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United : The Shalean Moon, Book 4 - J. Lilley


The Shalean Moon, Book 4

By: J. Lilley


Published: 9th September 2012
Format: PDF
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When Shalea is in trouble can one halfling and one witch save the day?

When the leaders of The Shalean Sept go missing, Troy and Ali need all their combined skills to find out what's going on. Troy is only half Shalean and part witch, and Ali is a full witch, but is that enough?

As they fight to combat the evil, help comes from an unexpected source.

Aibhlinn has secrets of her own, secrets that could destroy her. However she is determined to aid her new-found friends. Will her intervention be a help or a hindrance? Only time will tell in this fight for life or death.

ISBN: 9781771018180
ISBN-10: 1771018186
Format: PDF
Language: English
Published: 9th September 2012