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Trust and Betrayal - Tales of Cold War Espionage - Eric H. Vieler

Trust and Betrayal - Tales of Cold War Espionage


Published: 29th January 2014
Format: PDF
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It is 1957, West Berlin. US Army Captain Eric Vieler is assigned to oversee the identification, vetting, development and deployment of every-day German citizens --- as spies. While the Berlin Wall is not yet a reality, the Cold War tensions between the western allies and the Soviets in East Germany are very real. It's a chess board with many pieces --- agents, handlers, influences and ...double agents. It's a time marked by deceit, betrayal, shame and loss, both personal and national. "Trust and Betrayal: Tales of Cold War Espionage" provides an insider's first hand, honest view of the dangerous time, the conflicts --- internal and external --- the truth and lies, and the pressure and intrigue that marked Vieler's real-life experiences. His is not a life, or a story, like any other.

ISBN: 9781460222478
ISBN-10: 1460222474
Format: PDF
Language: English
Published: 29th January 2014
Edition Number: 1