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The Damaged Core : Origins, Dynamics, Manifestations, and Treatment - Salman Akhtar

The Damaged Core

Origins, Dynamics, Manifestations, and Treatment


Published: 13th April 2009
Format: PDF
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This comprehensive and tightly argued book deals with the process through which a coherent self evolves, the various ways such development fails to occur, and the therapeutic measures to put things back together. Beginning with the child's early relationships and his or her internalization as the substrate of the self, the text moves on to psychodynamically sophisticated and developmentally anchored descriptions of certain psychopathological syndromes that are widespread and yet inoptimally discussed. Moving from the most severe to the least severe conditions in this realm, The Damaged Core deals with the psychotic core, the schizoid wish to die and be reborn, the fantasies related to unresolved separation-individuation, the sociopathic tendency to lie, and the impact of excessive narcissism on love relations. This book also provides a unique perspective on the treatment of these conditions insofar as it not only elucidates the ways that a therapist listens and talks to his patients but also the subtle but deep impact of his ongoing attitude toward psychotherapeutic work. Even the role the therapist's office silently plays in the conduct of his work is discussed in detail. This book is theoretically sound and contemporary. More importantly, it is clinically generous and provides a number of vignettes to illustrate the ideas proposed. The writing style is a refreshing admixture of scientific scrupulosity, literary elegance, and humane relatedness. Book jacket.

Prologue: Early Relationships and Their Internalization -- Structure and Dynamics -- Mad Core -- Schizoid Wish to Die and be Reborn -- Three Fantasies Related to Unresolved Separation-Individuation -- Lies, Liars, and Lying -- Narcissistic Love Relations -- Holding and Healing -- Analyst's Office -- Listening -- Making Interventions -- Epilogue: Three Pillars of Therapeutic Attitude.

ISBN: 9780765706720
ISBN-10: 0765706725
Format: PDF
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 246
Published: 13th April 2009
Publisher: University Press of America