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Red Star 4 : Victory - Dennis J. Barton


Published: 2nd August 2004
Format: PDF
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Religion and technology have been leveraged to control the minds and lives of humankind. Truth is a lie. Oppression is the rule. But not for long....

The living spirit of Almighty Harold is alive in Megadon, but its evil is not unopposed. Thomas Ryan starts a daring rebellion, leading an impromptu army from the Lower Levels onward and upward through the city, while Maggie, Robert and Rosella Lifeson make a desperate bid to destroy the Great Computer at Syrinx. As these others make their attacks, young David and Mal carry out their own silent but insidious strike against the monster within the machine.

Harold launches a nuclear holocaust and begins to rebuild the world in his own twisted image. Only Robert and Jimmy Lifeson, along with a handful of free-thinkers, dare to oppose him.

Victory concludes the saga told in Red Star: Sacred Cities, Red Star 2: Duty and Destiny and Red Star 3: Ascendance, and is sure to thrill Rush-fans and sci-fi readers alike.


ISBN: 9780595770151
ISBN-10: 0595770150
Format: PDF
Language: English
Published: 2nd August 2004