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Accessing Your Booktopia eBooks

Reading on an iOS or Android device (Phone/iPad/Tablet)

Click here to open a PDF file with instructions for downloading and installing the Booktopia Reader App

Reading on a PC or Mac Computer, or eReader device

Step 1: You will need to download and install Adobe Digital Editions to read Booktopia eBooks on your computer or eReader device. Click here to download Adobe Digital Editions.

Step 2: Link Adobe Digital Editions to your Booktopia Account. In Adobe Digital Editions click Help and select Authorize Computer. Choose Vendor ID, scroll down the list to select Booktopia.

Step 3: Sign in with the same email address and password- used to access your Booktopia Account on the Booktopia website.

Step 4: To download your eBook sign into your Booktopia Account on the Booktopia website. Choose My eBooks (located below the checkout in the top right hand corner) and click on the cover image of the eBook you wish to download.

Step 5: A pop up window will be displayed showing 3 ways to download this title. You will need to choose Download eBook and then, in the pop-up window, select Click here to download eBook.

Step 6: You will be asked if you would like to open or save the file. Note various web browsers will display this option in slightly different ways. Choose Open with, and select Adobe Digital Editions from the list.

Step 7: Then click OK and the file will be downloaded into Adobe Digital Editions. You can then open the eBook as a PDF or ePub in the Adobe Digital Editions library or continue the steps below for eReaders.

Step 8 (Only applicable for eReader devices): Ensure your eReader is connected to your computer and you can see it in Adobe Digital Editions (it will appear in the list on the left side).

Step 9 (Only applicable for eReader devices): In Adobe Digital Editions 'drag and drop' the title across from the library to the eReader and wait for it to sync. You can now read the book in your eReader.

If you are not sure how you want to read your Booktopia eBook, or if encounter any issues or error messages then please contact our Customer Service Team.

eBooks Frequently Asked Questions


What is an eBook?
An eBook is a digital version of a book that can be read on personal computers, tablet computers, many mobile devices, and dedicated eReading devices.
What eBook formats are available on Booktopia?
Depending on the title, the following formats may be available for downloading:

Scanned Pages (PDF)
ePub (flowing text)

If you want to read an e-book offline, your eBook reader device or application must be compatible with both the file format and the DRM format of the e-book. Our ebooks support Adobe DRM.

Which eBook format should I choose?
The format you choose entirely depends on the device or application you intend to use for reading your eBook. ePub or flowing text allows you to reflow text according to screen size and change font size and typeface. If you intend to read your ebooks on ereading devices or smartphones, ePub is recommended.

If you prefer reading original or scanned pages of print version of a book, choose PDF.

Please note the available devices on each ebook's detail page.
How do I find an eBook on Booktopia?
There is an eBook tab at the top of the page listed on all search results and categories if eBooks are available for that search or category. There is also an eBook tab in the book section of the Booktopia website.
What devices can I use to read eBooks purchased at Booktopia?

All eBooks purchased from Booktopia can be read on Android phones running version 2.1 (Eclair) or later, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch (iOS 3.0 or later), personal computer (using Adobe Digital Editions) and supported eReaders.

If you previously bought a Google eBook from Booktopia, these eBooks were previously available from your Booktopia eBook Bookshelf, unfortunately Google has now arranged for all access to come through their retail platform only. To access and download your ebooks, please visit the Google Play store by visitiong https://play.google.com/books.

Can I read an eBook purchased from Booktopia on an Amazon Kindle
No. eBooks purchased from Booktopia (and any other online retailer other than Amazon) CANNOT be read on an Amazon Kindle or Kindle app. You can only read eBooks on the Amazon Kindle from Amazon. Please pay attention to this before purchasing your eBook.
Can I read a sample of the eBook before purchasing it?
For select eBook titles, click the Google Preview graphic on the eBook's details page.
What is ePub?
ePub is the standard eBook format that makes it possible to optimise and customise text and images for both large displays like a desktop computer and small screens like a smartphone. ePub has become popular worldwide. ePub files are also referred as "flowing text".
What is a PDF?
PDF, or Portable Document Format, is the standard format for document interchange created by Adobe. PDF is a file format which presents the book in its original layout and visual formatting. These files are generally larger in size, and the text doesn't adjust to fit the device or computer on which you are reading. And these can be difficult to read on smaller screens. PDF files are also referred as scanned pages.
Why are different eBooks priced differently?
Prices can vary depending on the publisher, the eBook provider, and differing sales agreements. eBooks from most publishers are sold in exactly the same way as printed books.

A few publishers operate according to an "agency model". In this case, the publisher sets the price to the consumer and ALL retailers agree to sell that e-book at that price to the consumer.
Why doesn't this store sell reading devices?
We're experts in books and content not consumer electronics.
Can I share or gift an eBook purchased from Booktopia?

Not at present. Most eBooks are DRM-protected by the publisher and Booktopia does not have control over this protection. Booktopia may offer this service in the future. We recommend that you purchase a gift certificate for the person you want to gift / share with and they can purchase the eBook (please make sure you check what device your friend has, because eBooks purchased from Booktopia are not able to be read on Amazon Kindle hardware or software).

What is the Booktopia Reader?
The Booktopia Reader is a FREE eBook Reader app that can read and store ebooks in ePub and PDF formats. It is suited for iOS and Android devices.
Why do I need to supply a Booktopia username and password?
Your eBook library is stored in your Booktopia account. A valid booktopia username and password will enable you to download your eBooks.

Purchasing & Downloading

How do I purchase an eBook from Booktopia?

You can select any eBook on the Booktopia website, Add it to your Shopping Basket and Checkout as usual. eBooks must be paid for using Credit Card or Paypal at the time of purchase.

After your purchase is successful, you will be presented with a link to your Booktopia Bookshelf, which contains all the eBooks you have purchased.

Can I purchase multiple eBooks at the same time?
Yes, just click the "Buy Now" button to add the eBook to your shopping basket. You cannot buy multiple eBooks of the same edition.
Can I purchase an eBook and a physical product at the same time?
Yes. You will be able to confirm the formats of the different items in your shopping basket before you proceed with your order.
Can eBooks be returned or refunded?
No, eBooks are not returnable or refundable. Please note that eBooks bought from Booktopia are not supported on any Amazon Kindle hardware or software. Please pay attention to this before purchasing your eBook.
How do I read an eBook I purchased from Booktopia?

If you purchased an eBook from Booktopia, you can access and download your eBook from your Booktopia Bookshelf by clicking on the cover of the eBook. You will be presented with a number of options for downloading or accessing your eBook depending on the device you wish to use.

If you have an Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod, you will need to download the Booktopia Reader app from the iTunes store so you can read your eBooks.

If you have an Android device, you need to download the Booktopia Reader app from the Android marketplace.

If you have a Mac or PC, you need to download and install Adobe Digital Editions to read your eBooks. This program - from Adobe - is like the Adobe Reader which you most likely already use to read PDFs on your PC or Mac, however it is specially for reading and managing eBooks.

Click here to download and install Adobe Digital Editions to read eBooks on your Windows or Mac PC, notebook or dedicated eReader.

When you install Adobe Digital Editions for the first time, you do NOT need to create and authorise an Adobe ID to read your Booktopia eBooks. Just go ahead and Launch Adobe Digital Editions and go back to your Booktopia Bookshelf to click on your eBook.

You will be prompted by Adobe Digital Editions to Authorise with a Custom User ID ie your Booktopia email address and password, when you click on the eBook in your Bookshelf. Once Authorised, the eBook will open for you.

Why do I get a file with the extension .acsm when I try to download certain eBooks?

ACSM files are small downloads that are used by Adobe® Digital Editions to generate an encrypted eBook, which is then downloaded to your personal computer.

In order to work properly, Adobe Digital Editions must be both installed on your computer and activated. Activating Adobe Digital Editions using an Adobe ID - in this case the Booktopia Custom ID - allows you to do more with Adobe eBooks, such as downloading them on multiple computers and transferring them to supported portable devices.

If you click on your eBook in your Bookshelf, and the .acsm file downloads but does not open Adobe Digital Editions that you installed, try double-clicking on the downloaded .acsm file and choosing to open with the Adobe Digital Editions program, or right-clicking and Open With...

When the file opens in Adobe Digital Editions, you will be prompted to Authorise your computer to read the eBook using your Booktopia email address and password. The eBook will then download to your computer and you can read it.

Click here to download and install Adobe Digital Editions to read eBooks on your Windows or Mac PC, notebook or based tablet.

What if my online connection was lost in the middle of a purchase or download?

If you were purchasing an eBook, then check your email Inbox to ensure that your order went through correctly, and then log into your Booktopia account to check if the eBook is in your Bookshelf, You can download the eBook again. If the eBook is not there, please contact Customer Service.

If you do not have an email from Booktopia and your purchased title is not in your eBook Bookshelf, then the transaction did not complete and you will need to try again.

Can I print out an eBook?
No. DRM (Digital Rights Management) protection is up to the individual publishers and they generally lock their eBooks so they cannot be copied or printed.
What about my Google eBooks that I purchased from Booktopia?
These eBooks were previously available from your Booktopia eBook Bookshelf, unfortunately Google has now arranged for all access to come through their retail platform only. To access and download your ebooks, please visit the Google Play store by visitiong https://play.google.com/books.

You will need to use the email you set your Google Account up with. This may be the same email as your Booktopia Account, but this will not necessarily the case. If you are unsure which email address you used, please contact Google.

If you use an Android or IOS device please use the Google Play Store app only when accessing your eBooks.

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