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Lady Oracle - Margaret Atwood


Published: 10th January 1996
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From fat girl to thin, from red hair to mud brown, from London to Toronto, from Polish count to radical husband, from writer of romances to distinguished poet - Joan Foster is utterly confused by her life of multiple identiities. She decides to escape to an Italain hill town to take stock of her life. But first, she must organise her own death...

Joan Foster got really fat to spite her mother, an impatient slim lady who was ashamed of her clumsy daughter. Joan only manages to regain an acceptable shape when a beloved aunt leaves her a substantial sum of money providing she loses 100 lbs. But when Joan changes shape she loses the identity that she has grown up with. The rest of her curious unconventional adventures are all part of her search to find her real self. To this end she changes - the colour of her hair from flaming red to mud brown; countries, from Canada to England to Italy; and boyfriends, from a right-wing Polish count to a left-wing revolutionary. She writes Gothic costume dramas under the name of Laura K Delacourt - then reverts to her own name for the publication of a book of serious poetry which, she assures an astonished interviewer, was dictated to her by spirit voices. In order to achieve a final metamorphosis she has to arrange her own death so that she can escape to a small Italian hill town and reconsider her position in society. Prize-winning Canadian author Atwood is a fine storyteller - her endearingly loopy heroine-narrator steps with inconsequential charm from one absurd situation to another - sometimes her heart is heavy but it is never allowed to weigh on the reader who is kept breathlessly amused by the author's penetrating wit and snapping intelligence. First published in 1982 this was Atwood's third novel. She made her name with her first book The Edible Woman. (Kirkus UK)

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Published: 10th January 1996
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