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The 1-2-3 Presentation System : How to Present to Real People for Real Results - Tor Hansson

The 1-2-3 Presentation System

How to Present to Real People for Real Results


Published: 7th September 2011
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The bullet-point heavy PowerPoint presentation is an old standby. It's been used for so long that many industry experts feel it no longer does anything to increase information transfer, learning, or audience engagement. As a matter of fact it appears to do the opposite.

It is time to change how we communicate with our peers, our colleagues, our prospects, and our customers. A presentation is what the former Scandinavian Airlines CEO Jan Carlzon called a "moment of truth." It is a critical opportunity to connect with key audiences.

For the first time, real knowledge of how to connect with people, communicate clearly and engage an audience has been put into a consistent framework. THE 1-2-3 SYSTEM is based on sound communication principles, and on how people actually acquire and use information. It will help you vastly increase your effectiveness as a presenter.

This is not another book full of vague suggestions and recycled truisms. It is a real system based on principles that can be learned and applied to any presentation. Switching from the old way of doing things to THE 1-2-3 SYSTEM, you will become more believable, more persuasive, and more effective.

ISBN: 9781611871463
ISBN-10: 1611871468
Format: PDF
Language: English
Published: 7th September 2011