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Teaching Modern Languages : French - Ann Swarbrick

Teaching Modern Languages


By: Ann Swarbrick (Editor)


Published: 2nd December 1993
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Modern language classrooms are currently dominated by the communicative method of language teaching. This reader draws together recent and newly commissioned papers to show the origins of communicative methodology, how it has developed, what its research justification is and how it can most effectively be used in the classroom. Various chapters examine the particular challenges of differentiation, teaching grammar, encouraging pupils to use the target language together and teaching a foreign language to children with special educational needs. The final section discusses ways of developing creativity in the modern languages classroom through the use of drama, creative writing and role play. Anyone involved in teaching modern languages will find this reader a rich source for reflection and good practice.

The historical ball and chain / William Rowlinson -- Modern languages : 20 years of change / Barry Jones -- The communicative approach to language teaching : an introduction / Rosamond Mitchell -- The communicative approach and authentic texts / David Little, Se??n Devitt, David Singleton -- De l'imparfait du subjonctif aux m??thodes communicatives : o?? en est l'enseignement des langues vivantes? / Francis Debyser -- Communication : sense and nonsense / Michael Grenfell -- Mistakes are the mistake / Keith Morrow -- Differentiation in the foreign language classroom / Bernadette Holmes -- Autonomy in language learning : some theoretical and practical considerations / David Little -- Extending opportunities : modern foreign languages for pupils with special educational needs / Barbara Lee -- Learning, acquiring, remembering and producing language / Earl W. Stevick -- Getting pupils talking / Iain Mitchell -- Teaching grammar in the target language / Theodore B. Kalivoda -- Why do I have to get it right anyway? / Brian Page -- Raising reading attainment in modern languages / Paul McGowan, Maggie Turner -- A la recherche du sylo perdu / Ann Swarbrick -- Drama techniques in language teaching / Alan Maley, Alan Duff -- Approche communicative : un second souffle? / Jean-Marc Car?? -- Role activities in the foreign language classroom / Barrie K. Joy.

ISBN: 9780203060018
ISBN-10: 0203060016
Format: PDF
Language: English
Published: 2nd December 1993