Create a Booktopia Account

If you would like to purchase from Booktopia for your school, library, government department or business the first step is to create a Booktopia online account for your organisation. Refer to Why do I need to create an Account? for more detailed information.

Booktopia automatically assigns all new accounts as Account Type "Personal". In order to gain access to additional functionality specifically designed for Education, Government and Business customers we recommend you change your Account Type to one of the following:

(If you already have an existing Personal Account Type and you want to update your Account Type, skip to Step 2)

Step 1: Create a Booktopia Account

Select Join from the top right hand corner of our website. Complete all of the information required at the prompt New to Booktopia?

Alternatively you can begin your shopping experience and you will be prompted as part of the checkout process to create your new account. If you have not placed an order with Booktopia before, and you require instructions visit the Help Section "How to place an online order".

Please remember to keep a record of your user name and password for your next visit.

Step 2: Change Account Type

Selecting or updating your Account Type is a simple and quick process.

Updating to an Education, Government or Business Account Type provides additional functionality such as the ability to input your organisation's purchase order or internal reference number against a Booktopia order, allowing for easier internal auditing and cross referencing of accounts/invoices. Additionally you will be notified of relevant offers and promotions.

Click here to update your account type. You will be prompted to select your Account Type from the drop down menu. Select from Education (Schools & Libraries), Government or Business. Please complete the remaining fields including the name of your organisation and position.