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Prelude to a Distant Future - Sandra J. Scott

Prelude to a Distant Future


Published: 12th December 2013
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Four women, different backgrounds, different temperaments, are unexpectedly recruited for a secretive Code-11 assignment. Their objective: assassinate four key men who threaten to topple the American government from within. However, for these ladies, the mission is not their greatest challenge. Traveling back in time to 1940's Nazi-Germany in order to complete the assignment ...is. Headstrong Gabrielle Cyntrell, explosives expert. Belligerent Carlotta "Charly" Morgonelli, knife-wielding rebel. Damaged Rebecca Stanton, weapons designer. Genteel Corrine Eizenberg, research chemist. And according to their boss, hard-core Junifer Morison, this unique group was chosen for three distinct reasons: they're experts in their field, all are 50-something women fluent in German, making them less likely to be identified as killers, and they're expendable. avert a modern-day Holocaust in order to preserve life and liberty of their beloved United States of America - or die trying.

ISBN: 9781491715499
ISBN-10: 1491715499
Format: PDF
Language: English
Published: 12th December 2013
Edition Number: 1