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H. I. Larry (Zac Power)

H. I. Larry (Zac Power)

H. I. Larry (Zac Power)

What's in a name?

Something very clever happens when you take a closer look at the name

H.I. Larry.

Let's start by removing the dots:

HI Larry

That's better. Now let's take out an 'r':

HI Lary

What does this spell when you put all of the letters together?


That's right, the name Hilary.

Hilary Badger is actually the name of the real author who wrote the very first Zac Power book, Poison Island.

Hilary wrote the book with help from her Editor, Hilary Rogers. Because they both share the same first name they decided to create the pseudonym author name of H.I. Larry.

A pseudonym name means that more than one person can write a book under that pretend author name. For Zac Power fans it also meant you would know where to find all of the titles in the library or on the bookshop shelf because they would all be filed together!

In fact, Hilary became so busy writing the next three Zac Power books in the series that she wasn’t able to write more stories fast enough to keep up with the demand from fans for more Zac!

Hilary’s sister, Meredith Badger, was called in for back up. Meredith wrote the Zac Power title Tomb of Doom before turning her attention to writing her own series of books including Fairy School Drop-Out and Tweenie Genie.

This gave Hilary some time to write a few more Zac Power adventures including Night Raid, Blockbuster and Boot Camp. During this time an exciting new author Chris Morphew also began writing Zac Power books under the H.I. Larry pseudonym. Titles he has written include Sky High, Volcanic Panic and Close Shave.

Hilary and Chris have also written their own fiction series that Zac Power fans will also love! Hilary is the author behind the hot new series Space Scout and Chris writes the sci-fi thriller series The Phoenix Files.