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The Social Play Record : A Toolkit for Assessing and Developing Social Play from Infancy to Adolescence - Chris White

The Social Play Record

A Toolkit for Assessing and Developing Social Play from Infancy to Adolescence


Published: 8th June 2006
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Social play is about relating to others, playing and making friends - all of which are key elements of social inclusion, adjustment and well-being. The Social Play Record is a practical resource for assessing and developing social play in children with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) or difficulties with social interaction. This toolkit is designed to be used collaboratively with children, parents, carers and practitioners. It is suitable for assessing children of all learning abilities and stages of development, from early infancy to adolescence, and includes photocopiable materials, ideas for games and exercises. The toolkit is divided into three sections: the assessment section, for recording stages of social play and key abilities, such as independent and peer play, friendship and advanced group skills; the guidance section, which also gives information on what constitutes social play, its significance, development and how to address social interaction difficulties; the intervention section, which gives step-by-step directions for developing key social play skills.

Assessment Booklet. Introduction: What is The Social Play Record? PART I: The SPR Assessment User Guide. 1.1. The SPR Assessment: An Overview. 1.2. The Recording Sheets. 1.3. The Home Comments Sheet. 1.4. The Practitioner Rating of Peer Relationships. 1.5. The Peer Preferences Chart. 1.6. The Friends Questionnaire. 1.7. Scoring the SPR Assessment. 1.8. Planning Intervention. PART II: Links to Intervention. 2.1. How it All Fits Together. 2.2. Early Social Play. 2.3. Unoccupied or Preoccupied. 2.4. Independent Play. 2.5. Peer Play. 2.6. Advanced Group Play. 2.7. Friendship Skills. Conclusion. References. Appendix1: Worked Examples. Appendix 2: Ideas and Templates. Appendix 3: Small Steps Chart. Appendix 4: Theory and Research. 4.1. What is Social Play? 4.2. Social Play and Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders. 4.3. How the Social Play Record was developed.

ISBN: 9781846425172
ISBN-10: 1846425174
Format: PDF
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 144
Published: 8th June 2006