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Susanna, an Erotic Adventure : Triptych 1 - Krissy Kneen

Susanna, an Erotic Adventure

Triptych 1


Published: 3rd October 2011
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???Not many self-confessed perverts can write as well as Krissy Kneen.??? Rave

First in the Triptych collection: a trio of erotic novellas from the acclaimed author of Affection.

Pursuing sexual adventure online, Susanna finds a soul mate among the anonymous onanists. But is it possible the mystery man lives in her own building?

Transgressive, sardonic, lyrical, comic; irresistibly erotic yet also romantic, Krissy Kneen???s writing has been acclaimed for its fearless honesty. In the Triptych series of linked stories, she addresses taboos of all kinds with warmth, subtle wit and a delightful insistence on pleasure.

Krissy Kneen is a bookseller and writer. She is the author of a short collection of erotica, Swallow the Sound, and a memoir, Affection. She lives in Brisbane with her husband and no pets. www.furiousvaginas.com


reviews of Triptych:

???With nods to Anais Nin and Vladimir Nabokov, Kneen writes with tenderness, joy and delight. Each character is genuinely curious about the possibilities of sexual pleasure. Their sexual lives are woven with humility, desire and transgression... Someone once said the difference between pornography and art is that pornography makes you stop and have sex, while art makes you keep reading. The jury is out with Triptych: it???s delightful, courageous and juicy but be warned, it might take you a while to finish.??? Big Issue

???As everyone who has ever tried to do it knows, writing well about sex is difficult to the point of impossibility. But Krissy Kneen, as readers of her first book, Affection, will be aware, is one of the few writers around who seems to be able to manage it ... I have great admiration for this book and frankly enjoyed reading it but it???s definitely not for the squeamish.??? Bendigo Advertiser

???...Kneen gets away with it all. Her writing is leisured and quite seductive. And there certainly aren???t too many other writers out there who could pull off a book of this nature.??? Saturday Age

???If you plan to read only one book in which a woman has sex with a dog, pony and octopus, make it Triptych. Kneen???s interconnected erotic stories happily transgress every sexual taboo, but Triptych doesn???t just intend to shock. It???s also unexpectedly tender, funny, disturbingly relatable and very, very readable.??? Benjamin Law

???this is an astounding look at different sorts of love, and Kneen is above all, a sensualist.??? Adelaide Advertiser

???Not many self-confessed perverts can write as well as Krissy Kneen.??? Rave

ISBN: 9781921921209
ISBN-10: 192192120X
Format: ePUB
Language: English
Published: 3rd October 2011