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White, Orange, Blue - Professor Marat Kurbanov


Published: 10th February 2014
Format: PDF
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The book by Professor Kurbanov Marat Ahnafovich is about a new worldview, a new teaching on the way to self-awareness, to understanding the planet and Universe as a whole, to knowing good from evil. The book uncovers that knowledge which the new Man, the new generation that has been born on the planet in new conditions should accept. The book gives the reader an opportunity to accept the new laws of the world, whiteout which step the future of all humanity is impossible; it gives the key to understanding the Unity of the Universe. Accept this book and you will be One with the World, with the whole Universe! The book has healing powers.

Homo Sapiens! Accept and understand Everything! Because Everything - is in you, and, as Everything is in you, then, it is what the Creation is, because Creation is the essence of Homo Sapiens.

ISBN: 9781490715957
ISBN-10: 1490715959
Format: PDF
Language: English
Published: 10th February 2014
Edition Number: 1