Iznik : The Artistry of Ottoman Ceramics - Walter B Denny


The Artistry of Ottoman Ceramics


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In this beautifully illustrated book, Walter Denny presents a vision of one of the best-known and most internationally renowned Islamic art forms: Iznik ceramics.

Covering both Iznik pieces de forme and the famous Iznik tiles that decorate Ottoman imperial monuments, the book integrates the entire spectrum of Iznik production, both tiles and wares, and the broader artistic tradition in which it originated.

The book showcases the array of motifs, floral, vegetal, and figurative used on Iznik wares, looks at the relationship between non-Moslem communities and the Ottoman empire, and closes with an examination of the rich stylistic heritage that Iznik ceramics have given to Western art.

Lavishly illustrated in color throughout, this is a panoramic overview of a spectacular and refined art form.