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Who's Taming Who? - Susan Kohler

Who's Taming Who?


Published: 2nd September 2010
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Lanie's a happy woman. She's successful in her business, she has a daughter, and she just bought a house. The last thing she needs is a man. Especially an infuriating man.
Frank is a happy bachelor until his best friend, Kate, makes a bet with him: He can't make Lanie fall in love and marry him within a year. He's not even sure he likes Lanie, but now he's trying to win the bet.
Does he even want to win?
Frank is clumsy and accident prone around Lanie, and she's touchy and argumentative around him. She tells him not to call, write or email her ever, and soon she's getting notes and gifts from a secret admirer. Not all of the notes are from Frank. He's getting help from a whole team of matchmakers. Which is a good thing because with Lanie he needs all the help he can get.

About the Author:
Susan Kohler lives in Southern California with Oreo, her Boston Terrier. She works for a major amusement park and writes in her spare time. This is her sixth published book, and her third romance novel. The first, "The Heart of The Beast," is a historical romance, while "Working Romance" and "Who's Taming Who?" are both set in modern times. She is currently working on her next book, another full length romance novel entitled "Waiting for Tomorrow."
Susan loves to have people visit her website at: www.susankohlernovels.com

ISBN: 9781926918099
ISBN-10: 1926918096
Format: PDF
Language: English
Published: 2nd September 2010