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The Angels Are Talking to You : Death of the Suicidal Love? - Samantha Scantlebury

The Angels Are Talking to You

Death of the Suicidal Love?


Published: 26th February 2014
Format: PDF
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Claudia is an intelligent kind natured young lady For the most part she was happy but at times sadness would prevail. Often she would worry about her years of being single, wondering why this would be the case. Her friend Cheryl sets her up on a blind date with Ricardo. This develops into a serious relationship that produces a child. But this once kind natured man turns into a horrible jealous person, so Claudia opts for single parenthood. One day a strange feeling comes over Claudia and in almost an instant, she begins to develop love for Ricardo. Claudia spends the next few years working on getting her man back by any means necessary. This obsessive love reduces Claudia into being a shadow of her former self. She then decides that if she cannot be with Ricardo then life is not worth living. Through Claudia's journey, strange and shocking things are revealed to her. and those closest to her are not whom they seem. Does Claudia find the strength to overcome the haunting truth of her past and destroy this suicidal love or will it be the death of her. A truly riveting supernatural tale of things unseen and fascinating revelations of spirituality

ISBN: 9781491890820
ISBN-10: 1491890827
Format: PDF
Language: English
Published: 26th February 2014
Edition Number: 1