India: Classical Music; North India; South India; Vocal Music; Bollywood; Recommended CDsp. 218
Profile: Shujaat Hussain Khanp. 223
Indonesia: The Music; Dangdut; Kronchong; Jaipongan; Gamelan; Kecak; Recommended CDsp. 229
Japan: Okinawa; Instruments; Classical Music; Recommended CDsp. 233
Korea: The Music; Chong-ak and Sog-ak; The Song Movement: Norae Undong; Instruments; Recommended CDsp. 237
Malaysia: The Music; Recommended CDsp. 240
Mongolia/Tuva: Throat Singing: Xoomei; Instruments; Recommended CDsp. 241
Pakistan: The Music; Qawwali: Ghazals; Instruments; Recommended CDsp. 243
Philippines: United States Influence; The Music; Recommended CDsp. 248
Thailand: The Music; Instruments; Recommended CDsp. 250
Tibet: Chant; Folk Song; Instruments; New Age; Recommended CDsp. 252
Turkmenistan: Recommended CDs
Vietnam: The Music; Instruments; Recommended CDsp. 255
North and Central America, and the Caribbeanp. 259
Canada: Cape Breton and the Kitchen Tradition; Quebecois and French Canadian Folk; Folk Rock; The Canadian World Music Scene Today; Recommended CDsp. 259
Profile: La Bottine Souriantep. 261
The Caribbean: Antilles; Cuba; Dominican Republic; Haiti; Jamaica; Puerto Rico; Trinidad and Tobago: Reggae and Salsa
Antilles: Gwo Ka, Twi ba, and the Biguine; Dutch Antilles; Recommended CDsp. 263
Profile: Kassavp. 266
Cuba: Afro-Cuba; Septeto Ignacio Pineiro and Sexteto Habanera; Beny More, Arsenio, and Mambo; Casa de la Trova; Recommended CDsp. 268
Profile: Silvio Rodriquezp. 271
Profile: Celina Gonzalezp. 272
Dominican Republic: Merengue and Bachata; Recommended CDsp. 275
Haiti: Port-au-Prince; New York; Recommended CDsp. 278
Jamaica: Marcus Garvey, Haile Selassie, and Rasta; The Music; The Roots of Rap and Hip Hop; Recommended CDsp. 280
Profile: Laurel Aitkenp. 283
Puerto Rico: Plena; Decima and Jibaro; Nueva Cancion; Recommended CDsp. 284
Trinidad and Tobago: Soca, Rapso, Ragga Soca, and Chutney; Steelpan; Recommended CDsp. 287
Central America: The Music; Recommended CDsp. 289
Profile: Reuben Bladesp. 291
Mexico: Politics; The Music: Ranchera, Son, and Norteno; Nueva Cancion and the Expatriates; Recommended CDsp. 293
Profile: Lila Downsp. 296
United States: Klezmer; Recommended CDsp. 298
Profile: David Krakauerp. 300
Cajun-Zydeco: Recommended CDsp. 303
Profile: Michael Doucetp. 304
Tejano-Tex-Mex-Conjunto: Recommended CDsp. 306
Native American: The Music; Recommended CDsp. 308
Hawaii: The Music; Recommended CDsp. 312
South Americap. 315
Argentina: Tango; Nuevo Tango; Nueva Cancion; Recommended CDsp. 316
Profile: Carlos Gardelp. 320
Profile: Mercedes Sosap. 320
Bolivia: Recommended CDsp. 323
Brazil: History and Politics; The Sounds of Brazil; Recommended CDsp. 325
Profile: Gilberto Gilp. 329
Profile: Milton Nascimentop. 330
Profile: Elis Reginap. 330
Profile: Pixinguinhap. 331
Chile: The Music; Recommended CDsp. 336
Colombia: The Music; Recommended CDsp. 339
Profile: Toto La Momposinap. 340
Ecuador: Recommended CDsp. 341
Paraguay: The Music; Recommended CDsp. 342
Peru: History and the Slave Trade; The Music of Black Peru; Recommended CDsp. 344
Profile: Chabuca Grandap. 346
Uruguay: Recommended CDsp. 347
Venezuela: Politics; The Music; Recommended CDsp. 348
Australia and The South Pacificp. 351
Australia: Aboriginal Australia; The Didjeridu (Didgeridoo); Recommended CDsp. 352
Melanesia: Papua New Guinea; Solomon Islands; Fiji: Recommended CDsp. 355
New Zealand: Maori Music; Instruments; Recommended CDsp. 358
Glossaryp. 361
Bibliographyp. 375
Indexp. 381
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