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Supply Chain Optimization, Design, and Management : Advances and Intelligent Methods - Ioannis Minis

Supply Chain Optimization, Design, and Management

Advances and Intelligent Methods

By: Ioannis Minis (Editor), Vasileios Zeimpekis (Editor), Georgios Dounias (Editor)


Published: 31st December 2010
Format: PDF
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Computational Intelligence (CI) is a term corresponding to a new generation of algorithmic methodologies in artificial intelligence, which combines elements of learning, adaptation, evolution and approximate (fuzzy) reasoning to create programs that can be considered intelligent. Supply Chain Optimization, Design, and Management: Advances and Intelligent Methods presents computational intelligence methods for addressing supply chain issues. Emphasis is given to techniques that provide effective solutions to complex supply chain problems and exhibit superior performance to other methods of operations research.

1. Nature-inspired intelligence in supply chain management / Vassilios Vassiliadis, Giorgos Dounias -- 2. Coalitional added services in a linear neutral e-marketplace / Paolo Renna, Pierluigi Argoneto -- 3. Investing in excess capacity / Pierluigi Argoneto, Paolo Renna -- 4. Optimal design and operation of supply chain networks under demand uncertainty / Michael Georgiadis, Pantelis Longinidis -- 5. A computational intelligence approach to supply chain demand forecasting / Nicholas Ampazis -- 6. Generating supply chain ordering policies using quantum inspired genetic algorithms and grammatical evolution / Se??n McGarraghy, Michael Phelan -- 7. Quantitative risk management models for newsvendor supply chains / Dimitrios Vlachos -- 8. Relief distribution networks / Soumia Ichoua -- 9. An analytical model to estimate the optimum production rate of picking processes in a modular warehouse environment / Dimitrios Emiris, Athanasios Skarlatos -- 10. Constrained optimization of JIT manufacturing systems with hybrid genetic algorithm / Alexandros Xanthopoulos, Dimitrios Koulouriotis -- 11. Multi-period routing in hybrid courier operations / Theodore Athanasopoulos, Ioannis Minis -- 12. Dynamic travel time estimation techniques for urban freight transportation networks using historical and real-time data / Vasileios Zeimpekis.

ISBN: 9781615206346
ISBN-10: 1615206345
Format: PDF
Language: English
Published: 31st December 2010