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Romeo's Defender - J. A. Kolly


Published: 3rd December 2013
Format: PDF
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Humanity and their Giann allies expand out of their small corner of the galaxy searching for water bearing planets. The Alliance found planets with very deadly flora and fauna, but nothing prepared them for the mystery and horror they encounter at the planet they name Romeo. A small survey ship finds a planet almost two years distant from Earth. A research vessel is sent to explore the far planet. The explorers quickly encounter two mysteries; an artificial satellite orbiting the planet and unusual domes on the planet. As they investigate these enigmas, the satellite suddenly explodes releasing a transmission directed far across the galaxy. Shorty after a small survey ship is destroyed just parsecs away; the colony is warned of the approach of a dangerous new sentient species. The colony fights and is destroyed. The EGA Fleet responds to the colonies' distress calls by sending the EGA Marines. The Marines arrive too late to rescue the colonists and find more mysteries. The first being, what had destroyed the colony? This question is quickly answered as the horrific nomadic species returns. The Marines fight desperate battles and only survive with the help of a mysterious new warrior, Romeo's Defender.

ISBN: 9781426915352
ISBN-10: 1426915357
Format: PDF
Language: English
Published: 3rd December 2013