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Skeptical : Show Me Evidence-Then I'll Believe - Bob Moores


Show Me Evidence-Then I'll Believe


Published: 10th November 2011
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In Skeptical, author Bob Moores describes his atheistic/humanistic philosophy and traces its roots back to early childhood epiphanies where he first learned to question the world around him. He argues against creationism and religious fundamentalism and defends scientific naturalism, critical thinking, and a rational approach to understanding the world.

Moores attempts to show readers how recent scientific discoveries, especially in biology, are more exciting and uplifting than any form of biblical mythology. Using lay terms, he explains the significance of DNA and why a scientific theory is more than just a guess. He argues that modern humanistic values are superior in many ways to those venerated in ancient texts, and he shares his belief that humans are both the greatest threat and greatest hope for the preservation of life on Earth.

Moores hopes that Skeptical will challenge readers to consider views and information that might conflict with their comfort zones, forcing them to broaden their perspectives. He argues that if we as humans are too protective of our own paradigms, if we stubbornly believe that our way is the only way, then the tribes of earth will never come together to solve the most urgent issue of all-providing for our continued existence.

ISBN: 9781462057757
ISBN-10: 1462057756
Format: PDF
Language: English
Published: 10th November 2011