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The Practice of Presence : Five Paths for Daily Life - Patty De Llosa

The Practice of Presence

Five Paths for Daily Life


Published: 6th June 2014
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Book Description (formally called "Annotation"): contact with our own immediate inner truth. T'ai Chi, prayer and meditation are well known. The Alexander Technique and Jungian studies are not usually thought of as spiritual, and the Gurdjieff teaching is relatively unknown. Each of these paths to wholeness is complementary to the others, calling on body, mind and feeling in unique ways that can lead to a growing integration of all three. The author, Patty de Llosa, has studied all of these paths intensively for many years, while pursuing fulltime activities as a journalist, parent and teacher. Her website is www.practiceofpresence.com.

ISBN: 9780982232361
ISBN-10: 0982232365
Format: PDF
Language: English
Published: 6th June 2014