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Slow Reading in a Hurried Age - David Mikics

Slow Reading in a Hurried Age


Published: 8th October 2013
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Wrapped in the glow of the computer or phone screen, we cruise websites; we skim and skip. We glance for a brief moment at whatever catches our eye and then move on.

"Slow Reading in a Hurried Age" reminds us of another mode of reading--the kind that requires our full attention and that has as its goal not the mere gathering of information but the deeper understanding that only good books can offer.

"Slow Reading in a Hurried Age" is a practical guide for anyone who yearns for a more meaningful and satisfying reading experience, and who wants to sharpen reading skills and improve concentration. David Mikics, a noted literary scholar, demonstrates exactly how the tried-and-true methods of slow reading can provide a more immersive, fulfilling experience.

He begins with fourteen preliminary rules for slow reading and shows us how to apply them. The rules are followed by excursions into key genres, including short stories, novels, poems, plays, and essays.

Reading, Mikics says, should not be drudgery, and not mere escape either, but a way to live life at a higher pitch. A good book is a pathway to finding ourselves, by getting lost in the words and works of others.

Beautifully and unabashedly edifying Mikics is up to something more than just technical instruction. What separates "Slow Reading in a Hurried Age "from other popular or academic how to guides is Mikics s urgent reverence for literature, which he wants to impress upon the reader. To read well, he clearly believes, is not just to master a skill; it is to become a certain kind of person Mikics, in calm, authoritative prose, lays out the case that the way we read now is in many cases the enemy of reading as it is supposed to be "Slow Reading in a Hurried Age "is a guide to becoming a great reader. This is a very hard thing to teach: so much of what happens when we read is internal and instinctive, and it is hard to transform reactions into rules. But Mikics manages to do exactly that The gift of Mikics s book at the right moment could lead to a lifetime of good, slow reading.--Adam Kirsch"Barnes & Noble Review" (12/10/2013)"

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Language: English
Number Of Pages: 352
Published: 8th October 2013
Publisher: Harvard University Press
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